Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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C64-Longplay - Weird Dreams (720p)
Autor DerSchmu

Opublikowane 26-12-2019 00:00

Tool assisted Longplay from the C64-game "Weird Dreams"
64 Legendary C64 Crack Intros
Autor CosmosC64

Opublikowane 07-02-2020 00:00

This is a collection of 64 most legendary Commodore 64 Crack Intros (aka Cracktros). The Intros are from the years 1986-1989 which have been probably the most exciting for the scene with legendary groups appearing on the stage: 00:30 STAR FRONTIERS, 1986 (V -- The Computer Game) - Music by Martin Galway (Comic ...
The History of the Commodore Amiga - Rare Jay Miner Speech AmiExpo 1990
Autor The Guru Meditation

Opublikowane 20-09-2020 00:00

Jay Miner is "The Father of the Amiga" This is a rare audio recording of his history of the Amiga speech on March 18th 1990 at AmiExpo East Coast in Washington DC. It is called "The Amiga from the Beginning" I had the pleasure of attending this event and meeting Jay Miner. He enjoyed speaking with ...
A Pig Quest - C64 WIP
Autor Antonio Savona

Opublikowane 21-09-2020 00:00

A Pig Quest is an upcoming Commodore 64 game. Brought to you by: Antonio Savona, Mauricet, Aldo Chiummo and Gaetano Chiummo.
Atlantis & Delysid - Scene of the Living Dead | C64 Demo
Autor Demoscene 'n' Stuff

Opublikowane 21-09-2020 00:00

Release Date : 8 August 2020 Released At : ATWOODS Summer Open-Air 2020 Achievements : C64 Demo Competition at ATWOODS Summer Open-Air 2020: #1 Code: Dr. J Dr. Science of Atlantis nomiStake of Delysid, Protovision q0w of Atlantis, SNAQZ Music: DivertigO of Atlantis Graphics: Lobo of ...
Thomas Hertzler Full Interview (Subtítulos en español)
Autor Amigamers T.V.

Opublikowane 28-09-2020 00:00

Hemos tenido el privilegio de entrevistar a Thomas Hertzler, el programador de Rainbow Arts que creó las versiones Amiga y Atari ST de The Great Giana Sisters. Nos hablará de este periodo y de su posterior empresa, Blue Byte.
KoalaTool (Command Line Tool for the C64)
Autor Logiker 464

Opublikowane 04-10-2020 00:00

This video explains how to use the KoalaTool command line tool in order to inspect, manipulate, and merge pictures in the Koala format. Download: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=195877
c64 games sid music compilation 2
Autor einokeino303

Opublikowane 08-10-2020 00:00

I was surprised how popular my previous c64 compilation got even though it was hastily put together so I made one more. Thanks to everyone for your nice comments :) I put in a little bit more effort into this compilation, trying to avoid unnecessary looping present here and there on my previous selection and ...
Deliverance: Stormlord II Longplay (C64) [QHD]
Autor Al82 Retrogaming Longplays

Opublikowane 18-10-2020 00:00

Follow me on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/Al82_Retro Get Great Retro Scene News @ http://www.vintageisthenewold.com Developed by Nick Jones and published by Hewson in 1990 A new QHD re-recording of Raphael Cecco and Nick Jones' risque platform-shooter sequel. Ho-hum gameplay, but awesome music by Matt ...
The Many Secrets (and Bugs) of Bruce Lee for the Commodore 64 and Other 8-Bits
Autor 8-Bit Show And Tell

Opublikowane 25-10-2020 00:00

Today we explore the many secrets, oddities, and bugs in Bruce Lee for the Commodore 64, and other 8-bit versions. Massive thanks to Neil at RMC - The Cave for demonstrating the bug in the Amstrad CPC version of Bruce Lee. Check out his channel here: https://youtube.com/c/RMCRetro/ and his video "My Ultimate ...