Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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LUKHASH - WALKMAN // ????+????️=????
Autor LukHash

Opublikowane 31-08-2019 00:00

Fusion of 8-bit digital mayhem combined with tech-savvy electronic, modern sounds and 80s aesthetics. ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???? SPOTIFY ???? https://spoti.fi/2Zf8CWa ???? APPLE MUSIC ???? https://apple.co/2EnG5GN ???? BANDCAMP ???? ...
6581 - The Last Ninja 2 - Back in Time Live Stockholm 2008 (C64)
Autor Andreas Wallstrom

Opublikowane 05-09-2019 00:00

This is C64 retro band 6581 performing the Central Park Theme from The Last Ninja 2 on Back in Time Live Stockholm 2008. The band consists of Reyn Ouwehand, Eike Steffen (aka Romeo Knight), Andreas Wallström (aka Morpheus/Flash Inc./C64.COM), and Anders Larsson. A high quality FLAC is avialable for download ...
C64 Orchestrion
Autor David Knapp

Opublikowane 14-09-2019 00:00

World record performance of The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies using 10 6581 SID chips in 9 C64 and 1 C128 computers.
Historia serii Renegade
Autor Loading...

Opublikowane 17-09-2019 00:00

Odcinek poświęcony klasycznej chodzonej bijatyce prosto z 8-bitów ze wszystkim charakterystycznymi elementami gatunku, która doczekała się trzech części Fanpage programu LOADING - https://www.facebook.com/loading.videocast/ Zapraszamy na nasz profil na PATRONITE gdzie możecie wspierać ...
[TAS] C64 Monty on the Run by DrD2k9 in 12:03.84
Autor TASVideosChannel

Opublikowane 14-10-2019 00:00

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/4051M.html. TAS originally published on 2019-10-13. Monty on the Run is a platformer released for C64, Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum and is the 3rd release in the Monty Mole series. It is commonly known as having one of the best music ...
Fairlight, Offence, Noice - GoatLight | C64 demo, Full HD 50 fps, Real SID
Autor C64 studio

Opublikowane 17-11-2019 00:00

GoatLight by Fairlight, Offence and Noice Commodore 64 demo, Full HD / 50 fps capture + real SID recording. Released Saturday night at Revision 2015 demoparty. Demo credits: Code: Bjorn Rostoen, Pantaloon, Swoffa, Krikkit, Emoon Music: Winks Gfx, Design: Pal Help: Emoon For binary download and more ...
Extend - Aerial Core | C64 demo, HQ, Real SID
Autor C64 studio

Opublikowane 17-11-2019 00:00

Aerial Core by Extend Commodore 64 demo, Full HD / 50 fps capture + real SID recording. Party version shown last weekend at Zoo 2015 party, where it won the demo competition. This is the final version, which got released today. Credits: Code: Mankeli Music: Barracuda Gfx: Electric For binary download ...
New Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition for C64 - Preview
Autor Paco Blog64

Opublikowane 19-12-2019 00:00

Hi, this is a new Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition conversion for C64 I've been working on for the last few years. Music and SFX by the great Narcisound (https://youtu.be/yGk1hoAlWD0).
C64-Longplay - Law Of The West (720p)
Autor DerSchmu

Opublikowane 26-12-2019 00:00

As sheriff of Gold Gulch, a small town in the Wild West, the player creates confusion. However, this sheriff doesn't jump over roofs and rolling waggons while shooting around, but first talks before he shoots the gunslingers' nobs. Yes, talking makes up the main part of this game. Per counterpart there are each 3 ...
C64-Longplay - Dantes Inferno (720p)
Autor DerSchmu

Opublikowane 26-12-2019 00:00

Tool assisted Longplay from the C64-game "Dantes Inferno"