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Altirra 2.00 - Atari 8-Bit Computers - AtariAge Forums - Page 7


Altirra 2.00 - posted in Atari 8-Bit Computers: > On my real 800 (NTSC, OS B, GTIA, 48K) this says, "Sorry, Emulator" no RAM under ROM, that program didn't work on old 400/800 Atari.

DLH's Commodore Archive - Main Page


Dziennik Miłośnika Polskich Komputerów


Witam! Strona powstała aby przypomnieć, że w Polsce kiedyś istniał przemysł informatyczny. Zapraszam szczególnie osoby zainteresowane komputeryzacją w okresie kryzysu gospodarczego w latach 80-tych. Materiały są starannie dobrane i uzupełniane

OpenMSX Launchers


openMSX Launcher is a front-end for openMSX written in Java, and can run on Windows, MacOS, Linux and BSD.

Hoxs64 C64 Emulator


Hoxs64 C64 Emulator. A cycle exact Commodore 64 emulation.





TRS-80 Revived Site by Ira Goldklang's is an archive of everything related to the Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 microcomputer lines. Site contains emulators, programs, manuals, books, patches, games, hints, discussions, questions, forums, and tons more.



Yet another CPC emulator

Jacek Matulewski - ZX Spectrum


Jacek Matulewski - Strona poświęcona komputerowi Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Nulldc - Google Project Hosting


[DEAD, LOOK FOR REICAST] A dreamcast emulator, for win86 nullDC was a sega dreamcast emulator for win86 and is now archived at github (https://github.com/skmp/nulldc) Work is now done on reicast (https://github.com/reicast/reicast-emulator), and while nullDC is still a better choice for dreamcast emulation on windows/x86 reicast is where future development is. Come and help us!

Site Projet VB81 XuR. (XavSnap/Chris Cowley)


Primary designed to had New functionalities in vb81 (screen shot and Zx81 programmers tools...), this release isn't really an Vb81 update, but a Vb81 Toolbox.

Vb81's Homepage


Hot on the heels of the Speccy emulator, is an emulation of the Spectrum's older brother, the ZX81. It uses the same VB core as vbSpec, but due to differences in the display hardware and processor speed of the ZX81, this will run happily at full speed on just about any PC that is capable of running Windows at a usable speed.

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator Home Page


MAME is strictly a non-profit project. Its main purpose is to be a reference to the inner workings of the emulated arcade machines. This is done both for educational purposes and for preservation purposes, in order to prevent many historical games from disappearing forever once the hardware they run on stops working. Of course, in order to preserve the games and demonstrate that the emulated behavior matches the original, you must also be able to actually play the games. This is considered a nice side effect, and is not MAME's primary focus.

FinalBurn Alpha Rerecording Home Page


FinalBurn Alpha Rerecording is the rerecording version of FBA with many customized features designed to aid in recording movie input files.

PDRoms News


PDRoms is a website taking care of homebrew console, handheld and mobile phone software. We do have regular news service and plenty of downloads for plenty of systems. We usually do not report about commercial software, but might make an exception once in a while. Everything here is mostly Freeware, Donation Ware, Open Source, Public Domain or has otherwise been legalized for free use by their respective owners.

WinUAE i WinFellow PL - spolszczenie, opisy, poradniki, dokumentacja


Spolszczenie do WinUAE oraz opis WinFellow

DEMUL - Sega Dreamcast Emulator for Windows


QEMU for Windows


* Emu5 - SORD m5 emulator * EmuGaki - CASIO PV-2000 emulator * EmuLTI8 - MITSUBISHI Elec. MULTI8 emulator * EmuPIA - TOSHIBA PASOPIA emulator * EmuPIA7 - TOSHIBA PASOPIA7 emulator * EmuZ-700 - SHARP MZ-700 emulator * EmuZ-2500 - SHARP MZ-2500 emulator * EmuZ-2800 - SHARP MZ-2800 emulator * EmuZ-3500 - SHARP MZ-3500 emulator * EmuZ-5500 - SHARP MZ-5500 emulator * EmuZ-6500 - SHARP MZ-6500 emulator * eBabbage-2nd - Gijutsu-Hyoron-Sha Babbage-2nd * eFMR-30 - FUJITSU FMR-30 emulator * eFMR-50 - FUJITSU FMR-50 emulator * eFMR-60 - FUJITSU FMR-60 emulator * eHANDY98 - NEC PC-98HA emulator * eHC-40 - EPSON HC-40/PX-4 emulator * eHC-80 - EPSON HC-80/PX-8/Geneva emulator * eMYCOMZ-80A - Japan Electronics College MYCOMZ-80A emulator * eN5200 - NEC N5200 emulator * ePC-8201 - NEC PC-8201/PC-8201A emulator * ePC-98LT - NEC PC-98LT emulator * ePC-100 - NEC PC-100 emulator * ePV-1000 - CASIO PV-1000 emulator * ePyuTa - TOMY PyuTa and PyuTa Jr. emulator * eQC-10 - EPSON QC-10/QX-10 emulator * eRX-78 - BANDAI RX-78 emulator * eSCV - EPOCH Super Cassette Vision emulator * eTK-80BS - NEC TK-80BS (COMPO BS/80) emulator * eX-07 - CANON X-07 emulator * eX1twin - SHARP X1twin emulator

Библиотека электронных газет и журналов для ZX Spectrum


Библиотека электронных газет и журналов для ZX Spectrum - Библиотека электронных газет и журналов для ZX Spectrum

Vjetnam 8-bit ATARI games archive


Zestaw gier dla małych Atari, plus podstawowe pliki systemowe

Newsy Linkownia Emulatory na PC Wideoteka Screenshoty Bajtek Reduks Ready.Run

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