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And so here it is, the culmination of 6 months' work! I present the OneLoad64 Games Collection v1.0 for the C64!

The games in this collection load super-quick without any intros and such, making their use feel a little more like using cartridge images. It currently contains 520 unique games.

It contains a set of single-load games in PRG format, each of which has been dumped from an original image using the machine-code monitor in a C64 emulator. There's one PRG in the main folder to be used on with emulators for the quickest loading time. There's also crunched versions of the games for use on real-hardware and devices such as the BackBit, EasyFlash, SD2IEC, 1541 Ultimate, Tapecart etc. The details for each game dump can be found in an XML file in the Dumps folder along with each dump file. In this way, the project also serves to document the dumping process for future readers.

The collection can be grabbed here:

Special thanks go out to the following people for their contributions and support:

The PD Staff for their support of the project
karokin and Pezz82 for helping me track down the issues with the quick-loading PRGs on the C64 MiSTer core
Per Håkan Sundell for his CCS64 emulator
The VICE Team for their C64 emulator
Magnus Lind for his excellent Exomizer crunching tool
The Gamebase64 Team for providing many of the original game images
The Lemon64 Team for their comprehensive database

Hope all you enjoy! I'm off to play me some more IK+... ;)