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How To Make Your Own Cheats in Emulators with Cheat Engine | Finding Health
Autor Postposterous

Opublikowane 23-10-2020 00:00

Welcome to the first in a series of guides to teach you everything I know about making cheats in emulators using Cheat Engine. Today we'll be learning how to find your health address and script a cheat for it. LET'S GO! Items needed for guide: ►Cheat Engine ►How to add Big ...
Romcenter 4 tutorial: Quick start
Autor Eric Bole-Feysot

Opublikowane 21-02-2019 00:00

A tutorial on how to start with Romcenter. I take two arcade games which doesn't work on mame and fix them with romcenter. RomCenter is a free rom manager:
Game Boy Enhanced - Custom Sprites (Colorized Tetris)
Autor Shonumi"

Opublikowane 02-04-2014 21:32

This is a WIP build of my Game Boy emulator (simply called Game Boy Enhanced). Recently I implemented the ability to replace a game's sprites and background tiles with your own pixel data. It's possible to completely colorize games like Tetris and Super Mario Land to an even greater extent than the Super Game Boy or ...
C64 Assembly Game Disassembly
Autor Steve

Opublikowane 20-02-2014 22:18

This video explains how various parts of my Commodore 64 Game called "Spaced Out" was developed back in 1992. This video has been cut short though due to my Camtasia losing audio after so long. I called TechSmith about this, but no one has been able to fix it yet. Therefore I cannot load videos much over 30 ...
Autor BuckingTheTrend2008

Opublikowane 07-04-2013 23:51

Completed nearly 3 hours of video by Paul Jenkinson, taking you from loading up AGD to a complete, multi-screen platform game. I have plans to extend the series and extra ones to cover the more in-depth features.
Master Class - Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Introduction to Programming (Level 2)
Autor zendtegojeszczenieumie"

Opublikowane 12-09-2012 21:28

Link to previous related video (Level 1): Old VHS videotape (released in 1984) about using & programming the popular ZX Spectrum personal computer. David Redclift, a leading programmer introduces you to the more advanced aspects of programming: ARRAY HANDLINGS, STRING SLICING AND ...
Spectrum +3e Formating, Partitioning and Using Hard Disk Device
Autor zendtegojeszczenieumie"

Opublikowane 24-07-2012 20:37

This video demonstrates the use of the Spectrum +3e equipped with an internal Hard disk device on an emulated device. These commands help construct a hard disk file that is then written to a disk (or compact flash card ) and then installed in the target machine equipped with an Z80 IDE interface. The Z80 IDE adapter ...
Micro64 PAL and CRT monitor emulation
Autor zendtegojeszczenieumie"

Opublikowane 25-06-2012 16:50

A small demonstration of the new PAL and CRT monitor emulaton in Micro64. It is the new PAL emulation with true virtual PAL signal encoding, signal bandwidth filtering and decoding and with emulation of the VIC NMOS glitches (which are applied to the Y/luminance YUV channel) and it includes an cool ...
RomVault How To

Opublikowane 03-12-2011 14:29

This is a how to Video showing how to setup and use RomVault
How to install AMOS BASIC on Windows in under 30 seconds

Opublikowane 18-07-2011 15:26

AMOS Professional is now working on AROS-68k. Download AMOS for Windows here: (installer), (zip).

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