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Katod live @ Pixel Heaven 2022
Autor Kaja Mikoszewska

Opublikowane 29-05-2023 00:00

Katod live @ Riviera Remont, Pixel Heaven 2022 afterparty more Katod music: #PixelHeaven2022 * audio + video: Katod + Brodek thx to Patryk / Klub Riviera Remont edit: Brodek / dla ...
Autor OtaKing Animation

Opublikowane 28-04-2023 00:00

Now available: new official print of R-Type "Blast off and strike"! New scenes, updated animations, more explosions! Patreon: Paypal: Each coin inserted gets me a closer to a ham sandwich. In return my Patrons get: ...
Ear Shaver (2023) - Full Album
Autor shiru8bit

Opublikowane 26-04-2023 00:00

Ear Shaver is a ZX Spectrum 48K beeper music album. 00:11 Adventure Time 02:28 Traffic Lights 04:26 Perfect Shitstorm 06:33 Alphabeard 08:22 Ear Shaver 10:25 Spinning Bits 12:50 Facemelter 14:56 Burning Bright 17:21 Balls Of Steel 19:34 Kinda Loud 21:41 Noise In My Head Bandcamp: ...
Chip SID Show 53 - 22nd February 2023
Autor The Chip SID Show

Opublikowane 12-04-2023 00:00

"The Chip SID show" is a radio show in collaboration with Radio Free Matlock, with your host Max Hall. Playing music directly from the back of the 1982 Commodore 64 home computer. Featuring some of the best and most technically crafted melodic music to be found on the Commodore 64's SID chip. Video ...
LukHash - Amiga
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 27-03-2023 00:00

My new track just dropped on all music services! #Amiga #16bit #chiptune https://SYNTHWAVE.NINJA  
Jakub Husak plays his first Big Concert in Miasto Aniołów Club in Gdańsk during SillyVenture 2021WE!
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 01-01-2022 00:00

This is my first Big/Full Performance, 11.12.2021 during SillyVenture 2021 Winter Edition. Special Thanks to Grey, Sylwia, Sivés, Pet, SuN, KK, Kaz and The Others :) Track list: 0:33 Inside 3:23 Knight 6:07 Five To Five 10:58 Kitesurfers On The Go 15:36 Space Pulse 20:52 Sailing At 7B 25:46 Garboos ...
'PROXIMA' transcribed into C64 8-bit chiptune (Commodore 64 SID 8580 R5)
Autor LukHash

Opublikowane 04-12-2021 00:00

Original Version: SID Chiptune Edit: Full SID album available here (download includes .SID files): ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Made in Sid Wizard tracker ...
The Evolution of Game Music: Pong to Cyberpunk (1972-2020)
Autor Rob Landes

Opublikowane 24-04-2021 00:00

UPDATED with new games! Start at 27:00 if you've already seen my previous Game Music Evolutions, otherwise, enjoy from the top! Support my channel and check out for violins, violas, cellos, strings, and physical sheet music so you can learn to play too! SUBSCRIBE: ...
Autor LukHash

Opublikowane 06-02-2021 00:00

Let me take you back to your childhood days with a remix of Druid II: Enlightenment aka. Fairlight Intro (The Legendary One) composed and released in 1987 by David Michael Hanlon. Long live Commodore 64! Cracktro edit by 'Rotteroy' at Megastyle, original by 'Woodo' at @FairLight - Home of the Real Crackers You ...
XTD "Escape" - full album
Autor Peter B

Opublikowane 09-01-2021 00:00

XTD "Escape" - full album from 2020. 12 songs.

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Famous Hubbard's commodore 64 music played live on Istant Remedy Remix by Pippo Noviello
Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Zgrałem z Internetu kilka melodyjek na mojego poczciwego Kasprzaka. W tym tygodniu mam zamiar wrzucić filmik z moim ...
Commodore 64 music,original by Robb Hubbard played live on really nice Fabian Del Priore remix by Pippo Noviello
A remake with enhanced graphics, playability and new features of the game "Alley Cat", a quite simple but pretty original arcade game ...
I made this ambient-jungle/drum'n'bass song for our YM-DIGITAL band, with the ATARI 520ST and its ym2149 chip. Editor used: DigiComposer. ...
Well after the positive response I got from my Amiga game music marathon video (, I knew one day I would ...
I was surprised how popular my previous c64 compilation got even though it was hastily put together so I made one more. Thanks to everyone for your ...
16 BIT XMAS 2011 cartridge blinking away
Since 2009 I'm experimenting with Commodore 64 systems, a couple of 1989's hacked Nintendo consoles and ZX Spectrum machines. The result is a blend ...