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[TAS] [Obsoleted] NES Rush'n Attack by Arc in 09:41.15
Autor TASVideosChannel

Opublikowane 19-11-2017 00:00

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see This movie has been obsoleted by TAS originally published on 2004-07-29. This movie is an 11-second improvement to the previous version—mostly due to teamwork introduced in this new ...
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum
Autor RZX Archive

Opublikowane 18-11-2017 00:00

A walkthrough of the ZX Spectrum game, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. From the recording originally sent to . Recorded using "rollback", a feature of the emulator which allows you to mark a point, which you can then roll back to later if you get in trouble, and try again. More ...
Sorcery Plus - Sorcery+ (1985 AMSTRAD CPC - WINAPE)
Autor Robert Green

Opublikowane 12-11-2017 00:00

A play-through of the best designed game on the AMSTRAD.
The Atari 7800 Project - All 58 Games - Every Game (US/EU)
Autor Virtual Gaming Library

Opublikowane 10-11-2017 00:00

SUBSCRIBE - (VGL) Check out all 58 Atari 7800 games in one video. The Atari 7800 Project Playlist - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - ***This video shows only the games licensed by ...
50 ZX Spectrum Game Endings
Autor RZX Archive

Opublikowane 08-11-2017 00:00

A compilation of 50 game endings on the ZX Spectrum. The full walkthroughs for each of the games shown can also be found on this channel. The full list is as follows: 1. Jet Set Willy 00:00 2. Manic Miner 00:35 3. Sabre Wulf 00:57 4. Atic Atac 01:39 5. The Great Escape 01:58 6. The Hobbit 02:28 7. Saboteur ...
[TAS] PSX Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus by Samtastic in 37:15.58
Autor TASVideosChannel

Opublikowane 06-11-2017 00:00

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see TAS originally published on 2017-11-06. In Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Abe shut down Rupturefarms and saved his buddies from becoming snacks. But Rupturefarms was just the beginning; the Glukkons are digging up bones at the ...
Harley Davidson and L.A Riders Supermodel SVN 647
Autor Sup3r Scal3r Gaming

Opublikowane 06-11-2017 00:00

Harley Davidson and L.A Riders on Supermodel emulator
[TAS] SMS Impossible Mission by Isotarge & The8bitbeast in 07:44.26
Autor TASVideosChannel

Opublikowane 27-10-2017 00:00

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see TAS originally published on 2017-10-27. Impossible Mission was originally released in 1984 for the Commodore 64, and then later ported to as various array of systems including the Sega Master System (released in 1988). In ...
TOP 100 ZX Spectrum Games (Your Sinclair Readers)
Autor Juanje Juega

Opublikowane 22-07-2017 00:00

Here you have the Top 100 games according to Your Sinclair readers. Hope enjoy and give you up those Rock´n Roll years! :D Here the complete video series (Spanish)
MSX - Metal Gear
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 15-07-2017 00:00

MSX - Metal Gear - part 01: Infiltration This is the original (be it emulated) version of Metal Gear for the MSX computer, from 1987 by Konami. The game was first released in Japanese and followed by an English version. A lot of storytelling was killed during the translation though. The version I am playing is a ...