Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Elite - Amstrad CPC (Firebird 1985 - by David Braben & Ian Bell) CPCE Emulator

Opublikowane 08-07-2011 17:12

Most kids had friends at school, I had Elite on the Amstrad CPC 464. In hindsight it is much slower and more jerky than I remember, the original BBC Micro version however is the opposite, and is the best of the 8 bit versions in my opinion, especially the upgraded version for the BBC Master 128. I probably spent more ...
Game Blast - Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Opublikowane 14-09-2011 23:21

255 ZX Spectrum games in 2 second bursts. See if you can name them all! (Check out my playlists for other Game Blast videos)
Sam Coupé still works after 23 years

Opublikowane 20-02-2012 10:01

My Sam Coupè, a 23 year old 8-bit computer, still working, hooked up to a new Sony KDL-42HX723 LED TV. Not all modern TVs will sync to the non standard Scart output from a Sam, my old Sony didn't. After this, I docked at Zaonce first try without a docking computer, just like riding a bicycle, you never forget!
Atari ST gaming
Autor The Smelly Chicken

Opublikowane 06-08-2019 00:00

A tribute to some of the great games i played on the Atari ST :) Arkanoid 2 Ghouls and Ghosts 2 Magic pockets Super cars 2 Wolfenstien International Karate + Lemmings Simulcra Wizball Prince of Persia Rick Dangerous Super off road racer Elite Dungeon master Gauntlet 2 Speedball Fire and Ice Xenon 2 ...
A8 Elite (WIP) 2023-02-05
Autor a8converterman

Opublikowane 08-02-2023 00:00

I have been running through my code and comparing this against the documented sources on github for for the BBC and C64 versions and in doing so had uncovered some duplicate variables (i.e. different labels for the same location) and through debugging uncovered some issues with code & data overlaps. With these ...