Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Edge Grinder Amstrad cpc HD

Opublikowane 21-09-2011 00:04

Download and Links: Format War: http://formatwar.net/view_article.php?art=collabortition_1
[AMSTRAD CPC] R-Type 128K Remake - Teaser Preview! *NOW AVAILABLE!*

Opublikowane 03-02-2012 23:38

The new R-Type remake for the Amstrad CPC!! *NOW AVAILABLE!* http://cpc.rtype.fr (** PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ON AN EMULATOR, THINGS LOOK AND MOVE A LOT NICER ON A REAL AMSTRAD! **)
JavaCPC - CPC+ emulation (Work in progress)

Opublikowane 09-02-2012 23:03

I'm working on CPC+ emulation. Here's an early presentable preview. Have fun!
Let's Compare ( Bomb Jack )

Opublikowane 23-09-2012 22:12

  Download Bomb Jack for Windows here: ( FREEWARE ) http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/626/download Jacky Bomb ( FREEWARE ) http://www.classic-retro-games.com/Bomb-Jack_536.html PSP http://soucali.com/pspnews/modules/news/article.php?storyid=77 Video Locations: Arcade 0:29 Commodore 16 1:28 ZX Spectrum 2:28 ...
Amstrad CPC Longplay [015] Advanced Tactical Fighter
Autor cubex55"

Opublikowane 03-03-2013 14:11

http://www.longplays.org Played By: Pyjamarama If you want to try this game, here is some info. General strategy: Killing airplanes doesn't win the war, focus on all the ground targets. Your on board computer won't know all the targets, but you can scout new targets by flying around. Plan your flight, and remember to ...
Let's Compare ( Prince of Persia )
Autor GamingHistorySource"

Opublikowane 03-04-2013 22:46

Video Locations: ZX Spectrum Opening 0:29 Game play 1:53 Apple 2 Opening 4:28 Game play 6:27 Amstrad Opening 8:26 Game play 10:00 Gameboy Opening 12:51 Game play 14:00 Gameboy Color Opening 16:25 Game play 17:39 Sam Coupe` Opening 19:44 ( No Story ? ) Game play 19:56 NES Opening 22:01 ( No Story ? ) Game ...
Phortem by Condense (Amstrad Plus version)
Autor norecess464"

Opublikowane 09-06-2013 23:26

Phortem by Condense - Amstrad Plus demo (128Kb RAM, 4Mhz Z80 CPU) Released in June 2013 -- Visuals by Ced Audio by DMA-SC (http://dma-sc.atari.org/) Programming by NoRecess (www.norecess.net) Disc loader by Arnoldemu (http://www.cpctech.org.uk/) Bitbuster (T&J) by Team Bomba ...
Let's Compare: Ballblazer / Masterblazer - ZX Spectrum / CPC / C64 / 800XL / Atari ST / Amiga
Autor Theshadowsnose"

Opublikowane 11-09-2013 00:06

A weird futuristic ball game. This is one of the games where none of the conversions is really bad. But the Atari 8-bit version is exceptionally good. Much faster and more fluent than the other 8-bit versions. The 16-bit versions come very close to the Atari version, but I still prefer the original. P.S.: The 48k/128k ...
Antiriad (L'Armure Sacrée d' / The Sacred Armour of)
Autor alpisofr"

Opublikowane 12-01-2014 02:09

Un nouveau défi: jouer au piano une musique remplie de bruitages. Pas facile, d'autant que je manque de technique de jeu, ne travaillant pas correctement l'instrument :/ Sachant que j'ai opté pour une "vision contemporaine", j'ai fait en sorte de jouer les parties les plus significatives et sur ...
Barbarian on 6 platforms - a comparison - longplay
Autor Abrimaal"

Opublikowane 04-03-2014 22:35

Games played against the computer. 1. ZX SPECTRUM: The encoder missed the sound, there is 2 channel music in the menu and sfx in game. Good gameplay. The sprites in 2 colours only, but pretty visible. 2. AMSTRAD CPC I pressed all the keys and joystick buttons, the game didn't start. I could watch the demo only. Good ...