Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Impossible Mission on every platform!
Autor TheCommodore64Player"

Opublikowane 04-03-2014 22:36

Here you have Impossible Mission for Commodore 64, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, Sega Master System, Atari 7800, Spectrum 48, Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro and Acorn Electron. Every version is slightly different. According to Wikipedia there is even a version for Virtual Console on WII, but this is a straight port from the C64. The ...
FLYING SHARK on 5 platforms - a comparison
Autor Abrimaal"

Opublikowane 04-03-2014 22:36

1. ZX SPECTRUM Music: Only title, no in game music :( Graphics: Monochrome, small screen :( Gameplay: Too slow and too easy. From me: There could be the same music as on ST - a compatible sound chip. 2. COMMODORE 64 Music: In game, quite good :) Graphics: Colourful. Gameplay: Enemy shots are too fast, poorly visible ...
Let's Compare ( Ikari Warriors )
Autor Gaming

Opublikowane 10-03-2014 23:24

video locations Arcade 0:24 Atari 2600 1:53 Commodore 64 ( Data East ) 3:21 Commodore 16 4:48 ZX Spectrum 6:18 Amstrad CPC 7:40 Commodore 64 ( Elite ) 9:08 DOS 10:36 MSX 12:05 Atari 7800 13:33 Nintendo Entertainment System 15:01 Atari ST 16:31 Amiga 17:59 Description Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikari_Warriors ...
Raid !!! | Raid Over Moscow Amstrad cpc
Autor Metr81"

Opublikowane 10-03-2014 23:34

Recorrido completo por el Raid !!! | Raid Over Moscow para Amstrad CPC (1ª Parte) U.S.Gold (1985)
Amstrad CPC Demo - Breaking Baud by CRTC & 3LN (Revision 2014)
Autor AmigaOmega"

Opublikowane 21-04-2014 10:41

Amstrad CPC scenedemo by CRTC and 3LN, released at Revision 2014 "A tape demo for the Amstrad CPC. Features a base transfer rate of 2688 baud or 336 characters per second, but also features in-place decompression so the actual transfer rate is often much higher in practice. It started as an experiment to use ...
Sundance by Slipstream - Amstrad CPC demo released at Sundown 2014
Autor Markus

Opublikowane 22-06-2014 15:03

Amstrad CPC 128k Demo "Sundance" Credits: Code: Devilmarkus Logo: TCM/SLP Overscan: BullyTheKid Animation and other pixels: Devilmarkus Music: Bex^SLP Available on pouet: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=63610
Autor BG

Opublikowane 28-01-2015 23:23

Amstrad CPC Cracktro http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=64959
Dual-YM emulation.
Autor Markus

Opublikowane 20-02-2015 10:51

JavaCPC 2.6 now features Dual-YM emulation. Test video demonstrates SymbOS playing 6 channel .PT3 music in actual SymAmp preview.
Amstrad CPC 6128 clone, demo
Autor zaxoniec"

Opublikowane 24-02-2015 00:07

Bardzo fajny projekt Zaxxon'a - klon CPC464 (który "awansował" do CPC6128 po drodze) w gustownej metalowej obudowie. Ponoć drogi, cóż... i tak fajne cacko:)
CPC+: Allergy by Grim/Semilanceata - http://CPCRulez.free.fr

Opublikowane 09-04-2016 00:00

Allergy by GRim/ Semilanceata 1st at Croco Channel 4