Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Homebrews Wii 2010 www.nintendomax.com

Opublikowane 03-01-2011 01:16

Homebrews Wii sortis courant 2010. Il y a en tout 71 homebrews qui possèdent tous leur propre vidéo sur notre chaîne (Sauf Riivolution qui est de AerialX9). Il y a également quelques homebrews sortis avant 2010.
Assimilate Gameplay Demo 1-3-11

Opublikowane 10-01-2011 09:55

This is a gameplay demo of the NES homebrew game I'm working on titled "Assimilate." This specific footage is captured from the demo that will be playable at MAGFest Jan 13-16.
Super Bat Puncher Demo - Gameplay Video

Opublikowane 19-06-2011 01:11

Demo of my new homebrew NES platformer. Download at http://morphcat.de/superbatpuncher/
[ZX] Consolidation of Tank War (Maksim Yakin, 1995)

Opublikowane 08-07-2011 19:34

A pretty awesome time-killer and, I must say, the best Battle City on ZX Spectrum yet. Again, half of the video is just a fun warm-up before the gameplay, because of the meddleh musak... Coincidentally, I didn't manage to go farther than the set of first levels and, coincidentally again, this video is six minutes long ...
Boulder Dash ® - Atari 2600

Opublikowane 28-10-2011 21:03

Following the recent release of their amazing Boulder Dash® playable demo, programmers Andrew Davie and Thomas Jentzsch, in association with publishers AtariAge and First Star Software, Inc, are very excited to announce that the original game in the Boulder Dash® series, Boulder Dash® Volume 1, will be ...
Présentation NeopenBios

Opublikowane 19-11-2011 19:08

Présentation du projet de BIOS opensource pour NeoGeo AES et MVS. Plus d'infos: www.neogeodev.org
Astro Dodge game for the Videopac and Odyssey 2 systems

Opublikowane 08-12-2011 21:12

Astro Dodge is a game by Revival Studios for the Philips Videopac, Videopac+ and Magnavox Odyssey 2 game systems. This game is available on cartridge. Enjoy! More info: www.revival-studios.com Trailer music by: Buskerdroid (freemusicarchive.org/buskerdroid)
MGC 2011 N64 DEMO

Opublikowane 10-12-2011 10:07

The first demo I've released. Running on a plain stock N64 with expansion pak. Music is "Hollowman" by Ian Slider. Download http://retroactive.be/mgc_2011.zip - real n64 required. Jedno z najlepszych dem dla N64 i prawdziwy test dla udawaczy NINTENDO64... jak dotąd nie udało mi się odpalić go pod ...
Ironing Maiden (Wii)

Opublikowane 30-12-2011 17:17

Nintendo Wii game by Nuance and Genesis*Project, 1st place at the Game Development Competition at tUM 2011. Design, Code and Graphics: WiDDY Additional Design: Nitro and Erkan Soundtrack: Fieser Wolf Intro Music performed by the University of Chicago Orchestra, CC-BY-SA Tools used: Gin & Tonic, devkitPro, Blender, ...
[Homebrew Megadrive] Sega Master System Brawl - version du 15/02/2014
Autor SenseiBonaf"

Opublikowane 24-07-2014 23:26

Ajout d'un nouveau perso ainsi que d'un écran de sélection de personnages.