Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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No Software on Aros

Opublikowane 19-11-2010 23:10

Part two here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs37_nfa5CI I have been hearing for some time that the reason people do not want to use Aros is because of the lack of software. Well I hope to dispel that myths with these three videos. Part one is about the Internet based applications, games, file maintenance and viewers ...
Demolition Man 3DO Game Play

Opublikowane 13-07-2011 10:34

Game play of demolition man on the 3DO system
[DiHalt 2011] The Board by Alone Coder

Opublikowane 28-07-2011 10:17

The Board by Alone Coder for DiHalt 2011 3D NPCs from Quake on ZX Spectrum ATM Turbo 2+ 14MHz
Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years

Opublikowane 17-08-2011 19:32

2012 is a big anniversary year. 30 years since the first ZX Spectrum was made, 20 years since the last one, and 10 years since I started work on the documentary. It's got me thinking about finishing off the documentary properly - putting a new chapter at the start covering pre-1982, and a double chapter at the end ...
20 Games That Defined the Virtual Boy

Opublikowane 29-08-2011 06:20

20 Games That Defined the Nintendo Virtual Boy 1995 Red Alarm (T&E Soft) 1995 Galatic Pinball (Nintendo) 1995 Teleroboxer (Nintendo) 1995 Mario's Tennis (Nintendo) 1995 V-Tetris (Bullet-Proof Software) 1995 Space Squash (Coconuts) 1995 Virtual League Baseall (Kemco) 1995 Mario Clash (Nintendo) 1995 Jack Bros. ...
MGC 2011 N64 DEMO

Opublikowane 10-12-2011 10:07

The first demo I've released. Running on a plain stock N64 with expansion pak. Music is "Hollowman" by Ian Slider. Download http://retroactive.be/mgc_2011.zip - real n64 required. Jedno z najlepszych dem dla N64 i prawdziwy test dla udawaczy NINTENDO64... jak dotąd nie udało mi się odpalić go pod ...
Historia LightWave 3D 1985-1994 + tutorial dla wersji 3.5
Autor jubiw3

Opublikowane 12-04-2014 21:10

Historia amigowego programu do ray-tracingu, LightWave 3D. Film składa się z dwóch części: 1. Historia. 2. Praktyka - tutorial dla początkujących, jak zbudować oldschoolową scenę 3D od podstaw.
Grim Fandango - Full Longplay
Autor The

Opublikowane 05-01-2015 01:49

Grim Fandango is a dark comedy neo-noir adventure game released by LucasArts in 1998 for Windows, with Tim Schafer as the game's project leader.
3DNes V2: Legend of Zelda Remastered
Autor Geod Studio

Opublikowane 04-01-2018 00:00

3DNes homepage: https://geod.itch.io/3dnes No, it's not Minecraft Google!
Skarla - Chapter7 [Amiga]
Autor hellihjb

Opublikowane 21-01-2018 00:00

Skarla's demo from Revision 2017 for 060 Amigas. More info: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=69700 Used a special binary from Jamie to capture 50 frames per second.