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Super Stardust (Amiga cd32) longplay
Autor einokeino303

Opublikowane 23-04-2018 00:00

The original Stardust demoed neat graphics for A500 and Super Stardust improves graphics even further. Unfortunately only additions are new levels with new enemy types. No gameplay innovations over the original. Still a great Asteroids remake by Finnish team Bloodhouse (Housemarque). Differences between CD32 and ...
Alien Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum
Autor RZX Archive

Opublikowane 18-04-2018 00:00

A walkthrough of the ZX Spectrum game, Alien. This is a bug-fixed version of the 1984 game based on the classic film. More details on what was fixed here: From the recording originally sent to ...
Aeon Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum
Autor RZX Archive

Opublikowane 12-04-2018 00:00

A walkthrough of the 2018 ZX Spectrum game, Aeon. A game told as a story, with several loading screens in between the playable parts. This game comes with issue 5 of the free online magazine, "ZX Spectrum Gamer". Be sure to check it out: This replaces the ...
Maniac Mansion (C64) Longplay - Wendy and Bernard
Autor Retro gameplays

Opublikowane 29-03-2018 00:00

Obtained publishing contract for meteor and called the police. At the end of the video I had to kill some time waiting for the contract to arrive. It could have been finished earlier if I went for one of the police endings (get the meteor by police or use the police badge to get past the purple tentacle).
Project Firestart - C64 Longplay / Full Playthrough / walkthrough (no commentary)
Autor Ludophiles

Opublikowane 29-03-2018 00:00

Longplay / complete playthrough of Project Firestart, the 1989 C64 classic and prototype survival horror game. Published 4 December 2016. Project Firestart is a gaming history milestone establishing the gameplay mechanics and elements that constitute the survival horror genre. Set in 2061 aboard the research vessel ...
Atari 1984 Battlestar Galactica unreleased laserdisc arcade game.
Autor ScottithGames

Opublikowane 26-03-2018 00:00

This is a direct copy of the laserdisc footage I archived several years ago, for Atari's unreleased Battlestar Galactica arcade game. This would have been a conversion kit game for Atari's Firefox game. The footage is basically test footage that used modified Firefox code. As far as I know, Atari dropped the project ...
Mózgprocesor - ZX Spectrum
Autor Retro Sfetro

Opublikowane 09-03-2018 00:00

Jeśli lubisz czytać książki, a dodatkowo chciałbyś bardziej intensywnie uczestniczyć w fabule, gorąco polecam zapoznanie się z polską grą Mózgprocesor. Jest to gra tekstowo-przygodowa. Fabułę poznajemy czytając opis tekstowy ilustrowany stosownym obrazkiem. Polecenia jakie ma wykonać bohater ...
All Sega Model 3 Arcade Games - Every M3 Arcade Game In One Video
Autor All Games

Opublikowane 09-03-2018 00:00

 All Sega Model 3 Arcade Games - Every M3 Arcade Game In One Video (almost)  
The Big 3 - Commando (Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum)
Autor Modern Retro Gaming

Opublikowane 04-03-2018 00:00

This is just a rough and ready video of a series that I am testing out. I would love to know what you think of it. Other Links ------------------- The ZX Spectrum Facebook Page The ZX Spectrum ...
Commodore 64 Games that were better than the Amiga Versions
Autor old style gaming

Opublikowane 01-03-2018 00:00

These are the games that i would say (and others) were better on the C64 than they were on the Amiga, and we not talking just graphics here cos in most cases the Amiga wins on that.....but whats the use of having something that looks good but just doesn't hit the spot with gameplay, music and overall feel of the ...

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