Jakub Husak plays his first Big Concert in Miasto Aniołów Club in Gdańsk during SillyVenture 2021WE!

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This is my first Big/Full Performance, 11.12.2021 during SillyVenture 2021 Winter Edition.
Special Thanks to Grey, Sylwia, Sivés, Pet, SuN, KK, Kaz and The Others :)

Track list:
0:33 Inside
3:23 Knight
6:07 Five To Five
10:58 Kitesurfers On The Go
15:36 Space Pulse
20:52 Sailing At 7B
25:46 Garboos Ride
30:21 Cabrio
35:13 Dance Cabrée
38:49 Opening Windows And Doors
43:18 Deep Forest Waterfalls
47:37 Under The Surf Area
53:39 Electro Journey
59:28 Wings Of Truth