Don't Copy That Floppy - Anti-Piracy - Classic Propaganda

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"Don't Copy That Floppy" SPA Propaganda 1992 Classic anti-piracy propaganda from 1992,produced by the "Software Publishers Association" (SPA) as a campaign to "educate" people on the effects of piracy. Featuring an orginal rap single written by MC Hart (and Ilene Rosenthal). Sample Lyrics: "To do the right thing, it's really simple for you The copyright law, it will tell you what to do Buy one, for every computer you use Anything else is like going to the store Taking the disk, and walking out the door It's called thiefin', stealin', taking what's not yours Is that really where you want your life to go? Think about it, I don't think so. Don't copy! Don't copy that floppy! 10 Minutes, WMV, 320x240