Amiga Longplay Wing Commander (CD32)

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Opis filmu Played by: Mad-Matt Wing Commander by Origin 1990, ported by Nick Pelling 1993 for Commodore Amiga CD32. Possably the best Amiga game ever (well my personal favorate). This longplay is the Amiga AGA CD version of the game Wing commander and very faithful to the pc original. The game has been recorded to show the winning story line, allthough I had to play some loosing levels Some animation sequences play out too fast so you dont get to hear all the music. There appeared to be a bug in the game where the large cruisers would turn invisable (theres no cloaking in the game). This usualy ment restarting the mission as I couldnt see the taget to shoot, although it is possable to guess where it is from radar. Interestingly they also vanish from from the targeting screen, showing only their shields. An annoyance in the game is on defence missions. The enemy AI will unload all their rockets into their target making them very difficult to save. No matter if comms is used with enemy to try and draw their attention. This is very apparant on mission 13 where I had to save acaptured cruiser. This led to RAGE Ejecting, and semed a good spot to shw the eject sequence and medal. Some notable moments :- Cutscene 1 - 0:57:45 Cutscene 2 - 1:35:10 Cutscene 3 - 2:20:07 Eject Sequence - 3:37:58 Cutscene 4 - 4:17:15 Game Ending - 5:35:40 Bonus: Death Scene 5:36