ZX Debut - ZX Spectrum demo 2012

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ZX Debut for FOREVER XIII Code: Shadow/Noice Logo: Piesiu/Agenda^Mystic Bytes Music: Yerzmyey/Hooy-Program History behind this demo ------------------------ As is often the case, a couple of weeks ago I got the craving to get my hands on another vintage system to code for. Having previously done quite a lot of stuff for the ZX81, I wanted a newer Sinclair, so I bought a ZX Spectrum +2A. As I wrote in the scroller of the demo though, once I started looking into the hardware I got quite a bit of a shock finding out that on the Spectrum all you get is a bitmap mode, nothing more, nothing less. But limits are always fun, so I hacked away and managed to complete this little demo quite quickly in time to make it as a remote entry to the Forever party.