HoloGrail (1st place at Revision 2021)

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Winner of the Revision 2021 Wild Compo!

When I was a teenager/student I used to make demos on Atari and Amiga. After more than 25 years I found a device that I really wanted to use for a little comeback in the “demoscene” world. The VX1 is a volumetric display that allows multiple viewers to see a 3d scene for any direction. I really like futuristic devices and everything that reduces the gap between art and technology.
Creating this 100% real time holographic show, which is I believe the first "holographic" demo, was an amazing experience, I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as enjoyed making it.

All source code and raw data here:

Music by Volkor X:

This demo was made using Voxons SDK and filmed on their commercially available VX1 volumetric display. If you are interested in developing content for the VX1, you can download their SDK ( which includes a VX1 simulator ), and get started immediately. You can find a link to the SDK here https://voxon.co/community/. In addition to a host of coding examples, header files documentation, you will also find a Unity plugin if that is your preferred development environment.