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Desire's Arsantica 3 demo for Atari 800 XL with 64kb

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Revision 2016 Oldschool Compo Entry:

Desire's Arsantica 3 Demo

Platform: Atari 800 XL/XE with min. 64kb RAM, Single POKEY
CPU: 6502, no 65816
Speed: 1,77 MHz
Video: PAL



- IRQ-Loader by Heaven based on HARD IRQ Loader
(for non Atari 8bit users, enables music & fx while loading)
- 3D Starfield loader by Heaven with Oswald
- Voxel by Heaven with Popmilo and Axis based on Planet Rocklobster
- 3d part by Heaven
- Wolfenstein by Heaven based heavily on HARD's source
- Tilt/rotator by Axis
- Voxel Sphere by Popmilo with additional code by Heaven
- Fractalus Mountain by Heaven based on Popmilo's Rescue on Fractalus researches
- Super Duper hidden part by our friends of ???? converted & pimped by Heaven

Alien, Hammerfist, Bokanoid, s11


Miker (loading tunes part 1, part 4), Triace (loading tunes part 2 & 3, endtune)

Tools used:

Altirra,MADS Assembler,WUDSN IDE Suite,Exmoizer,LZ4,MakeATR,xBOOT by XXL,G2F,
Music Pro Tracker, (loading tunes & part 1-3), Raster Music Tracker (Endtune)
Gimp,Purebasic,Turbo Basic XL,Terrain Generator