AAA DEMO PARTY 2013 - Pack

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Vote please: ZX Spectrum demo for ATM Turbo 2 compatible machines. Celebrating 20 years of ATM Turbo 2 standard! Minimal requirements: ATM Turbo 2 (w/o address swap), 1MB RAM, FDD Best config: ZX Evolution (baseconf), General Sound (512K RAM) or NeoGS, SD card Intro: code, gfx - Alone Coder Skyscrappers: code - Alone Coder Flying text: code - Lord Vader/MAYhEM Panorama: code - Alone Coder gfx - Raynoa/MAYhEM Wolfenstein 3D: code - Alone Coder gfx - id Software Wigglegrams: code - Alone Coder gfx - Alone Coder, anonymous Internet users Greets: code, gfx - Alone Coder The end: code - Alone Coder gfx - Taito, Drshnaps of Credits: code - Lord Vader/MAYhEM gfx, text - Alone Coder All music by Yerzmyey/HOOY-PROGRAM main loader & kernel - Alone Coder GS loader - Lord Vader/MAYhEM, Alone Coder (try G while loading if no music; Space for skip music) testing - AAA, CHRV, DDp, TS Labs, Yerzmyey Fonts from various Amiga demos GFX artist needed! ::: Special for ZXAAA party 2013 ::: 20.apr.2013