Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Armored Warriors Fordy 1cc - Part 1

Opublikowane 28-10-2011 21:37

After 2,5 years of endless trying. I present you.. the first legimitate cheatless, saveless replay of Armored Warriors! The infamously hard 1994 capcom beat-em'up!
VIDEO FEVER - Games People Play from ABC news LA about arcade video games recorded in 1982

Opublikowane 30-10-2011 11:14

ABC news channel 7 Los Angels did a five part series about the arcade video game indusrty. This was transfered from a VHS tape that we recorded in 1982. We were 8 years old operating the VCR back then so some of video gets cut out.
Jackal {longplay}

Opublikowane 25-11-2011 22:20

jackal mame,easy mode,7 lives. enjoy
Shiryu - The 8-Bit Renegade

Opublikowane 24-12-2011 12:11

"Shiryu's Arcade Volume 5" DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?b26nd25hodt7i2w http://shiryumusic.no.sapo.pt || http://www.facebook.com/ShiryuMusic Before I even knew who was Kunio, there was just "Renegade", a stunning coin-op conversion on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum that I consider to this day a ...
Supermodel VIP 01.2012

Opublikowane 31-01-2012 09:08

Just for fun, a video of me taking 1st place on the beginner daytime course in Scud Race. This is not my best run (rather, my third best) but nicely demonstrates the current state of specular lighting emulation in Supermodel v0.3a-WIP. My PC specs: Intel i5-2500K at 3.2 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 460 GTX, 8 GB RAM. I'm ...
[AMSTRAD CPC] R-Type 128K Remake - Teaser Preview! *NOW AVAILABLE!*

Opublikowane 03-02-2012 23:38

The new R-Type remake for the Amstrad CPC!! *NOW AVAILABLE!* http://cpc.rtype.fr (** PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ON AN EMULATOR, THINGS LOOK AND MOVE A LOT NICER ON A REAL AMSTRAD! **)
Supermodel Work-in-Progress Update - Front/Rear Speaker Balance - 2/8/2012

Opublikowane 09-02-2012 23:55

I added a setting for front/rear speaker balance. Model 3 has two Sega Custom Sound Processors (SCSPs). I should have realized this sooner but on cabinets with four speakers, one SCSP is used to drive the front pair and the other drives the rear pair. The relative volume of the two sets of speakers will depend on ...
iFBA Teaser #1

Opublikowane 10-03-2012 19:50

iFBA is a port for iOS of latest Final Burn Alpha (http://www.barryharris.me.uk/), a multi system arcades/consoles emulator. Minimum requirements will be arm7 device (iPhone 3GS / iPad 1 and newer). It will be soon freely available on cydia. Sourcecode available on github. Check progress on my blog: ...
Let's Compare ( 1942 )
Autor GamingHistorySource"

Opublikowane 18-03-2012 11:12

0:24 Arcade 1:19 ZX Spectrum 2:24 NEC PC88 3:33 Amstrad 4:37 MSX 5:41 Commodore 64 6:46 Gameboy Color 7:51 NES  
Autor warrenterra79"

Opublikowane 29-04-2012 00:29

All manner of silly behaviour in Commodore 64 games