Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Yerzmyey & Pinokio - ZX Spectrum Music Show (Riverwash 2011)

Opublikowane 30-09-2011 18:43

http://www.riversedge.pl/riverwash_2011 - zapraszam do lektury raportu z Riverwasha 2011 - największego party komputerowego w Polsce!
Justin Beeper (ZX Spectrum 16K demo by Hooy-Program, 2011)

Opublikowane 26-10-2011 14:57

Probably the only demoscene production for an unexpanded Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16K. Made by Gasman/H-Prg, music is using ROM routine via music made in Gasman's Romford Tracker written in Javascript.

Opublikowane 01-11-2011 13:25

What can be done with regular ZX Spectrum 48K and its BEEPER in... recording studio. :) The only instrument/sound-source and the only sequencer: ZX Spectrum 48K (BEEPER). ***The heavy post-production has been used.*** Recording-studio effects: track-by-track recording / filters / phasers / choruses / flangers / ...
Autor SoundWaveTrax"

Opublikowane 23-03-2013 00:10

"We are very proud to present MISTER BEEP's 4th album compiled for the ZX Spectrum 48K's 30th anniversary. This collection of 9 tracks show off the capabilities of various beeper engines with their wonderful out of space grainy textures and old school feelings. Also includes guest tracks by Factor6 and irrlicht ...
YM DIGITAL - "Aleja Gwiazd / Alley of Stars"
Autor yerzmyey"

Opublikowane 19-04-2013 01:11

YM DIGITAL - "Aleja Gwiazd / Alley of Stars" - a cover of Zdzislawa Sosnicka / Romuald Lipko made by YERZMYEY/YM-DIGITAL on ATARI 520ST with YM chip. This song requires 2Mb of RAM to work. Also, it has 6 channels. Frequency: 22 755 Hz Made with: - HEX-Tracker on Atari 520ST - Octalyser on Atari 1040STe ...
Fragment występu Yerzmyey-a na RetroKomp/Load Error 2013
Autor Sebastian

Opublikowane 28-10-2013 21:27

Występ Yerzmyeya, uświetniający imprezę Retrokomp / Loaderror 2013. Niech żałują ci którzy nie słyszeli/wiedzieli !
Matt Chat 250: Yerzmyey, Chiptune Maestro
Autor Matt

Opublikowane 25-07-2014 22:49

This week is all about music, but not just any music. We're talking about chiptunes, Atari 8-bit, and Amiga music with musical composer Yerzmyey. Check out Yerzmyey's awesome tracks here: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/ Check out my GOG affiliate link here: http://www.gog.com/?pp=12f0de3dc76e067d21ed85125716e02e9f1e69f0 ...
Autor Monkeyturn

Opublikowane 02-10-2014 23:16

Opublikowany 2 paź 2014 SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO 2014 http://www.cheapbeats.net/sst2014/ On September 27th and 28th, 19 Musicians and Visualists from around the globe will perform some of the best chipmusic the world has to offer at world class Tokyo venue, Koenji High. YERZMYEY YERZMYEY ^ AY-RIDERS: Chiptunes / ...
Yerzmyey/Pinokio -
Autor yerzmyey"

Opublikowane 06-04-2015 19:17

Yerzmyey - "Ai" Synthesizers - Yerzmyey Drums - Pinokio Sequences go from ZX Spectrum with TurboSound (2 AY chips). Videoclip by Larek. Made in 2015. The original song comes from Yerzmyey's "Microsongs" album released in 2013.
Yerzmyey & Pinokio - Live Show at AmiResE.T 2015

Opublikowane 29-11-2015 00:00

Recorded during AmiResE.T 2015 in Rzeszów (Poland). 21st Nov. 2015 For more Yerzmyey tunes go to yerzmyey.i-demo.pl Greetings to all party members :)