Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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x-mas 2k13 intro for Atari 8-bit
Autor s2325"

Opublikowane 28-12-2013 17:52

x-mas 2k13 intro for Atari 8-bit
ussr2185 (2005) by skrju
Autor alexander

Opublikowane 30-12-2013 21:53

zx-spectrum demo
DiHalt 2014 - demopack
Autor DiHalt2012"

Opublikowane 06-01-2014 10:17

Vote or Die! - http://dihalt.org.ru/vote.php?mode=0  DiHALT 2014 NedoDemo 2 by NedoPC (DiHALT 2014 Lite ZX Spectrum demo) Recorded by DDp from real ZX Evolution.
Fairlight & Offence - Redefinition - C64 Demo
Autor RetroDemoScene"

Opublikowane 21-04-2014 10:33

Redefinition by Fairlight & Offence. Released at Revision 2014... Credits: Code.... Pantaloon Music.... Danko Graphics.... Louie64, Pal Text.... Lemming Help.... Perplex
Amstrad CPC Demo - Breaking Baud by CRTC & 3LN (Revision 2014)
Autor AmigaOmega"

Opublikowane 21-04-2014 10:41

Amstrad CPC scenedemo by CRTC and 3LN, released at Revision 2014 "A tape demo for the Amstrad CPC. Features a base transfer rate of 2688 baud or 336 characters per second, but also features in-place decompression so the actual transfer rate is often much higher in practice. It started as an experiment to use ...
Atari 2600 Scenedemo - Bang! by Xayax (Revision 2014)
Autor AmigaOmega"

Opublikowane 21-04-2014 10:42

Atari 2600 Scenedemo, Bang! released by at revision 2014 Yeah, Atari2600 emulation can be pretty sucky/inaccurate for scene demoes, but its all I got for recording. Stella 3.9.3 Stable and Fraps used for recording. The demo stands out for some nice hires screens from the ole Atari and quite long with multiple parts. ...
Atari 2600 Scenedemo - TIM1T by Cluster and DMA (Revision 2014)
Autor AmigaOmega"

Opublikowane 21-04-2014 10:43

Atari 2600 scenedemo, TIM1T by Cluster and DMA, Released at Revision 2014. "Atari 2600, no extra RAM (128 bytes only), no framebuffer, 32k ROM. 90% party version; sadly, the credits part is far from finished. Code and design: Kylearan/Cluster (andre.wichmann@gmx.de) Music and player: KK/DMA (kk@devkk.net)" ...
The Black Lotus - Rift - Amiga Demo (AGA)
Autor RetroDemoScene"

Opublikowane 21-04-2014 18:49

TBL back on the Amiga in 2014 after 8 years! Welcome back guys, amazing demo. Released at Revision 2014 Revision 2014 Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUs3FEEE2J3mx4Te5HpJjriUzjHH-kQ4a
Y-Crew - Vertigo - Amiga Demo
Autor RetroDemoScene"

Opublikowane 21-04-2014 18:52

Nice little OCS Demo by Y-Crew, This is Vertigo. Released at Revision 2014. Revision 2014 Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUs3FEEE2J3mx4Te5HpJjriUzjHH-kQ4a
R-Type Deluxe *Demo* - [Atari STE] gameplay
Autor Stefan

Opublikowane 22-04-2014 01:04

This shows the gameplay from the demo of R-Type Deluxe wich is an R-Type version for Atari STE, it is an early demo and the finished version will be having better framerate and such. Please beware that the sound and music volume is not correct on my STE due to a modification that bypasses the LMC. The SFX is a bit too ...