Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Armored Warriors Fordy 1cc - Part 1

Opublikowane 28-10-2011 21:37

After 2,5 years of endless trying. I present you.. the first legimitate cheatless, saveless replay of Armored Warriors! The infamously hard 1994 capcom beat-em'up!
dunnius's Metal Gear in 22:55.17

Opublikowane 13-12-2011 22:29

http://tasvideos.org/3392S.html This is a tool assisted speedrun, for more information, please go to: http://tasvideos.org/ I'm not the author of this video, I'm merely the Publisher/Encoder.
Metal Gear Solid "BIG BOSS rank" TAS in 1:31:49.0 by theenglishman
Autor dada78641

Opublikowane 24-03-2012 22:28

Metal Gear Solid is one of the original breakthrough titles in the stealth gaming genre. Nobody told the author this however, as he steamrolls through Shadow Moses Island in record time with guns blazing. This run is played on the hardest difficulty and earns the "Big Boss" rank on completion. Movie ...
MSX - Metal Gear - part 03: How to catch a fox
Autor oldskoolgamertje

Opublikowane 15-07-2017 00:00

What's the best way for a fan to get in touch with the legendary Grey Fox? Well, you just do what he did: get your ass captured...
MSX - Metal Gear - part 06: How to get to the courtyard
Autor oldskoolgamertje

Opublikowane 15-07-2017 00:00

Snake has to get to Dr. Petrovich who is confined in a prison cell in building #1's courtyard. But how to get there? In finding out, Snake bumps into another looney gun for hire: Machine Gun Kid. Not much of a challenge, though. In the sequel to this game, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, you can also detect IR rays by ...
MSX - Metal Gear - part 09: Diane 120.33
Autor oldskoolgamertje

Opublikowane 15-07-2017 00:00

An emergency call to Diane...
MSX - Metal Gear - part 10: Bulldozer
Autor oldskoolgamertje

Opublikowane 15-07-2017 00:00

A bulldozer is blocking Snake's path. You just have to act real quick with a few well-placed grenades. Pass by the IR beams by using the IR Goggles. Then take the elevator up to the roof.
20 Games That Defined the Bandai Wonderswan Color
Autor applemctom

Opublikowane 17-01-2018 00:00

20 (English-friendly) Games That Defined the Bandai Wonderswan Color 2000 Final Fantasy (Squaresoft) 2000 Gunpey EX (Bandai) 2000 Rhyme Rider Kerorican (Bandai) 2001 Mr. Driller (Namco) 2001 Guilty Gear Petit (Sammy) 2001 Final Lap Special (Namco) 2001 Ultraman (Bandai) 2001 Raku Jongg (Bandai) 2001 Guilty ...