[zx] ZEsarUX 10.2 Hysteria edition 26/10/2022

[2] @ !!! Piątek, 28 Października 2022 00:53 CET [28-10-2022 00:18 CET]

[zx] ZEsarUX 10.2 Hysteria edition 26/10/2022

ZEsarUX to multiemulator maszynek ze stajni Sir Clive'a - znajdziemy w nim praktycznie wszystkie modele począwszy od ZX80, przez tradycyjne modele Spektrusia, łącznie z tymi, które pojawiły się już z logiem Amstrada, aż po egzotyczny Z88 Cambridge, gdyby nie brak QL można by było powiedzieć, iż emuluje on wszystko z tej rodziny. ZEsauRX poradzi sobie też z emulacją Sam Coupe, czy też CPC464 (o innych egzotykach nie wspomnę, jak np. emulacji CPC4128, czyli CPC464 + 128kb, nie obcy mu też sprzęt SEGI a dokładnie SEGA MASTER SYSTEM.

To byłby świetny multiemulator sprzętu Z80, niestety przynajmniej z mojej perspektywy potworna ilość kombinacji, rozbudowane menu, w którym odnalezienie np. mapowania joysticka to jakieś 5 minut biegania i klikania po okienkach (fajnych nie powiem), błędy w wyświetlaniu grafiki w trybie fullscreen (prawd. problem z Nvidia na natywnych sterownikach Win10) dość mocno zniechęca do jego użytkowania... mam nadzieję, że będzie lepiej bo ilość w pracy wrzuconej w ten kombajn robi wrażenie - przydałoby się poprawić niuanse - przede wszystkim przemyśleć strukturę menu.

Hysteria (Alternative Software Ltd., 1989)

Version 10.2 - Hysteria edition. 26 October 2022

New things added:

  • Added configurable icons to the ZX Desktop. These icons can:
    • Open windows, for example View Sprites
    • Trigger actions, like Reset
    • File links, these are linked to tapes or snapshots on your disk drive
    • There are other special icons, like Trash Can
  • These icons opens a whole new world on ZEsarUX, so the ZX Desktop is becoming a Full Desktop environment :)


Pierwsze podejście do ZX Desktop na pełnym ekranie to krew na rękach - dobrze, że jest opcją wyłączenia desktopu w fullscreen.

Added new emulated machines:

  • ZX Spectrum 48k+
  • Microdigital TK80
  • Microdigital TK82
  • Microdigital TK82C
  • Microdigital TK83
  • Microdigital TK85
  • Microdigital TK95 Spanish
  • Timex Computer 2048
  • Timex Computer 2068
  • Timex Sinclair 1000
  • Timex Sinclair 1500

Added Copy Interfaces emulation:

  • Defcon
  • Dinamid3
  • Hilow Barbanegra
  • Interface007
  • Microhobby Pokeador Automatico
  • Phoenix
  • Ramjet
  • Spec-Mate
  • Transtape
  • Added Dinamic SD1 emulation
  • Allow .Z80 corrupted snapshot loading from ZXSP emulator with additional header of 31 byte size
  • Added ZSF support for Timex TS2068, MK14, Chrome, Prism, Chloe, Sam Coupe
  • Added path setting where to download files from the speccy and zx81 online browser
  • Added disk image browsing from storage MMC/IDE menus
  • Added PZX load support as standard tape
  • Added TAP to PZX converter
  • Added TAP to TZX turbo converter (TZX Turbo 4000 bauds, to use with Rodolfo Guerra ROMS)
  • Added TAP to SCR converter
  • Added some actions than can be fired from command line and don't start ZEsarUX:
    --convert-tap-tzx, --convert-tap-tzx-turbo-rg, --convert-tap-pzx, --convert-tap-scr, --convert-tzx-tap, --convert-pzx-tap


  • Improved Z88 emulation:
    • Changed colour palette to better match a real Z88
    • Show keys shortcuts below the Z88 display
    • Snapshot setting & menu action to synchronize Z88 clock with your computer clock
    • Inserting Z88 cards: now it does not hang the emulator during the insert
    • Selecting Z88 cards: submenus for types and sizes
    • Z88 footer: show when writing a card in slot 3, colors follow style
    • Z88 device icons: different icons for slot 1,2,3, show when writing a card in slot 3, show when flap is open
  • Improved File selector:
    • Allow to have a full screen preview if window is big enough
    • Better hotkeys explanation
  • Improved Debugging:
    • Allow to change memory pointer to a value from the stack
    • Added a setting to show on which scanline has been executed a Halt, inverting border color
    • When enabling step mode, emulation is paused on all menus
    • Preserve step mode when exiting debug cpu that was opened by a breakpoint
    • When a breakpoint is fired, step mode is kept on all menus
    • Breakpoints actions "call", "printc", "set-register" and "write" can now use expressions instead of fixed values
    • Added breakpoint actions: "disassemble", "printregs"
    • Warn on footer when step mode
    • Enlarge width of breakpoints list
  • Improved SmartLoad & Drag-Drop:
    • Allow to load a .rom file as a custom rom file for the current machine
    • Allow to Drag-Drop when menu open
  • Improved ZX Vision:
    • Reorder windows when changing machine but only when ZEsarUX window is smaller than previous one
    • Custom arrows characters
    • Windows are now restored by default on starting ZEsarUX
    • Better resize & reposition for new windows out of range
  • Improved ZX Desktop:
    • Allow to extend ZX Desktop vertically
    • Right mouse button is now used for secondary actions. It no longer simulates ESC key (unless you enable it on ZX Vision Settings)
    • Added frame around emulated machine
    • Added setting to mix scr image with background
    • Allow to set any tape/snapshot/disk that contains a spectrum screen (SCR) as background
    • Apply frameskip when drawing ZX Desktop Background
  • Improved HiLow DataDrive emulation:
    • Allow to Format, Browse and Chkdsk a Hilow DataDrive image (.ddh file)
    • Allow to convert audio from a real Hilow DataDrive tape to an image file (.ddh)
    • Added technical documentation on the extras package
  • Improved ZX Spectrum Next emulation: added sprite rendering priority bit
  • Improved ZRCP: allow to change command prompt
  • Improved generated TZX and PZX files: include date and ZEsarUX version in header
  • Improved Custom machine menu: added +2E MMC machine
  • Improved Tape browser: show autostart line on basic blocks


  • Fixed handling files larger than 2 GB on 32 bit CPU (it also applies to the Windows version even on a 64 bit CPU)
  • Fixed using mmc images larger than 2 GB
  • Fixed redrawing ZX Desktop when resizing main ZEsarUX window
  • Fixed hang when using View Variables and memory is corrupted
  • Fixed hang pressing two times F-key assigned to Pause (Mac OS unaffected)
  • Fixed bug that may crash ZEsarUX when starting machine ZX Spectrum +2 Spanish. This is a bug that has always existed
  • Fixed losing inserted Z88 cards when changing cpu speed
  • Fixed Z80 behavior after EI or DD/FD prefixes and interrupts
  • Fixed Z80 behavior running block opcodes (LDIR, etc) and interrupts
  • Fixed .Z80 Timex TS2068 snapshot loading
  • Fixed showing Recent Files when file name contains character %
  • Fixed HiLow DataDrive emulation: can now load, save, format... all actions are now working
  • Fixed crash (stack smashing detected) when showing Debug CPU window (and compiled using -fstack-protector)
  • Fixed segfault when starting ZEsarUX + disabled welcome splash message + enabled reopen windows on start setting + no window to restore
  • Fixed trap print numbers on Spectrum and ZX81 (setting --chardetectcompatnum)
  • Fixed segfault when selecting an invalid file type on real tape
  • Fixed Keyboard Help image for Spectravideo 318
  • Fixed allowed machines when saving snapshots .ZX
  • Fixed Breakpoints actions: now are executed everywhere (even in the menu)
  • Fixed pressing key c (continuous mode) on debug cpu (emulation was unpaused temporarily)
  • Fixed TZX turbo files extract (including screen previews), convert & file info
  • Fixed .Z80 and .ZSF screen previews when using 128k screen page 7
  • Fixed .DSK extract
  • Fixed crash when saving .ZSF snapshots when a byte DD is found just before a byte is repeated more than 256 times
  • Fixed Next MMC images download. Now you need SSL enabled on compilation
  • Fixed ZX Vision:
    • Fixed showing cursor on edit fields and text length longer than visible
  • As always, there are some other minor bugfixes and improvements
→ NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 10.3 - La Abadia del Crimen edition 10/05/23

Version 10.3 - La Abadia del Crimen edition. 10 May 2023

There are lots of changes in this version, but some of them are remarkable:

  • Added machines Amstrad PCW 8256, PCW 8512, CPC 6128, CPC 664
  • Fixed 3" CF2 floppy disk emulation (used on +3, CPC, PCW): the floppy disk emulation has been rewritten from scratch and now is near perfect
  • Lots of improvements on Debug CPU window
  • Fixed almost all annoying audio clicks on Windows version (and on SDL audio driver on Linux)

New things added:

  • Added Machine Amstrad PCW 8256
  • Added Machine Amstrad PCW 8512
  • Added Machine Amstrad CPC 6128
  • Added Machine Amstrad CPC 664
  • Added Visual Floppy to see floppy disk (+3, CPC, PCW, Betadisk) activity
  • Added DSK disk info menu: to get tracks and sectors of a disk
  • Added F-Functions: Poke, Visual Real Tape, Settings, Switch footer
  • Added Process Switcher window, which is like a "Taskbar" on the ZX Desktop
  • Added ZRCP command: "close-all-menus"
  • Added icon/F-key to open any window identified by its name
  • Allow F-keys to assign extra info for actions (like window name on openwindow action, or snapshot name on linktosnapshot action)
  • Added more Hotswap combinations
  • Added Advanced menu items: now by default, advanced menu items are hidden, you should enable them on Settings->Advanced menu items
  • Added command line setting --machinelist to get machines list names whitespace separated
  • Added .POK file Smartloading
  • Added XEyes "Toy" to follow mouse
  • Added Sierpinsky Meter Type to View Sensors


Improved Debug CPU:

  • switched function keys "m" and "o": now "x" change mode, and "m" change memptr (to be coherent with other similar windows)
  • added (hl), (de), (bc)
  • added (nn) when selecting an opcode like: ld reg,(nn) and ld (nn),reg
  • added (ix+d), (iy+d) when selecting an opcode like: ld reg,(IX+d), etc
  • added continuos speed 4 (run 10 opcodes every time, with no pause)
  • show last memory pointer when changing it
  • show B register on satisfy condition for DJNZ
  • added new functions OPMRV(e), OPMWV(e), OPMRA(e), OPMWA(e): these return 1 if the last opcode has set any of these variables to e.
  • added pseudoregister EPC to parser to match memory bank and offset for PC register
  • allow holding keys for quick cursor move, etc
  • watches now show numbers in hexadecimal format
  • Improved Debug Console: better refresh, dynamic width
  • Improved Debug Messages: allow to filter by message class (DSK, PD765, etc...)
  • Improved Debug I/O ports window: autoresize content height when do not fit in window

Improved Configuration:

  • better parsing: warning when ZEsarUX has been downgraded
  • if unknown parameter on configuration file, warn the user but start anyway
  • moved showing Configuration file from Running info menu to Settings-> Configuration file

Improved DSK viewer:

  • better filesystem detection
  • show hidden and read only files
  • show disk specification format
  • show where files are located on Visual Floppy

Improved View Sprites:

  • sprite is no longer disabled when changing memory pointer
  • you can view sprites up to 1024x1024
  • show PCW common format screen

Improved ZX Desktop:

  • dynamic icons (Trash, My Machine, ...) assigned on top buttons now show dynamic state (trash empty/full, current machine image, etc)
  • show icon indicators for open apps on ZX Desktop
  • added setting to empty Trash on exit
  • fixed icons zoom level when selecting some machines that use menu gui zoom = 2 (Next, CPC, QL, etc)
  • ZX Desktop size now is multiplied by GUI Zoom (Zoom 2 on machines like Next, CPC, QL, etc)
  • CF2 Floppy icon (+3, CPC, PCW) now is animated when motor is on

Improved ZX Vision:

  • added windows-style TaskBar called "Process Switcher"
  • added Process ID (PID) for all windows
  • text input fields now handle repeated keys
  • some text input fields now have history of last items, and history is saved on configuration file
  • added function to maximize all windows
  • allow reducing character height
  • improved window list showing spent time on each window and pid of each window/process
  • improved rendering background windows
  • yes/no confirmation dialogs are translated to si/no in Spanish and Catalan
  • added more menu translations to Spanish and Catalan
  • Improved DSK extractor: better filesystem detection
  • Improved ZSF Snapshots: allow to save ROM contents, useful when running custom roms
  • Improved File selector: can show recent folders (press space on recent files)
  • Improved changing pointer on some windows: can use an expression when changing memory pointer on Debug CPU, View Sprites, Hexdump, Disassemble, Poke
  • Improved changing to machines with big displays (Next, QL, CPC...): zoom is autochanged to 1
  • Improved joystick type selection
  • Improved Raspberry Pi emulation: performance parameters are not changed by default anymore, you must use "--changeslowparameters" on slow Rpi like Rpi1 or 2


  • Fixed Spectrum +3 disk emulation: the disk emulation layer has been rewritten from scratch and now is near perfect.
  • Just some statistics from testing 943 total Spectrum +3 disks:
    • -Unprotected games: 98.3 % working
    • -Paul Owens protected games: 85.7 % working
    • -Speedlock protected games: 54.2 % working
    • -Alkatraz protected games: 0 % working
    • -Unknown method protected games: 0 % working (a total of 15 disks that seem to be protected but don't know the method)
  • Fixed almost all annoying audio clicks on Windows version (and on SDL audio driver on Linux)
  • Fixed empty results when querying some games on Speccy online browser
  • Fixed random crash on startup on Linux when executing some network operations (check updates, check last users, send updates)
  • Fixed segfaults when exiting using CTRL-C
  • Fixed autoload on Spectrum +3
  • Fixed bug that may crash ZEsarUX when changing to a machine with bigger resolution. It seems to affect Linux and Windows but not Mac. This is a bug that has always existed (a "long life bug" XD)
  • Fixed showing creator on DSK file viewer
  • Fixed pause: can now return when pressing mouse button too
  • Fixed assembler parsing expressions (NN) and NN is an hexadecimal number
  • Fixed debug step over and sending keys to emulated machine
  • Fixed setting "set machine snap load" when loading .Z80 version 1 snapshots
  • Fixed real joystick menu disabled on Mac OS when switching border
  • Fixed putting Text Adventure Map window on background

Misc Changes:

  • Persistent writes on DSK files (+3/CPC/PCW disks) are now disabled by default

As always, there are some other minor bugfixes and improvements

→ [zx] ZEsarUX 10.1 Carrier Command edition 06/05/2021
Carrier Command (Rainbird Software, 1989)

Version 10.1 - Carrier Command edition. 06 May 2022

  • Added real joystick support on Mac
  • Added joystick support for Hat controllers
  • Added new joystick event to exit ZEsarUX
  • Added action to trigger left-right movement on joystick, to play Decathlon-like games
  • Added MSX Joystick emulation
  • Added Spectravideo Joystick emulation
  • Added support for simple speaker output on Raspberry PI Using GPIO pins and no sound card
  • Added setting to select a different joystick on Windows and OS with SDL driver
  • Added setting to change ULA Data bus value
  • Added showing microdrive label when expanding qlay mdv files of size 174930 bytes
  • Added Jupiter Ace TAP & TZX support on tape browser
  • Added TZX support for ID 33 - Hardware type
  • Added Autorewind tape setting
  • Added Z80 Halt signal state support on zsf snapshot
  • Added device button for ZX-Uno Flash device
  • Added another easter egg ;)

Improved Text Adventure Debugging:

  • Added Text Adventure Map
  • Added Locations Connections list
  • Added direct menu entry and f-function/button to view 8 (adventure debug)
  • Improved detection of some paws adventures (like superlopez and abracadabra)
  • Improved detection of some daad adventures (like jabato)

Improved Debug CPU:

  • Now it highlights which registers will be modified by the opcode at the cursor position
  • New address breakpoint expression FPEEK, that can read contents in the range of the total machine address space
  • Added t-states counter on default view
  • Allow to have a decimal view of opcode decoding using key m (mode)
  • Added breakpoints actions to start and stop cpu transaction log

Improved Accessibility:

  • Added direct settings for inverse colours and gray mode
  • Added setting to disable Flash

Improved ZX Vision:

  • Reduced up to 5 times cpu usage on menu by using a cache
  • Improve window refreshing by disabling autoframeskip while moving or resizing
  • Allow to set a window always visible
  • Enlarge content size when resizing window without having to recreate it
  • Notify to the parent function when a window has been resized
  • Allow to avoid refreshing window when changing scroll
  • Added GUI styles: AmigaOS, Atari TOS, OS/2, RiscOS, ZEsarUX Plus (and this one is now the default style)
  • Improve RetroMac GUI style: striped title bar
  • Improve BeOS GUI style: buttons positions right after the title
  • Detect when video driver can not use the current GUI style and set to another one that can use
  • Added maximize window button
  • Background button on inactive windows is hidden by default
  • Bigger window resize indicator (bottom-right of the window)
  • Text windows enlarge/reduce line width when resizing windows
  • Text windows wider by default (40 characters instead of 32)
  • When sending a window to the background, and the setting "Background windows even when menu closed" is enabled, the menu will be closed
  • Improve accented characters on different charsets
  • Added translation of menu items to Spanish and Catalan
  • Added shortcuts helper to see hotkeys pressed
  • Added button preview when customizing ZX Desktop buttons or F-keys
  • Better detection of Spectrum screen file: any file size of 6912 bytes
  • Show when a menu has submenus using the ">" character
  • Preserve minimized and maximized state on windows
  • Remember size before minimize and maximize window
  • Added actions on menu Window Management to: switch to, minimize, maximize, move to bottom, set always visible, window information
  • Window management window can run on background
  • ZX Desktop: footer buttons to enlarge or reduce ZX Desktop, not just enabling or disabling
  • ZX Desktop: allow to set a background SCR file
  • ZX Desktop: added setting to disable ZX Desktop when going to full screen
  • Improved PC Speaker Driver: now there is a new driver "onebitspeaker" which can handle both PC Speaker and Raspberry PI GPIO speaker
  • Improved PC Speaker audio driver: better sound quality and high frequency filter
  • Improved OSD Adventure Keyboard: allow to send space, enter and quotation marks
  • Improved OSD Keyboard: allow to use mouse, preserve window geometry
  • Improved Keyboard Help: load image automatically when changing machine
  • Improved handling of individual colour palettes modifications (Red, Green, Blue)
  • Improved portability of shell scripts
  • Improved fbdev driver: added setting for double buffer to avoid flickering on menu (--fbdev-double-buffer)
  • Improved fbdev driver: added setting to avoid resolution change on Raspberry Pi full screen mode (--fbdev-no-res-change)
  • Improved ZX Spectrum Next emulation: added layer2 priority colour bit
  • Improved Audio Chip Piano and Wave Piano: can show all octaves and set piano zoom
  • Fixed Z80 halt behavior and PC location
  • Fixed disabling border when realvideo enabled on machines: Colecovision, Master System, MSX, SG1000, SpectraVideo
  • Fixed redrawing footer when fade out
  • Fixed showing character 127 on curses, stdout and simpletext video drivers
  • Fixed preserve breakpoints state when doing smartload
  • Fixed saving snapshot on some events that close ZEsarUX (F-key, AY Player, etc)
  • Fixed loading/saving TZX as Standard tape on Jupiter Ace
  • Fixed ejecting Spectravideo cartridge
  • Fixed segfault pressing F5 after pressing pause key
  • Fixed bug on OSD Adventure Keyboard when words of 5 characters lenght and setting sending final space enabled
  • Fixed crash when saving configuration file larger than 20kb
  • Fixed crash when browsing on a completely empty directory
  • Fixed bug emptying osd adventure text keyboard when debugging vocabulary
  • Fixed smartload from ZRCP
  • Fixed crash when exiting emulator and ZRCP enabled (usually failed on Raspberry Pi)

Fixed ZX Vision:

  • Fixed hang when pressing cursor up/down on any tabbed menu with only one line (like Audio Waveform)
  • Fixed glitches resizing some windows: AY Registers, Debug CPU, etc...
  • Fixed flickering when resizing Keyboard Help window
  • Fixed reducing all windows
  • Fixed bug restoring windows on startup when a previous error was generated
  • Fixed drawing scroll bars when window is not at the top of all windows
  • Fixed drawing close button on background windows
  • Fixed showing input tape insert state on menu and zx desktop icon when tape can't be opened
  • Fixed window Hex Editor while moving or resizing
  • Fixed view sensors when clicking on the scroll bars
  • Fixed refreshing Visual Real Tape window when enabled Top Speed

Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

→ [zx] ZEsarUX 10.0 Clive Sinclair edition 04/10/2021
Horizon Demo Cassette (1982, Horizon)

Version 10.0 - Clive Sinclair edition. 4 October 2021

There are lots of changes in this version, but some of them are remarkable:

  • New machine emulated: Sega Master System
  • "Time machine" features: Automatic Snapshots to RAM + Rewind feature, backwards debugging, backwards run
  • Realtime translation of text adventure games in a ZEsarUX window
  • Can render any image from a Speccy Text Adventure (supported parsers: Quill, Paws, Daad, Gac)
  • Added Visual Real Tape. Now you can have an audio render of your tape, see tape blocks and rewind or move forward the cassette player
  • Can now browse Basic variables on ZX Spectrum, ZX81 and ZX80
  • Allow customize upper buttons to actions
  • Added Window View Sensors to graph internal emulation sensors, performance, statistics, etc
  • Added menu language selection between default (English) and Spanish. Only some texts are translated to Spanish

The full changelog for this version 10.0 is:

  • Added Sega Master System emulation
  • Added .sms file viewer
  • Added midi output and .mid support for QL and SN audio chips (Master System, SG1000, etc)
  • Added Automatic Snapshots to RAM + Rewind feature
  • Added new improved real tape loading algorithm
  • Added setting to disable TZX pauses
  • Added zsf to scr support for Next, ZX-Uno and TSConf snapshots
  • Added Jupiter Ace 51 KB RAM emulation
  • Added Fuzix ide image on the zesarux-extras package
  • Added TK90X v3 roms by Rodolfo Guerra on the zesarux-extras package
  • Added ZSF snapshot support for Jupiter Ace, Z88
  • Added --slotcard-num setting to insert a Z88 card in a numbered slot (1, 2 or 3)
  • Added ZEsarUX logo on the window footer
  • Added setting to disable ZX80/81 tape traps
  • Added wav/rwa/smp tape audio browser, to view Spectrum/ZX80/ZX81 tape blocks from audio file
  • Added Visual Real Tape. Now you can have an audio render of your tape, see tape blocks and rewind or move forward the cassette player
  • Added menu language selection between default (English) and Spanish. Only some texts are translated to Spanish
  • Added ZRCP commands:
    • mmc-reload: reload MMC image
    • snapshot-inram-get-index: Returns index to a RAM snapshot position
    • snapshot-inram-load: Loads the RAM snapshot from position
  • Added file converters:
    • wav/rwa/smp to tap
    • wav/rwa/smp to p
    • wav/rwa/smp to o
    • rwa to wav
  • Improved Debug CPU Window:
    • Added backwards debugging, backwards run
    • Added cpu history menu to see registers in the past (same as you already had on ZRCP)
    • Mouse accions: click (toggle breakpoint, change registers), scrolling up/down by using the mouse wheel
    • Improve window refresh when pressing keys on non-step mode
    • Preserve step mode when assembling
    • Added new key to set PC=PTR
    • Added new key to go to next breakpoint type PC=dir
    • Allow to define up to 100 breakpoints (same that you could define using ZRCP)
  • Improved Debugging:
    • Can now browse Basic variables on ZX Spectrum, ZX81 and ZX80
    • Added setting to show location address of every basic line and current line on menu View Basic
    • Added Window View Sensors to graph internal emulation sensors, performance, statistics, etc
    • Added command line setting to load source code
  • Improved ZX Vision menu interface:
    • Added GUI styles: BeOS, Bloody, Grass, Ocean, Sunny, Panther, Sky
    • Added actions for reinsert, rewind, ffwd real tape
    • Added setting to pause cpu emulation on menu when multitask active
    • Added Degraded ZX Desktop Fill Type
    • Added button on footer to switch ZX Desktop
    • Added Accessibility->GUI settings as a quick way to enable some GUI enhancements: high contrast style, hotkeys, etc
    • Added item to reduce+rearrange windows
    • Added some graphical meters on AY Registers, Core Statistics
    • Added setting to disable boxes around lower and upper ZX Desktop Buttons
    • Added support for accentuated characters
    • Allow customize charset
    • Allow customize upper buttons to actions
    • Real tape icon now is animated when playing tape
    • Reorganized GUI Settings and Window Settings menu: "GUI Settings" menu is now called "ZX Vision Settings", "Window Settings" menu is now called "General settings"
    • Machine manufacturer list is now sorted by name (instead of some kind of mixed age and type)
    • Show in file selector when a file can be expanded
    • Improved screen file previews: any file size of 6912 bytes is guessed as Spectrum screen
    • Maximizing windows now take care of size of ZX Desktop, when setting "Open menu on ZX Desktop" is enabled
    • Handle when clicking a window when menu closed
    • Colour palette window now shows all colours that fit in the window
    • View sprite legend now adapts to size
  • Improved Next emulation:
    • Turbo setting: make it by default limited on NextZXOS
    • ZSF snapshots include all info from port 123b (previous TBBlue .zsf snapshots are incompatible with this version, sorry!)
    • Added a splash message when changing Layer 2 modes
  • Improved Text Aventure Features:
    • Improved detection of Daad aventures on debugging
    • Now you can render any image from a Speccy Text Adventure (supported parsers: Quill, Paws, Daad, Gac)
    • Now you can use a text speech script which can translate text from the game and show the translated text on ZEsarUX window
  • Improved Find menu: now can find several bytes and open Hexadecimal Editor on the results list
  • Improved Audio to .mid exporter: allow changing instrument
  • Improved configuration file: increased maximum allowed size to 256kb and 2000 parameters
  • Improved curses driver on ZX80/81: now realvideo mode can use extended utf-8 blocky characters
  • Fixed file previews on corrupted files: pzx, tap
  • Fixed rearranging windows and using total window height
  • Fixed Next ULA Scroll to use registers 0x26 and 0x27
  • Fixed Next tbblue port 123b behaviour: 48kb ram paging, shadow display, 3bit offset, read access
  • Fixed cpu-step behaviour the first time it's executed
  • Fixed cursor keys up/down on Jupiter Ace
  • Fixed --help and --experthelp settings: do not parse configuration file when showing help
  • Fixed autoload on spectrum 48k+ spanish
  • Fixed loading ZX80/81 Snapshots/Tapes when filename has more than one extension
  • Fixed wave shape type "Scroll" on View WaveForm
→ [zx] ZEsarUX 9.2 - Cliff Hanger edition 05/04/2021

Version 9.2 - Cliff Hanger edition. 05 April 2021

  • Added SamRam Gerton Lunter interface emulation
  • Added new ZX-Uno Prism video mode
  • Added Dandanator storage button icon
  • Added alternate Jupiter ACE rom
  • Added another fourth easter egg ;)
  • Added read only setting for esxdos handler
  • Added setting to redefine joystick fire key
  • Added midi output instrument selector
  • Added Debug action to set PC register to zero
  • Added command line setting --copy-file-to-mmc to be able to copy files to a mmc image before starting ZEsarUX
  • Added ZRCP command realtape-open

Improved ZX-Uno emulation:

  • Updated BIOS, Flash and ESXDOS (ESXDOS now runs 0.8.6 final version)
  • Added command line setting --zxuno-initial-64k to allow loading a initial 64kb block in bootm mode, bypassing the normal boot rom

Improved TBBlue emulation:

  • Added .snx snapshot support
  • Added debug window to enable/disable individual sprites
  • Added relative sprite type composite/unified on sprite navigator
  • Added Sprites Debug memory zone
  • Optimize sprite rendering (saving 1% cpu on my computer)

Improved CPC emulation:

  • Added video scanlines rendering (A.K.A. Real Video)
  • Joystick emulation
  • Stereo emulation

Improved File utilities Browser:

  • Added support for browsing inside FAT filesystem disk images (.img, .mmc, .ide, etc)
  • Detect when source and target directories are the same when moving or copying
  • Show more info in some file viewers (.sna, .p, .o, etc)
  • Added .nex file viewer
  • Added copy and delete entire folder
  • Added SCR to TXT file converter

Improved Debug CPU Window:

  • Can load a source code
  • Tell when a condition is satisfied or not
  • Detecting when running a esxdos call, using the esxdos handler, and doing step over

Improved ZX Vision menu interface:

  • Added Turbo Vision GUI style
  • Added ZEsarUX Matte GUI style
  • Added GUI Style Selector menu
  • Added GUI Test Style
  • Added key Shift+Cursor Right to switch to another window
  • Added action to minimize all windows
  • Added setting to ignore mouse click to open the menu
  • Added more utf-8 characters support
  • Added setting to show files in hexa+ascii using file viewer

Improved all-to-pixel text rendering:

  • Allow 1:1 scale
  • Allow to set window size and offsets in characters

Improved Speccy online browser:

  • now uses ZXinfo API V3
  • uses SSL SNI when downloading files
  • Improved Frameskip algorithm
  • Improved Core statistics: Add info about frames drawn & dropped
  • Improved Hex Editor: can now be backgrounded
  • Improved Debug I/O ports window: can now be backgrounded and it's reloaded continuously
  • Improved File spooling: delay can now be any value between 20 and 2000 ms (in increments of +20)
  • Improved File Browser: added file size information
  • Improved cocoa (Mac) driver: allows distinguish between left and right Ctrl key, and left and right Alt key
  • Improved panic screen: added countdown timer, extended to ZX Desktop

Fixed ZX-Uno bugs:

  • Fixed bugs on mmc and flash storage layer which prevented to update bios, esxdos rom or entire flash from the BIOS
  • Fixed chloe mmu mapping: bootm has priority. If bootm=1, can't map chloe. If bootm=0, can be chloe or +2a

Fixed TBBlue bugs:

  • Fixed relative sprites: when anchor sprite is not visible, negative coordinates, detecting unified/composite, mirror, rotation
  • Fixed 4bpp sprites: pattern calculating, transparency, anchor
  • Fixed clipping (affected scrollnutter demo in the right round corners)
  • Fixed writing on divmmc memory when layer2 active

Fixed CPC bugs:

  • Fixed vsync and hsync interrupts
  • Fixed border colour
  • Fixed AY chip register selection
  • Fixed CRTC interrupts. After a CRTC interrupt with Z80 interrupts disabled, they were not fired when enabling Z80 interrupts
  • Fixed setting bit 4 of the "Select screen mode and rom configuration" register of the Gate-Array and interrupt request
  • Fixed RETURN key

Fixed IDE commands which affected almost all IDE firmwares: fatware, mdos, etc:

  • Fixed IDE command ECH Identify Drive
  • Fixed IDE command 91H Initialize Drive Parameters


  • Fixed annoying flickering in menu using XWindows video driver
  • Fixed Mac OS retina display window
  • Fixed Mac OS full screen
  • Fixed loading General Sound rom
  • Fixed segfaults on fileselector +3 DSK screen previews using Speedlock protected disks or bad disks
  • Fixed segfaults on fileselector TRD screen previews using protected disks or bad disks
  • Fixed receiving large snapshots on ZRCP/ZENG
  • Fixed pixel color on text all-to-pixel text rendering (color inversion)
  • Fixed DivIDE/DivMMC mapram behaviour
  • Fixed some GUI style colours
  • Some other minor bugfixes and improvements
→ [zx] ZEsarUX 9.0 - Turbo Esprit edition 17/08/2020
Turbo Esprit (Durell Software Ltd., 1986)

Version 9.0 - Turbo Esprit edition. 17 August 2020

Added new emulated machines:

  • MSX1
  • Spectravideo 318/328
  • Colecovision
  • Sega SG-1000
  • Added new compiled version: FreeBSD
  • Added support for compilation on Haiku
  • Added emulation of AY chip MIDI registers 14 & 15 and route them to an external MIDI device
  • Added browser for quicksave snapshots
  • Added save screen to bmp feature
  • Added menu to download ZEsarUX extras
  • Added Windows icon
  • Added F key to toggle top cpu speed
  • Added F key to pause/unpause tape
  • Added setting to rotate output tape when selecting tape that already exists
  • Added setting to resample audio output to 1 bit
  • Added showing yesterday ZEsarUX users
  • Improved emulation: use a slightly less cpu on every scanline
  • Improved compilation script: allow to set different C compiler
  • Improved compiler versions: now all releases are compiled with optimizations, they use lot of less cpu than before

Improved menu:

  • Allow some windows to be running on the background, all at the same time. This makes the menu environment more powerful!
  • Active windows are saved and restored on startup
  • Pressing the menu key (F5 by default) when menu is open, it will send you back to the main menu. Also pressing over Z logo on ext desktop
  • Some window hotkeys can be pressed with mouse click (example: Debug CPU Window, File utilities, View Sprites, Hex Editor, Disassemble)
  • Improved some interface fonts in sizes smaller than 8 pixel width
  • Added GUI Styles: MSX, Solarized Dark & Light
  • Added setting to select machine by name instead by manufacturer
  • Added setting to disable showing cpu temperature, or FPS on footer
  • Added keyboard help window for all machines
  • Footer FPS warns in red colour when FPS low

Improved Visualmem:

  • added MMC Read/Write views
  • added "Defrag style" setting

Improved debugging:

  • Added breakpoint action "reset-tstatp"
  • Added SEG0, SEG1, ... SEG7 variables to match TBBlue MMU pages
  • Added IN() function to read a port in the breakpoint parser
  • Added key to execute a RET

Improved ZRCP:

  • Allow to write commands in "". Not all commands support this
  • Added save-binary command, to save binary data to a file
  • Added save-screen command, to save machine screen to a file

Improved Esxdos handler:

  • Added f_mkdir function
  • Added configuration setting to save local work directory

Improved TBBlue emulation:

  • Added Layer2 modes 320x256 and 640x256
  • Added 4bpp sprites
  • Enable Timex video by default
  • Legacy hi-res and border effects disabled by default. Reduces up to 13% cpu use or gain 17 FPS on my environment
  • Reduced a bit cpu usage (2% cpu less on my environment) when rendering scanlines
  • Added altrom feature: now 48k and 128k mode works again
  • Emulate register 0x8E (142) => Spectrum 128K Memory Mapping
  • Allow to download a 512 MB TBBlue SD official card (allowed download sizes: 32MB, 128MB, 512MB, 2 GB)
  • Allow paths with backslashes on esxdos handler

Improved Chloe emulation:

  • Supports CPU speed setting via the ZX-Uno SCANDBLCTRL register
  • Load unodos3.rom as the default divmmc firmware
  • Added chloehd.mmc in the extras package
  • Fixed rom loading: no more cpu panic when the rom is not found
  • Fixed SCF/CCF undocumented flags emulation. Not enabled by default on compilation because almost no one is using this
  • Fixed saving "Show CPU usage" setting on footer
  • Fixed using tab and backspace keys in curses driver
  • Fixed segfaults when using some memory zones and changing machine
  • Fixed segfaults when setting breakpoints from config file and machine is QL
  • Fixed segfaults when changing machines and resizing windows
  • Fixed segfaults on Esxdos handler when using a file handler that was a directory
  • Fixed loading zsf snapshot and ay registers
  • Fixed network bug when downloading file and redirecting to another url
  • Fixed Visualmem window size when char size < 8
  • Fixed Accessibility bug reading transparent windows

Fixed ZRCP bugs:

  • Fixed possible crash when disconnecting socket
  • Using cpu-history ZRCP command no longer fires additional MRA conditions

Fixed tbblue bugs:

  • Fixed 8 first lines of tiles on border not shown
  • Fixed text mode (1 bit tile)
  • Fixed reading palette colours. That fixes returning from multiface nmi
  • Fixed reading clipping values
  • Fixed screensaver
  • Fixed tbblue memory priorities
  • Fixed tbblue diviface - mmu priority
  • Fixed layer2 mode 2 scroll
→ [zx] ZEsarUX 8.1 - The Great Escape edition. 25/02/2020

[zx] ZEsarUX 8.1 - The Great Escape edition. 25/02/2020

  • Added ZEsarUX Network Gaming protocol (ZENG), which allows you to play to any emulated game, using two ZEsarUX instances,located each one on any part of the world or in a local network. Games doesn't have to be modified, you can use any existing game
  • Added Spectrum and ZX81 online game browser. You can search & play almost any game for these machines!
  • Added real joystick support on Windows
  • Added Pentagon 16C colour mode emulation
  • Added 1024 KB RAM emulation for Spectrum & Pentagon
  • Added ZIP files support: no more need to use external unzip program
  • Added SCL files support: can be converted from file selector menu pressing space
  • Added SNA saving support
  • Added PZX tape file support
  • Added SCR to TAP file converter
  • Added total run time statistics
  • Added checking for updates
  • Added sending anonymous statistics use
  • Added setting --disablemenuandexit: it closes the emulator when the menu is going to be opened.
  • It's the same behaviour as previous --disablemenu. Now --disablemenu only disables the menu but does not close the emulator
  • Added setting to disable looking for alternate character sets from sysvar 23606/7 on ocr functions
  • Added DataDrive HiLow emulation (beta)
  • Added Borland Gui Style
  • Added setting to reset configuration file to default values
  • Added setting to choose cpu type

Added ZRCP commands:

  • cpu-code-coverage: working with code coverage
  • cpu-history: working with cpu history
  • extended-stack: having an internal stack for debugging stack value types
  • get-ui-io-ports: to get keyboard state and joystick
  • get-snapshot: get a ZSF snapshot from ZRCP
  • print-footer: print message on footer
  • put-snapshot: put a ZSF snapshot from ZRCP
  • send-keys-event: simulates key press/release
  • set-ui-io-ports: to change keyboard state and joystick
  • write-port: write value to a port

Improved TBBlue emulation:

  • New Wizard to automatically download and configure TBBlue official SD images
  • optimized ula,lores render routines: 2% less cpu
  • added scroll x,y on ula layer
  • added 1-bit tile mode
  • added tbblue register 63H: copper 16 bit write
  • added tbblue register 69H: display control 1 register
  • added tbblue registers 0x35-0x39, 0x75-0x79
  • added copper opcodes NOOP, HALT
  • increased tbblue.mmc MMC bundled image size to 64 MB
  • updated to the latest tbblue SD distribution.
  • enable real video by default
  • added zsf snapshot support
  • supports setting Core ID to ZX Dos
  • supports changing Core version

Improved Debugging:

  • added setting to dump .zsf snapshot when a cpu panic is fired
  • debug CPU window: can now resize height and have more debug lines, legend keys expand as width increases, registers located at the most right position
  • cpu transaction log: faster when opening transaction log file
  • added key 'n' for "run" on debug cpu. Does the same as closing all menus and returning back to emulation
  • debug CPU window: show interrupt routine pointer on im2 mode

Improved Hex editor:

  • can now copy to a different memory zone
  • shows the memory pointer when editing memory

Improved menu:

  • added more cyrillic characters support
  • can now use PgUp,PgDn to jump menu pages
  • added setting to disable File Utilities menu
  • Splitted source code repository: now extras folder has been moved to another repository. See:https://github.com/chernandezba/zesarux-extras
  • Improved assembler: added defs command
  • Improved AY Sheet: now you can select which AY Chip to show
  • Improved Waveform: new scroll type
  • Improved file selector: when asking for a directory, only shows directories, not files
  • Improved curses driver: symbol @ simulates ESC on menu
  • Improved snapshot loading: now setting "--sna-no-change-machine" becomes "--snap-no-change-machine" and applies to .sna and .z80
  • Improved curses driver: now can use utf "blocky" characters and have 64x48 resolution
  • Improved accurate Z80 timing: IM mode 0 is 1 t-state shorter than IM mode 1
  • Improved real tape loading: acceleration is disabled by default, added setting to save configuration
  • Improved cpu speed change: now it's a lot faster

Improved accesibility:

  • disabled menu items (the ones in red) are now called as "unavailable" instead of "disabled"
  • selected item menu is called now "Selected item" (was called "Active item" before)
  • say when a selected menu item is not available
  • pressing F4 key on a window menu, it will read that window again
  • Mac OS speech filter doesn't fail anymore when message has "-"
  • when an error is generated on stdout driver, the message is sent to text-to-speech
  • Fixed Pentagon border: now ukflag demo is perfect
  • Fixed Spectrum 128k machines border: now ula128, scroll2017 demos are perfect
  • Fixed segfault error when using breakpoints like peek/opcode in config file
  • Fixed segfault error when trying to open a directory with no permissions
  • Fixed error when trying to open user files on MacOS Catalina
  • Fixed bug on zxuno changing video ram 5/7 when paging was disabled by bit DI7FFD
  • Fixed average cpu statistics when footer is not enabled
  • Fixed kempston mouse emulation on Next machine: wheel bits always return 0
  • Fixed bug extracting PAWS words when a word is a pronoun
  • Fixed undocumented opcode ED76: I had IM0 but it's IM1
  • Fixed RETI behaviour
  • Fixed Real Joystick support: buttons to event table is not set to defaults automatically anymore
  • Fixed loading and saving +3 .z80 snapshots
  • Fixed placing menu windows when using zx desktop and machines TSConf, TBBlue, CPC and QL
  • Fixed bug loading .sna files when rom 1 paged in
  • Fixed bug on return flags from tape load trap. It only affected Rocman game and enabling "any flag loading" setting
  • Fixed setting a configured memory breakpoint like this "--set-mem-breakpoint 0000H 2" which was fired on startup
  • Fixed f_seek call on esxdos handler
  • Fixed showing memory banks on debug cpu for Z88 machine
  • Fixed menu issues:
    • fixed generic message splash: wait until key is released (if any pressed)
    • fixed opening the menu on stdout driver on the first start of ZEsarUX
    • fixed bug closing menu on Z88 machine and Real Video disabled
  • Fixed tbblue emulation:
    • fixed clipping in 80x32 mode
    • fixed error when paging rom in ram, on case pages 0,1,2,3
    • fixed "bit 7 = Disable ULA output (soft reset = 0)" on register 0x68
    • fixed turbosound and dac activation when tbblue fast boot mode
    • added turbo mode x8 (28 MHz)
    • fixed reading register 7
    • fixed RTC emulation
    • fixed autoload tape
  • Fixed Accessibility bugs:
    • now menu settings (anything between square brackets []) are played at the end of the menu line
    • now menu settings ([ ] and [X]) are played as "enabled"/"disabled"
  • Some other minor bugfixes and improvements
→ [zx] ZEsarUX 8.0 - World Destruction edition 19/07/19
World Desctruction (1985, Ventamatic). Photo@WOS

ZEsarUX Version 8.0 19 July 2019 - World Destruction edition

  • Improved menu interface:
    • Program Window can be extended horizontally and have a right region to place menu zxvision windows (called ZX Desktop)
    • Draw engine: now it allows transparency
    • Menu windows can be placed and resized to the whole program window
    • Some windows geometry (position, size) are saved in the configuration
    • Hotkeys now show right capitalization (lowercase or uppercase)
    • Edit box now has a key to delete all input (cursor down)
    • Edit box can now move cursor left and right and write text in the middle
    • Enabling kempston mouse no longer disables mouse on menu
    • GUI color bars depend on current style
    • Added support for more cyrillic characters on menu
    • Added RetroMac Gui Style
    • Improved memory zone selector
    • Improved footer:
      • Footer now completely follows GUI Style
      • Reordered cpu use, numbers in red when cpu use > 85%
      • Now shows cpu temperature on Linux (and not only on Raspbian as before)
  • Added Real time playback from AY Chip sound to external MIDI device
  • Added menu to export AY chip music to midi (.mid) file
  • Added AY Sheet: showing a sheet with the notes being played
  • Added AY mixer menu
  • Added ZXUno UART Bridge emulation
  • Added TSConf UART Bridge emulation
  • Added DAAD, PAWS and Quill debugger, for Spectrum and CPC (CPC only supports Daad debugger)
  • Added text adventure keyboard also on CPC
  • Added colors to ncurses driver and Chloe machine
  • Added Chloe MMU to ZX-Uno
  • Added Derby+ and Derby++ roms
  • Added hdf to ide/mmc raw converter
  • Added hdf support to MMC emulation
  • Added ZRCP commands: ayplayer, cpu-transaction-log
  • Improved breakpoint parser:
    • full expression parser: parenthesis, functions, sums, multiplications, etc. Can be used as a full calculator!
    • now it's a lot more faster. Up to 7 times faster, so it uses 7 times less cpu than the old version
  • Improved watches:
    • using new expression parser
    • up to 10 watches on screen
    • watches are saved on configuration file
    • Improved tbblue emulation:
    • updated to the last Next Version files
    • can load .nex snapshot files from the command line or the ZEsarUX menus, without having to boot NextOS
    • added UART Bridge emulation
    • increased maximum sprites per line to 100
    • increased total sprites to 128
    • fixed full ink mode border colour
    • fallback (transparency) colour is now a 9-bit value
  • Improved Adventure Text Extractor: now it supports Daad games too. So it supports Daad, Paws, Quill and Gac
  • Improved Visualmem: now you can see all 3 different access (write, read, opcode) at once, generating a RGB color
  • Improved Waveform window: now the wave adjusts automatically to the zxwindow size
  • Improved Hexadecimal editor: now it resizes view to zxwindow height
  • Improved TSConf layers menu: Added "reveal" setting to view which pixels are used by a layer
  • Improved Scale 0.75 function: now it has antialias
  • Improved Cpu Transaction Log: now logfiles can be rotated automatically
  • Improved debugging: added a breakpoint action "putv" to write values on a Debug Memory Zone
  • Fixed Pentagon interrupt handling: now effects on border and hi-res work almost perfect!
  • Fixed interrupt bug behaviour where last opcode lasts >=32 t-states and interrupt in the middle
  • Fixed "Jeff Braine" manufacturer to "New Horizons". Changed Prism machine name to "Prism 512"
  • Fixed bug having more than 256 text to adventure keyboard words
  • Fixed bug on CPC vertical scrolling
  • Fixed segmentation fault bug when drawing CPC machine
  • Fixed segmentation fault bug when displaying first aid messages
  • Fixed bug redrawing zx80/81 display, with realvideo disabled, and menu char width less than 8
  • Fixed bug drawing menu window boxes when char width less than 8
  • Fixed zxvision left button handling: no longer sends enter when the user is dragging the window
  • Fixed machine names to be completely right: for example, "Spectrum 48k" becomes "ZX Spectrum 48k", etc
  • Fixed saving sprites when memory zone is not default zone
  • Fixed bug when writing divmmv memory on Chloe machine and underlying RAM in space 0000-3fffh become overwritten
  • Fixed bug crash when a message error was generated from ZRCP and menu had a tooltip open
→ [zx] ZEsarUX v7.2 Neula edition

Version 7.2. 10 April 2019 - Neula edition

Improved menu environment:

  • Added new menu window type: ZX Vision. GUI Windows can be moved, resized, scrolled, minimized, closed, and change the focus to the background
  • Windows can be scrolled using mouse wheel
  • Warning and Error window messages now show an animation
  • Added first-aid help windows

Added Z80 assembler

  • Added setting to specify configuration file
  • Added key to save text windows contents to a file
  • Added setting to send a final space after every word in the osd adventure keyboard
  • Added Dandanator CPC emulation
  • Added machine Amstrad CPC 4128
  • Added CPC machines support to ZSF snapshots
  • Added tape to wav converter (tap, tzx, o, p to wav)
  • Added text driver (curses, stdout, simpletext) for Chloe 80x24 mode

Improved Debugger:

  • Now you can disassemble on the Step-to-step mode from the Debug cpu menu
  • Now you can assemble from the Debug cpu menu
  • Added Chloe memory Zone

Improved ZRCP:

  • commands smartload and snapshot-load are more intelligent now
  • running in verbose or limit mode, or cpu-step command, can now update the display inmediately (having real video setting on)
  • added commands: assemble, get-cpu-frequency, get-cpu-turbo-speed, get-tstates, get-tstates-partial, load-binary, reset-tstates-partial

Improved sprite viewer:

  • you can view sprites up to 512x512
  • you can export sprites to C source code file

Improved file selector:

  • now it remembers the last files used
  • Windows: now you can use up to 20000 files in the same directory
  • added drive selector (press shift-d). On Windows, allows you to change drive unit. On Linux and Mac, changes to /media or /Volumes folder

Improved disassemble window:

  • now you can export the disassemble to text file
  • you can now see the full opcode when debugging Sinclair QL
  • you can now show/hide hexadecimal dump of every opcode

Improved hexadecimal editor:

  • now showing subzones information


  • Improved audio: silence detector is disabled by default. That should fix some Windows audio problems. Check Settings->Audio->Silence detector if you have configuration autosaving enabled
  • Improved vu-meters: high volumes are shown in red
  • Improved MMC emulation: allow non-standard mmc file sizes
  • Improved compiled Mac version: default version is faster than before (uses O2 optimization)
  • Fixed visual glitches in some menus when Pentagon machine and real video, or when enabling interlaced: audio wave, visualmem, ay piano, wave piano, view sprites
  • Fixed triggering "opcode" condition breakpoint
  • Fixed emulating Inves interrupt bug
  • Fixed segmentation fault when showing electron on debug

Changes in TBBlue emulation:

  • Added Tiles video mode
    • Added "reveal" setting to view which pixels are used by a layer
    • Added setting to change machine id
  • Improved CPU usage:
    • Use 4% less cpu time (in my machine) when only ULA and/or Tiles enabled
    • Use 1% less cpu time (in my machine) when all layers enabled
  • Improved display emulation: now is twice bigger
  • Fixed Timex hi-res mode 512x192
  • Fixed autoload on tbblue (on normal and also fast boot mode)
  • Fixed error managing Layer 2 vertical scroll
  • Fixed audio bug: sending a sample to the DAC by using Next registers, it wasn't reseting the silence detection counter, so sound would probably be frozen (and repeated again, and again...)
  • Some other minor bugfixes and improvements
→ [zx][beta] ZEsarUX Version 7.1 - 24 August 2018 - Anniversary edition

Version 7.1. 24 September 2018 - 5th Anniversary edition

Yes, this is the 5th Anniversary edition, so, 5 years have passed since version 0.1: 24th September 2013 :))

Here is the changelog for version 7.1:

  • Added ACB/ABC/BAC/Custom AY Stereo emulation
  • Added joystick action to change emulated joystick type: Sinclair, Kempston, etc
  • Added Basic viewer for .bas basic files (plain ascii or Basic Spectrum data with tokens), .baszx80 (Basic ZX80 with tokens), .baszx81 (Basic ZX81 with tokens), Z88 basic files with tokens
  • Added Sped format file viewer
  • Added ZXUno DMA emulation. Added some dma demos to zxuno.mmc image
  • Added TBBlue/DataGear/MB02 DMA emulation
  • Added TBBlue Multiface emulation
  • Added TBBlue Debug menu: Sprite navigator, Video layers, Video info
  • Added setting to deny turbo mode on TBBlue, useful on slow machines
  • Added Beeper Piano Menu
  • Added new Z80 TBBlue opcodes and deleted obsolete ones
  • Added setting to change Kempston Mouse sensitivity
  • Added menu item to create autoconfig files (.config)
  • Added setting --random-r-register to generate random value for R register on every cold start, instead of the normal 0 value. Useful to avoid same R register in the start of games, when they use that register as a random value
  • Added OSD Adventure Text Keyboard, useful for having typical words on Adventure Text Games (and of course any other kind of games and programs)
  • Added tool to export vocabulary from a PAWS/QUILL/GAC game to a list of words in the OSD Adventure Text Keyboard
  • Added new versions of my Sped compiler:
    • Sped52en: English translation by Tim Gilberts, based on Sped52. In Sped format
    • Sped53:   Fixed bug from Sped52 (object code was always saved from 49152), based on Sped52. Spanish Version. In Sped format
    • Sped53en: Fixed bug from Sped52 + English translation + minor changes in Spanish version by Tim Gilberts, based on Sped52en and Sped53. English and Spanish Version. In Sped format
    • Sped54en: Fixed bug from Sped52 + English translation by Tim Gilberts, based on Sped52en, Sped53 and Sped54en. English Version. In plain text format
    • Sped53en is also included in the Spectrum Next by default :)
  • Improved debugger:
  • Now you can use every register, variable, number on any position of a condition (left, right), so the following breakpoint conditions are now valid:
  • Optimized debugger so common conditions like PC=X, MRA=X or MWA=X use lots of less cpu than before
  • Added new kind of breakpoints, "memory breakpoints", which behave like MRA and MWA conditions but a lot faster than them
  • Added bitwise operators AND (&), OR (|), XOR (^) when using registers/variables breakpoints/watches
  • Breakpoints actions do not reset keyboard
  • New pseudo variables:
    • OUTFIRED: returns 1 if last Z80 opcode was an OUT operation
    • INFIRED: returns 1 if last Z80 opcode was an IN operation
    • INTFIRED: returns 1 when an interrupt has been generated
  • Improved hexdump menu (called now "Hexadecimal Editor"): now you can edit memory and copy zones of memory
  • Improved my Cursor Draw program: now you can use kempston mouse. Load cursordr_mouse.tap instead of cursordr.tap
  • Improved file converter: tzx to tap, tap to tzx
  • Improved TBBlue video display cpu usage: 3% less cpu in my machine, on a compilation without optimization (O2)
  • Improved menu:
    • menu windows: now can have more lines than 22, doing scroll
    • now you can write any ascii character on the menu
    • added support to show some unicode (utf8) characters on menu
    • now you can use binary numbers on expressions (suffix %)
    • you can now scroll with mouse on windows with text contents and file selector menus, by clicking the right progress symbol (*) or the arrows
    • now you can move cursor up/down with mouse on windows with text contents and file selector by clicking new arrow buttons
    • new file expander on file selector menu, using space key, for the following file types: .tap, .tzx, .dsk, .trd, .mdf, .hdf, .P, .O, Z88 Cards (.epr, .eprom, .flash)
  • Improved native snapshot format (ZSF):
    • Added divmmc/divide state save
  • Fixed autoload tape on TBBlue
  • Fixed bug when smartload and selecting an unknown file type: if you cancel it, the inserted tape was modified
  • Fixed bug reading extension on files with no extension
  • Fixed bug reading AY registers: unused bits for registers are set to 0
  • Fixed bugs on esxdos handler:
    • readdir call was incrementing PC register when there were no more files
    • added ESXDOS_MODE_CREAT_TRUNC mode when opening files
    • BCDE was not returning from a f_seek call
    • fixed mode OPEN_CREAT|WRITE which has appending data after a seek instead of overwriting
    • added f_stat,f_unlink,f_rename,m_drive_info,f_sync calls
    • fixed loading help screen on esxdos nmi handler
    • fixed loading esxdos files with plus3dos header
  • Fixed Multiface Three emulation
  • Fixed text viewer, hex viewer showing some special characters ~ | ^
  • Fixed some errors on sdl driver (windows, rpi affected by default)
  • Updated to the last Next SD image TBBLUE V.1.0 "GOLD EDITION"
  • Some other minor bugfixes and improvements


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[MULTI] EightyOne 1.38 17/05/2023 [MULTI] EightyOne 1.38 17/05/2023
EightyOne to jeden ze starszych projektów emulatorów maszynek z Z80 na pokładzie i całkiem przypadkowo z tęczą w logo - potrafi nie tylko udawać konstrukcję od Sinclair ZX80, do Amstradowego ZX Spectrum +3 lecz także nieobce mu są Timexy, czy też bardziej egzotyczne klony ZX81 - Ringo i Lambda.  D.
[zx] ZEsarUX 10.3 - La Abadia del Crimen edition 10/05/23 [zx] ZEsarUX 10.3 - La Abadia del Crimen edition 10/05/23
ZEsarUX to multiemulator maszynek ze stajni Sir Clive'a - znajdziemy w nim praktycznie wszystkie modele począwszy od ZX80, przez tradycyjne modele Spektrusia, łącznie z tymi, które pojawiły się już z logiem Amstrada, aż po egzotyczny Z88 Cambridge, gdyby nie brak QL można by było powiedzieć, iż emuluje on wszystko z tej rodziny. ZEsauRX poradzi sobie też z emulacją Sam ...
[MULTI] EightyOne 1.37 01/05/2023 [MULTI] EightyOne 1.37 01/05/2023
EightyOne to jeden ze starszych projektów emulatorów maszynek z Z80 na pokładzie i całkiem przypadkowo z tęczą w logo - potrafi nie tylko udawać konstrukcję od Sinclair ZX80, do Amstradowego ZX Spectrum +3 lecz także nieobce mu są Timexy, czy też bardziej egzotyczne klony ZX81 - Ringo i Lambda.  D.
[multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.22VIP2 22/05/2023 [multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.22VIP2 22/05/2023
Emulator DSP sygnowany przez imć Leniada, pozwalaja na zabawę maszynkami arcade i ośmiobitowcami - CPC, ZX Spectrum (z bardzo fajnie rozwiązanym podglądem plików), a także Colecovision, Nintendo 8 i CGB/GB - wszystko, co ma Z80 na pokładzie jest mile widziane;) Ostatnia pełna wersja tego emulatora 0.21 pojawiła się 13 marca 2023 r.
[zx] ZEsarUX 10.3 Beta 1 XXX edition 13/04/2023 [zx] ZEsarUX 10.3 Beta 1 XXX edition 13/04/2023
ZEsarUX to multiemulator maszynek ze stajni Sir Clive'a - znajdziemy w nim praktycznie wszystkie modele począwszy od ZX80, przez tradycyjne modele Spektrusia, łącznie z tymi, które pojawiły się już z logiem Amstrada, aż po egzotyczny Z88 Cambridge, gdyby nie brak QL można by było powiedzieć, iż emuluje on wszystko z tej rodziny. ZEsauRX poradzi sobie też z emulacją Sam ...
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