CPCE/ZXSEC - CPC and Sinclair Emulators


CPCEC is an emulator of the family of home microcomputers Amstrad CPC (models 464, 664 and 6128) whose goal is to be loyal to the original hardware and efficient in standard modern systems. Thus it brings a faithful emulation of the Z80 microprocessor and it replicates the behavior of the CRTC 6845 and Gate Array video chips, the PSG AY-3-8912 sound chip, the remaining circuits found in the original hardware, and the tape deck and floppy disc drive that made possible loading and running software.

ZXSEC is an emulator of the Sinclair Spectrum family (48k, 128k, +2/Plus2 and +3/Plus3) based on the components it shared with the Amstrad CPC family: the Z80 microprocessor, the PSG AY-3-8192 sound chip, the tape system and the NEC765 disc drive controller.

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19/06/2022 00:08 CEST| Waga pliku: 875.23kb| Pobrano: 12
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14/04/2022 23:35 CEST| Waga pliku: 844.97kb| Pobrano: 5
13/03/2022 01:30 CEST| Waga pliku: 693.13kb| Pobrano: 4
04/03/2022 23:49 CEST| Waga pliku: 692.57kb| Pobrano: 5
27/01/2022 23:44 CEST| Waga pliku: 692.19kb| Pobrano: 6
28/12/2021 20:24 CEST| Waga pliku: 686.42kb| Pobrano: 5
06/10/2021 01:11 CEST| Waga pliku: 668.81kb| Pobrano: 4
26/05/2021 01:02 CEST| Waga pliku: 631.06kb| Pobrano: 4
16/05/2021 12:01 CEST| Waga pliku: 629.59kb| Pobrano: 4
05/01/2021 23:19 CEST| Waga pliku: 615.84kb| Pobrano: 3
26/12/2020 02:04 CEST| Waga pliku: 614.01kb| Pobrano: 4
14/12/2020 00:39 CEST| Waga pliku: 613.64kb| Pobrano: 3
25/11/2020 02:15 CEST| Waga pliku: 606.8kb| Pobrano: 3
15/11/2020 17:15 CEST| Waga pliku: 606.53kb| Pobrano: 4

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