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25/03/2004 07:01 CEST| Waga pliku: 104.36kb| Pobrano: 4

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Z.com - is a really working and playable smallest Spectrum-48K/128K emulator. Rather then other pretending to be smallest Speccy emulators (bacteria.com), it play without problem most of programs written for Spectrum-128K and also the same is true for Spectrum-128K. A size of Z.com emulator is so big (6bytes without compressing it by external compressing tools) just because its code contains a lot of tables, which are necessary for exact emulation of all the Z80 instructions and the most of apparature of Spectrum. These tables are packed therefore though without using serious packing tools, i.e. manually. I done this, since those tables contains mainly repeated values or values, which can be calculated using simple formulas.

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