[zx] SpecEmu 3.2 build 28/03/22

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[zx] SpecEmu 3.2 build 28/03/22

Od dłuższego czasu nie pojawiają się nowe buildy emulatora SpecEmu - okienkowego udawacza mikrokomputerów Spectrum (16/48/plus/128/+2/+3/) i jego klonów (Pentagon/Timex/Microdigital) a tu proszę jednak się kręci. Biorąc pod uwagę, że Mark Woodmass dość mocno kluczy i trzeba "polować" na nowe wersję jego emulatora to i tak cud, że udało mi się cokolwiek nowego znaleźć;)

v3.2 build 28/03/22

  • Fixed double clicking on breakpoint addresses not moving to that address in disassembly
  • Fixed not being able to remove simple breakpoints
  • Fixed being able to add one zero length conditional breakpoint
  • +3 emulation now uses an official v4.1 ROM

v3.2 build 24/03/22

  • Added preliminary support for conditional breakpoints
  • Added support for Marko's useless CrazyBASIC mode!

(Might be losing a net connection for a period of time soon so any bug/feature requests will have to be sent to Polomint)

v3.2 build 16/03/22

  • Fixed snapshots sometimes not being added to recent files menu
  • Fixed Windows XP support

v3.2 build 11/03/22

  • Fixed the OTxR block instruction interruption flag behaviour. Again. (thanks, azesmbog, Richard Chandler)
  • Added Zip file support

SpecEmu v3.2 build 21/02/22

Rescue on Faractalus (Activision, Inc., 1986)
  • Fixed a bug affecting N flag in IND
  • Fixed a 128K screen timing issue (thanks, azesmbog)
  • Added support for INxR / OTxR block instruction interruption (thanks, David Banks, ZJoyKiler, Ped7g, Arjun Nair, evolutional)
  • Added workaround for SZX files with an incorrectly set HALT flag state

SpecEmu v3.2 build 31/12/21

  • Added support for LDxR / CPxR block instruction interruption
  • Fixed HALT behaviour
  • Fixed screen flip timing during 7ffd out (thanks, Arjun Nair)
  • Fixed Kempston joystick interface behaviour when no joystick attached

SpecEmu v3.2 build 30/11/21

  • Fixed another Options screen bug
  • Changed to what is apparently the authentic TK-90x ROM

SpecEmu v3.2 build 16/11/21

  • Fixed a bug using the Options menu which could change the emulated machine even when the dialog is cancelled
  • Reworked the keyboard handling code

SpecEmu v3.2 build 27/10/21

  • Fixed .sna snapshot loading.

SpecEmu v3.2 build 25/10/21

  • Fixed a bug when saving .z80 snaps under certain circumstances (thanks, Arjun Nair)
  • Added PAC-MAN (+3) mode to the Tools menu (requires pacman.6e pacman.6f pacman.6h pacman.6j from the Midway ROM set in the pacmanroms folder)
  • Corrected the HALT behaviour
  • Thanks to Simon Owen for permission to use his +3 Pac-Man emulator! (http://simonowen.com/spectrum/pacemuzx/)

SpecEmu v3.2 build 01/10/21

  • Fixed a bug corrupting the alternate AF register pair when reading .z80 snapshots
  • Fixed a bug affecting the index mark bit in Status register reads for Type 1 FD-179x controller commands.

SpecEmu v3.1 build 17/9/21

  • Fixed Multiface 128/3 devices

SpecEmu v3.1 build 13/9/21

  • Fixed a bug relating to contention when entering/leaving +2A/+3 64K RAM mode (thanks to Guesser)

SpecEmu v3.1 build 10/9/21

  • Added an option to disable the end of RZX playback dialog

SpecEmu v3.1 build 20/11/20;

  • Fixed minor ULAplus bug

SpecEmu v3.1 build 27/2/20

  • Fixed Kempston joystick emulation (thanks, hexaae)

SpecEmu v3.1 build 13/2/20

  • Fixed the latest machine selection bug. (thanks, XoRRoX)

SpecEmu v3.1 build 9/2/20

  • Fixed SNA saving (d'oh).
  • Fixed CBI-95 disk I/F (which also caused segfaults on exit, thanks Ast. A. Moore)

SpecEmu v3.1 build 1/2/20

  • Fixed TAP loading.

SpecEmu v3.1 build 19/1/20

  • Added a status bar to show more info
  • Added a x4 zoom option in the View menu

SpecEmu v3.1 build 24/12/19

  • Fixed some tape loading bugs and accelerated some protection systems a little more with edge detection enabled.

SpecEmu v3.1 build 08/12/19

  • Removed the bright black extra intensity
  • Remembers the last snapshot type selection when saving snapshots.
  • Added -z80v1 command line argument to always save 48K .Z80 snapshots as v1 files. Non-48K .Z80 snaps will always be v3.
  • To toggle between v1 and v3 48K .Z80 snaps use the z80v1 and z80v3 commands in the debugger's command parser.

SpecEmu v3.1 build 29/11/19

  • Fixed a bug relating to 128K/+3 normal/shadow screen flipping timings.

SpecEmu v3.1 build 16/03/18

  • Updated settings code to be more UAC friendly (thanks, polomint)
  • Added the +3 FDC's physical cylinder display to the debugger.
  • Fixed +3 disk autoloading.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the LD A,I/R opcodes from working correctly when accepting an interrupt.
  • Added -sna128 command line argument to force 128K SNA files to be loaded into Spectrum 128K mode.
  • Updated zlib library to v1.2.11

SpecEmu v3.1 build 12/05/16

  • Added -cbi95nmi command line argument which allows the CBI-95 magic button to override the Multiface NMI.

SpecEmu v3.1 build 21/11/15

  • Fixed bug preventing Kempston joysticks on ports 31 and 55 from working simultaneously (thanks, MatGubbins)

SpecEmu 3.1 build 01/11/15

ZX Spectrum:SpecEmu:The Way of Exploding Fist II:Melbourne House:Beam Software Pty., Ltd.:1986:
The Way of Exploding Fist II (Melbourne House, 1986)
  • ???

v3.1 build 26/07/15

  • Updated memory map files to a more complete state. Details are in the Docs folder in the distro.

v3.1 build 25/05/15

  • Added basic joystick support
  • A few minor bug fixes.
  • Updated to OpenSE BASIC v3.1.2 (Tools menu)
  • Updated zlib library to v1.2.8


→ NOWSZY [zx] SpecEmu 3.4 build 11/06/2023
Night Shade City (1985, Ultimate Play The Game)

SpecEmu v3.4 build 11/06/23

  • z80 (v3) snapshots now only save 16K RAM under Spectrum 16K emulation

SpecEmu v3.4 build 09/06/23

  • Fixed recent files list issue
  • Fixed issue 3 keyboard issue

v3.4 build 07/06/23

  • Added "set intdiff n" command to set an offset value to add to a machine's interrupt period (0 - 128)
  • This offset is in addition to the late timings setting set in hardware options and the late timings flag saved in SZX (v1.4) snapshots.

v3.3 build 10/05/23

  • Fixed a bug affecting menu checkmarking for "Break on leaving ROM space" and "Break on entering ROM space" options in some situations (thanks, Ref)
  • Fixed issue with ROM flash loading (thanks, Ms. Beginner)

v3.3 build 07/04/23

  • Fixed the 128k snow effect to read from the correct upper contended page when active (thanks, Weiv, TheMartian, Richard Chandler et al)
  • Added "Set As Next Instruction" to disassembly menu
  • Implemented speaker to ear delay for ULA port writes with no tape input
  • Add "optime" conditional breakpoint parameter (opcode execution time of last opcode)
  • Added maximum opcode execution time to cmd parser's "ops" command (value resets at machine reset and after each "ops" command)
  • Increase disassembler's small font size from Courier New 6 to Courier New 7

v3.2 build 25/03/23

  • Remove missing files from the recent files list on startup
  • Added RZX streaming - sections of RZX recordings can be streamed into new RZX recording
→ NOWSZY [zx] SpecEmu 3.2 build 11/03/2023

v3.2 build 11/03/23

v3.2 build 05/03/23

  • Added SEM snapshot support (loading only)
  • Added SP (old type) snapshot support (loading only)

v3.2 build 18/02/23

  • Fixed +3 floating bus (again)
  • Fixed a +3 port contention bug (thanks, azesmbog and Arjun Nair)

v3.2 build 06/12/22

  • Fixed joypad emulation (had switched to new include files which had incorrect joypad structures)
→ NOWSZY [zx] SpecEmu 3.2 build 04/12/2022

v3.2 build 04/12/22

  • Improved snow effect emulation (thanks, Weiv)
  • Fixed "tapeinvert" command (in command parser) to invert bit 6 of IN #FE only with tape input (thanks, cngsoft)
  • Added a list of some of the debugger's command parser commands into the Docs folder
  • Added a few examples for the conditional breakpoints into the Docs folder

v3.2 build 01/10/22

  • Fixed AY noise frequency running at half clock speed. 20+ years to spot it..

v3.2 build 25/06/22

Elite Legend mod (ORM, 2021)
  • Debugger's cycle-accurate display update option now only displays pixels up to the raster location in the current frame
  • Debugger's Run To conditions correctly override +3 floppy controller breakpoints
  • Fixed right-hand edge corner curves being slightly wrong in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed RETI/RETN interrupt behaviour (thanks, Floh, ZjoyKiLer, Tony Brewer, Ped7g, ZXGuesser)
  • Added some (useless, atm :p) conditional breakpoint "documentation" (see "Conditional Breakpoints.txt") (it won't help you..)
→ [zx] SpecEmu 3.1 build 05/04/14
ZX Spectrum:SpecEmu:Hades Nebula:Nexus Productions Ltd.:Paranoid Software:1987:
Hades Nebula (Nexus Productions Ltd., 1987)

SpecEmu 3.1 build 05/04/14

  • Fixed an access violation with the "Enable dodgy televisions set" option enabled (thanks, Chris Cowley)


→ [zx] SpecEmu 3.1 build 23/09/13
Netherworld (Hewson Consultants Ltd., 1988)

SpecEmu v3.1 build 23/09/13

  • Fixed an access violation with the "Enable dodgy televisions set" option enabled (thanks, Chris Cowley)
→ [zx] SpecEmu 3.1 build 22/09/13
ZX Spectrum:Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (Edge,Softek, 1988)
Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (Edge, The, 1988)
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