[zx] BASINC 1.79.4 5/02/2023

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[zx] BASINC 1.79.4 5/02/2023

Pojawiła się nowa aktualizacja odgałęzienia kodu świetnej aplikacji Basin - BasinC, która pozwala na bardzo sprawne i proste wpisywanie listingów Basic ZX Spectrum, plus parę dodatkowych drobiazgów, które naprawdę porządnie ułatwiają życie:).

Bez BasIn'a nie wyobrażam sobie pracę nad listingami dla Bajtkowych reduksów;)

Basinc 1.79.4 5/02/2023

  • Added - UDG Editor Window, "Save" file option, CTRL+S, CTRL+O shortcuts, keeps track of open file and notify if there is a pixel modified as * in the title bar.
  • Fixed - SimpleCON register couldn't be displayed as text because it was initialized as 0, now it is spaces.
  • Changed-SimpleCON window was popping up in every character output. Now it only pops up when linefeed.

Basinc 1.79.3

  • Fixed - Profile window was showing wrong token in strings. (reported by: lippmaje)

Basinc 1.79.2 (19.05.2022)

  • Added - Basin Update Check (disabled by default, enable in Options)

Basinc 1.79.1 (19.05.2022)

  • Added - BasinC Snippets
  • Changed - SimpleCon behaviour. Not port 1515 commands sets the byte *then* increment the index. Port 1259,0 feeds the line to the log instead of 255.

Basinc1.78 (24.10.2021)

  • Fixed - IF x THEN REM couldn't parsed by basinc, now patched, but may present new issues, due it's just a workaround.
  • Fixed - When you execute a direct command, basic was corrupted temporarily. It's fixed by removing a wild syntax cropper.

Basinc 1.77 (14.10.2021)

  • Added - UDG editor character setup option
  • Added - UDG editor keyboard shortcuts
  • Added - Add/Edit a note to Notes Window by right clicking on a statement in listing
  • This is a step to overlay comments over program listing in a future release
  • Added - Auto Show Note option in BasinC Options window. Disabling this will prevent project window to popup, even if a BAS file does contain notes.
  • Fixed - save as.. Does not modify project name. (A workaround rather than a fix. Needs a bit more time)
  • Fixed - Undo/redo buttonts on Image Editor (former Screen Paintbox) wouldn't work at start.
  • Changed-Some Ctrl+Alt+ keyboard shortcuts was clashing with AltGR+A..U graphics mode shortcut. So all of them changed. Sorry.
  • Added - Hotkey Toggle Tools. You may open *and* close following tools with single keycombo:
  • Crtl-T Tokens, Ctrl+Alt+Z Notes, Ctrl+Alt+X Tapes, Ctrl+I Image Editor, Ctrl+U Udg Editor
  • Changed-English tool names Graphics/Sprite Editor become UDG Editor, and Screen Paintbox become Image Editor for simplicity.

Basinc 1.76 (11.10.2020)

  • Added - Project Notes Window
  • Fixed - tooltip variables not showing correctly (hopefully fixed)
  • Added - More Basinc Test Basic Programs in the release package

Basinc 1.75 (22.05.2019)

  • Fixed - Parser fix (reported by: James Davis)

Basinc 1.74

  • Added - Save Display Window as BMP
  • Added - basin now is on github! https://github.com/ref-xx/basinc

Basinc 1.73

  • Fixed - Undocumented fixes

Basinc 1.72

  • Added: -dumptxt commandline parameter. Extracts and saves BASIC portion of a basinc compatible program (eg. BAS/SNA/TAP).
    • Usage: basinc <filename> -dumptxt
    • Example: basinc oregon.tap -dumptxt(will create oregon.tap_BASIC.txt in same folder)

Basinc 1.71

  • Added: 4x,5x,6x font sizes for hi-dpi non-zoomed screens.
  • Fixed: variables with 90ish numbers like a91, b95 weren't properly tokenized.

Basinc 1.720.11.2017

  • Added new toolbar buttons
  • Added toggle breakpoint navigation buttons (see view menu)
  • Added auto backup feature. Basinc saves your work in the background every 3 minutes.
    • it keeps 10 copies going back up to 30 minutes in /autoback folder.
    • To turn this feature off, use: Options > Filing > Auto Backup
  • Changed - Due to large changes in ini and bin files, basinc now requires basinC.bin and basinC.ini, but it still uses basin.chm as help file.

Basinc 1.7a

  • Changed - Broken Undo/Redo behaviour. BETA - Save often to avoid data loss.
  • Fixed - Right button popup menu context operators should detect *declared* variables correctly now
  • Fixed - Green Ruler Mark at the bottom of the screen should work ok even when cursor in a string.
  • Fixed - Drag&Drop files to main window works again.
  • Fixed - Esc key no longer breaks the program if Basinc is not in focus
  • Fixed - Token table wasn't printing first keywords correctly (eg. RND/SPECTRUM).
  • Fixed - File dialogs won't stuck at search results anymore
  • Fixed - Cosmetic fixes of profiling window
  • Fixed - While using double and triple size fonts, find and replace was not showing the result in the editor
  • Added - Shift+Clicking token table inserts byte code rather than token itself
  • Added - Tape Browser now accept files via drag&drop
  • Added - When in full speed emulation, a small arrow is shown at the bottom right corner of display window
  • Added - Display window preset sizes: 300%,400%,600%
  • Added - German Translation (Uwe Geiken)
  • Added - External Utility menu item. This item sends basinc's memory snapshot to an external utility, such as an emulator.

Basinc V1.69 - 02.07.2014

ZX Spectrum:Tools:Basinc:tajemniczy zamek
Kompletne środowisko do "wpalcowywania" listingów w Basicu ZX Spectrum - oczywiście to nie wszystko, program potrafi znacznie więcej.
  • Changed - Version information changed to more standard "version.revision" form.
  • Changed - Autostart bas files is now disabled by default (options>files)
  • Fixed - Broken Ulaplus behaviour (aowen)
  • Fixed - Broken Sinclair stripes when using double size fonts (paddy)
  • Fixed - Missing Border icons on Screen Paintbox (paddy)
  • Fixed - Token Table Index (paddy)
  • Fixed - String parsing bug. Eg. "LOAD STR$ n CODE" was parsed as "LOAD STR$ ncode" (paddy)
  • Fixed - Ulaplus port read fails
  • Added - "Export Tap..." option to File menu. (quickly saves basic as a tap file)
  • Added - UlaPlus Palette Editor for editing colours in ULAplus registers. (see tools menu)
  • Added - Indenting. Warning: EXPERIMENTAL - press F2 to enable/toggle. (see options menu)
  • Added - New functionality test / usage bas programs (see Examples>BAS>Basinc folder)
  • Added - Autostart, Save with autostart options are now retained between sessions.
  • Added - Spanish language for main screen. (by Sergio Baldoví)

Known bugs

  • Lower case 'e' is still not recognised as a variable by the code highligher (paddy)
  • Indenting has some visual bugs, it's not recommended while coding. Might Confuse you.
  • UNDO functionality may not work time to time

V16r3 - 23.04.2012

Maintainer - Arda Erdikmen

  • Fixed - Double and triple size fonts should work properly
  • Fixed - HighDPI desktop resizing fixes
  • Fixed - Def FN's should work now
  • Fixed - Renumber bug won't appear as parsing is now reversed when renumbering.
  • Added - Kempston Mouse support (see options menu)
  • Added - Kempston Mouse usage example BAS file (see examples folder)
  • Added - LAST_K & KSTATE System variables support
  • Added - Toggle fast mode at runtime with F1 (don't forget to set focus to display window)
  • Added - Fast Resets (basin now opens and resets faster. See options)
  • Added - Multilingual Gui (I need to translate all the menus though)
  • Added - Most of 15.8 fixes, tools and utilities (too long to list here)
  • Todo/wip - Memory Manager
  • Todo/wip - UlaPlus HAM mode
  • Todo/wip - More languages (add your language to languages.pas file and send it to me by below e-mail)

// 1.697 // Added - SimpleCon window warns user more if it's disabled in the options // Added - REM speed command. x is 1-50 (an integer equivalent to Mhz). It may not perform accordingly with commands which perform screen update. // 1.696 // Added - single instance mode // Added - Command line option: give filename to load // Added - Profiling window New (clears profiling results and starts new profiling) and Refresh (shows immediate results) button. // fixed - token table was printing wrong keywords (again). // fixed - Force Break (Undo) will go back to earlier state than intended (thus overwriting your program).

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