[Z80] DCVG5K 2.0 2015.03.30

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[Z80] DCVG5K 2.0 2015.03.30

Pojawiła się nowa wersja emulatora DCVG5K udającego konstrukcję Radiola/Schneider/Philips VG5000. Jeszcze jedna zabawka z lat osiemdziesiątych, o której w Polsce praktycznie nikt nie słyszał.

Bardziej zainteresowani tematem powinni odwiedzić stronę http://dcvg5k.free.fr/ i http://vg5k.free.fr


Egzotyczne Philips:VG5000:Monkey Academy:Inconnu:1984
Monkey Academy (1984). Photo@Project DCVG5k

DCVG5K 2.0 Version 2015.03.30

  • Choosing a fixed size font in the display dumps the development of dialog.
  • Restoring the memory size in the status bar after restoring the machine status.


NOWSZY [Z80] DCVG5K 2.0 2024.04.12

Version 2023.04.12

  • Fixed a ball display bug in the "Brick Breaker" game from the "Entertainment" tape.  This bug had been introduced in version 2020.09.27 when fixing another bug causing a freeze in "The Monster".

Version 2022.12.03

  • Fixed an error in Windows XP (closing a never opened file).
  • Added cartridge simulation. 16K or 32K cartridges are loaded in 8000H.
  • Redesign of the TRACE function to add the value of the registers to each instruction executed.
NOWSZY [Z80] DCVG5K 2.0 2022.10.20
La Moto Infernale (1984, Nice Ideas) Photo@Project

 Version 2022.10.20

  • New function in the focus tool to change the value of the Z80 registers.
  • Added bit-by-bit display of Z80 processor flags registers (F and F').

Version 2022.08.02

  • Improved keyboard simulation to prevent character loss in quick typing.
  • Initialization of video RAM with alternating sequences of 0F and F0 (hexadecimal).

Version 2022.02.19

  • Fixed dcvg5k crash when calling File / Simulate keyboard...
  • Updated VY5040 controller emulation with EPROM version 02/14/2022.

Release 2021.11.02

  • New keyboard simulation option without screen refresh (much faster).

Version 2020.12.27

  • Compensated for rounding error on the calculation of the number of cycles per audio sampling period.
  • Added a cycle for the WAIT during the "fetch" of each instruction (Thanks to Mokona for the suggestion).

Release 2020.11.14

  • Updated VY5040 controller emulation with EPROM version 11/13/2020.
  • Changing the version number of .mrx files.
  • Minor change to the presentation of disassembled instructions in the debugging tool.

Version 2020.10.23

  • Programming the CLF and CLG commands of the EF9345 video processor.

Version 2020.09.27

  • Subtle modification of the Z80 emulation to avoid infinite loop blocking in the game "The Monster".
  • Added TRACE function in debug tool.

Release 2020.04.10

  • Updated VY5040 controller emulation to latest EPROM version.
  • Automatic update of the .sd file when leaving the emulator.
  • Fixed SD card write error with VY5040 controller.
  • Improved debugging tool execution functions.
  • Correction of an error in the simulation of the keyboard by the clipboard (superfluous characters at the end of the text).

Version 2020.01.18

  • Added VY5040 controller emulation to simulate floppy disks from .sd format images on SD card.

Version 2019.11.23

  • Fixed a random error, causing the emulator to crash, when simulating the keyboard with a text file.

Release 2018.05.15

  • Addition of the addresses of the routines to be diverted at the end of the dcvg5k.rom file, to allow the development of new ROM versions.

Version 2017.xx.xx

  • Possible modification of the ROM in the debugging tool.
  • Default initialization of line display for keyboard simulation.
  • Added a message in case of dynamic memory allocation failure by keyboard simulation.
  • New option to initialize the ROM with the contents of the dcvg5k.rom file.
  • Integration of the buzzer level over the sampling period.
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