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DragonShadow Industries is the name we slap on any of our creations. It originally came from the handles we used a long time ago - Dave was Dragon and I was Shadow. We squashed them into one word (with two capital letters) and appended the cool-sounding "Industries" on the end. Before DSI we used the name "Enforcers" which you'll find on one of our games, Mega-Gun. We've played and made games for as long as we've known each other (since 1983 by my recollection). Most of our creations originated from construction sets released for various games (Adventure Construction Set, Racing Destruction Set, etc). We also made some original games using game-creation programs such as Gary Kitchen's Game Maker and Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit. Off the top of my head here's a list of the various programs we used: Adventure Construction Set (ACS) Racing Destruction Set Gary Kitchen's Game Maker Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK) Movie Maker Load Runner & Load Runner's Rescue Wizard War Game Construction Set I'm forgetting like five billion others...

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