[CPC] CPCPower v2021/06/04 - PC 21/05/31

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[CPC] CPCPower v2021/06/04 - PC 21/05/31

Pojawiła się nowa wersja emulatora maszynek Amstrad Schneider nijakiego Megachur, emulator ma jak najwierniej odtwarzać pracę prawdziwego CPC, czyli w sumie jak wszystkie inne pozostałe;). Poważniej, całkiem zgrabny emulator, z banalnie prostym interfejsem, gdzie wszystkie opcję wymagają od nas kliknięcia w odpowiednie miejsce (a pozostałe jak zwykle można zmodyfikować w pliku cfg).

Nowa wersja oprócz blaszaka posiada również pliki wykonawcze dla Linuxa, MacOS'a i całkowicie nowy port dla Rasberry Pi (nomen omen chyba czas zakupić 4 i sprawdzić jak się będzie zachowywać w emulacji).

New version  20210604/20210531


  • OSD: Added files selection for A: B: TAPE: SNA: and CART: !
  • FDC: Corrected the sector order when formating track
  • ALL: Code refactoring and correcting some little bugs
  • RAW: Better correcting of bad sectors
  • IPF: Major refactoring/rewrite of the decode Engine and now it is bit aligned (was byte aligned before (8 bits))  
  • SDL2: Updated to the last version 2.0.14


  • CDT: Correct a bug in ID 15 - now currentPulse is always keep. Code refactoring.


  • WAV: 16 bits or 24 bits values was not correctly compared to middle sample value to determinate 0 or 1 signal !


  • SNA/DRIVE: Fixed a rare bug where track is fixed to a value superior of the max tracks available of the inserted disk
  • SNA: Fixed z80 registers and GA colors index save thanks to Roudoudou !
  • ARGS: Corrected a bug which disable the loading of a LROM binary file passed with parameters.
  • Z80: Thanks to MadRam experimentations -> Corrected the Flags of F for ini/d(r) and outi/d(r) instructions ! cf https://64nops.wordpress.com/2021/01/13/perfectly-accurate-z80-flags-and-cpc-timing/
  • Z80tests program with ORGAMS last distribution is now 100% accurate !  


  • ARGS: Added the possibility of changing the audio frequency (48000, 96000 or 192000) - 44100Hz is the default value


  • ARGS: Force CRTC to ASIC - type 3 when CPC Type is 464+, 6128+ or GX4000 even if there is another CRTC requested in CPCEPower.ini or requested with the starting arguments !
  • FULLSCREEN: Now you can change the window to another screen and the window is centered before maximized to ensure that's the right screen is used (SDL2)


  • PPI: for ASIC, the port A is always readable and writable even if the bit in the Control Register is activated or not. Thanks to AsT and Offset to have pointed it out !
  • CDT: Corrected a potential bug on ARM using a char instead of an unsigned char for pushBit
  • FULLSCREEN: now the emulation is paused when fullscreen lost focus with ALT+TAB because the rendering with SDL2/DirectDraw isn't possible in this case !
  • SAVE SCREEN: reworked all the code to work with all video driver and based now to the cpc screen pixel and not the screen visual or dimension


  • WINDOW: Mouse grabbing on main window is disabled by default
  • ARGS: Added the possibility of enabling mouse grabbing on main window
  • SCREEN: the heigth of the full screen is now proportional of width factor


  • XPR: Added the Extended Memory Cartridge format with help of Roudoudou ;-)!
  • MEM: Added the Extended Memory Cartridge format with help of Roudoudou ;-)!
  • Optimized the memory access using logical bank access switch like GA and ASIC do in real hardware                                                                 
  • ARGS: Added the possibility of disabling mouse grabbing on main window
→ [CPC] CPCPower v2020/05/31

New version  20200531


  • MEM: Fixed a memory bank request bug introduced with last update for 4Mb support (affect Dynasty Wars loader which is requesting extra memory bank number 10 instead of 6 on 128kb memory CPC)
  • TAPE: Reduced the motor on/off timing delay
  • K7: Added CSW format
  • CMD: Added some check and display when file or argument is missing with some options.


  • CMD: Corrected a bug when passed a wrong argument and the missing argument --cpr !
  • LINUX: Make the first working build on Linux 64bits with Code::Blocks 20.03 and gcc9
  • Need zlib-1.2.11, libpng-1.6.37 et SDL2-2.0.12 or SDL2-2.0.8 installed !
  • MEM: Corrected a little bug when deallocating LROM DATA at CPR loading.
  • FDC: Corrected a regression bug when command was équal to zéro (version) or to invalid command number !
  • FlipSide: Fixed 2 bugs (Thanks to Loďc)
→ [CPC] CPCPower v12/04/2020

New version 20200412

  • 2020/03
    ASIC: Added the sprites to the engine, performance is low but all demo are working good !
    DSK: >hen changing CPC type, disk aren't ejected. So when you are on 664, 6128 or 6128+, you keep it and can read it after changing the CPC model !
    CPR: By default, loading a CPR when CPC type is old (464,664 or 6128) automatically change configuration to a plus CPC model.
    SNA/SNR: Intergrated CPC Plus compatibility. But SAVE SNA of Plus feature not implemented yet !
    INI: Added default filepath for SCR/SNA savefile are used if defined in the .ini file.
    Upgraded SDL2 to 2.0.12 (last version available)

  • 2020/02
    ASIC: Improve of some cpc plus features.
    JOY: If you have an analogic axis on your joystick: send digitals and analogics joystick values (tested with Tennis Cup 2 only)
  • 2020/01
    CPR: Added support for cartridge format
    ASIC: Added ASIC, PPI & CRTC 3 emulation
→ [CPC] CPCPower v191114
Power Drift (Activision, Inc., 1989)

New version 20191114

  • with  optimization of the activation of the scanlines ! now, by default, scanline of CTM monitor are off and Upgraded SDL2 to 2.0.10 (last version available)
→ [CPC] CPCPower v1911
Eden Blues (ERE Informatique, 1987)


  • SNR: Added the playBack, but seems WINAPE specific keyframe adjusting missing, so some SNR don't work after a while... DSCA and DSCB disk files are automaticaly loaded, but need to be at the same file path as the SNR file !BUGFIX: When a CDT was playing and tape motor on, there was a crash if you're loading a SNA or SNR !


  • SNA: Add memory compression detection, but memory still 128+640kb, no support more memory expansion for now !


  • CDT&TAPE: Minor technical change for more accuracy on motor / play command !
  • FULLSCREEN: Keep and restore window position when set/reset fullscreen and only if display of the window isn't full in desktop area, reset it to center of the desktop.
  • JOYSTICK: Add axis and improve hat joystick move detection - more reliable
  • OSD: Added name of the file which is dropped and warning on screen display !
  • OSD: Added name of the write file (snapshot ou screenshot)on screen display !


  • FDC : Corrected end of format command when FDC detect index hole for the second time - It appends when you try to format a track with track size superior of real track size. N=6 (8192 bytes) for example.
  • SAVE SCREEN: Implemented PNG format instead of BMP format to save screenshot
  • MOUSE : Hide mouse pointer when you left click inside the window display, press middle button or F8 (pause/unpause) to show mouse pointer again !


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