This is the windows version of Arnimedes, an Amstrad CPC emulator.
It's completely rewritten and offers some improvements:

- cycle exact emulation
- new sound emulation
- digiblaster
- read digital tape files (CDT/TZX, WAV, VOC)
- can read and write V3 Snapshots
- improved CRTC emulation
- extended DSK support

However, some things are still missing or broken:

- the debugger has gone
- some bugs in the CRTC emulation

Arnimedes needs Windows 95 or higher, DirectX 7 or higher and 32 MB RAM.
A Pentium II class processor or faster is recommended. Screen resolution is
fixed to 800x600 32bit truecolor. All DirectX compatible Soundcards / Joysticks
are supported.

Arnimedes is freeware, I retain the copyright. You can copy it to friends or
make it available for download as long as no unusual fee is requested. If you
spread this program you may not modify any files of it. Arnimedes is provided
with no warranty of any kind; you use all included programs at your own risk.

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