[Atari] BigPEmu 1.13 5/5/2024

[10] @ Sobota, 11 Maja 2024 10:17CET

[Atari] BigPEmu 1.13 5/5/2024

Doskonały na tle innych emulatorów konsoli ATARI JAGUAR BigPEmu (The World's Prefurred Large Pussycat Emulator™)  autorstwa Rich Whitehouse doczekał się świeżej aktualizacji. Sporo zmian i patrząc w changelog emulator idzie w calkiem ciekawym kierunku, to jeszcze by się przydało aby więcej nowych produkcji pojawiało się na ten miły atarowski wynalazek;)

Koniecznie odwiedźcie stronę domową projektu - dodatkowych informacji jest całkiem sporo, pomogą w przebrnięciu przez start, zwłaszcza gdy potrzebujemy pododawać trochę współczesnych wodotrysków. Zachęcam do patronowaniu projektowi, projekt naprawdę warty wsparcia.

Version 1.13 5/05/2024

  • Fixed a problem which resulted in some of the built-in D3D12 shaders requiring Shader Model 6.0.
  • Added more logging for various D3D12 initialization failure cases.

Version 1.12

  • New D3D12 video plugin. The shader tool has also been updated and supports generating DXIL.
  • New Windows ARM64 builds. Less frequently used platform-dependent functionality may remain unimplemented on this platform.
  • Added a Blitter capture feature for developer builds. See the "blitcap" debugger command.
  • Various minor cross-platform fixes which came along with the new port/backend work.

Version 1.11

  • Unmapped input labels now display an angle suffix for hat switches.
  • Unmapped input labels now display a +/- prefix for analog bindings, when applicable.
  • Added a -forcegpusync command line option.

Version 1.1

  • Added a native Linux (x64) port. Generally not well tested, but seems to be working well enough in local testing under a couple of different distributions. Less frequently used platform-dependent functionality may remain unimplemented on this platform.
  • Added a new SDL2 plugin for audio, video, and input. Not particularly recommended under Windows, but a Windows build is provided nonetheless.
  • Added custom sky/background functionality to the Checkered Flag script.
  • Added an "Alternate Scheduling" option.
  • Added a "Rewind Skip" option.
  • Added a "Frame Time Display" developer option.
  • Fixed a minor interrupt timing issue.
  • Fixed a bug in the object browser which could, rarely, result in a memory leak.
  • Fixed a bug preventing BIGPEMU_TEXFLAG_REPEAT from affecting texture wrap mode in the OpenGL video plugin.
  • Fixed another timing issue, which was manifesting as a rare crash in Cybermorph. Thanks to Will for managing to capture a saved state illustrating this problem.
  • Developer builds will avoid crashing and warn the developer (via connected debugger) when a read/write straddles the end of ROM. Normal builds will still crash, in order to avoid overhead. Thanks to DrTypo for the bug report.
→ [Atari.Area] BigPEmu 1.12
→ [Atari] BigPEmu 1.094 24/12/2023
Checkered Flag (1994, Atari)

BigPEmu - Atari Jaguar Emulator vr 1.094 24/12/2023

  • The Checkered Flag "Uncap Framerate" option can now be switched between 30Hz and 60Hz.
  • Added some sync code to the Checkered Flag script to fix possible flickering issues. (only became noticeable at 60Hz)
  • Checkered Flag is generally playable at 60Hz, but you're likely to encounter more timing bugs. Native system requirements are also significantly higher, as the Jaguar is automatically overclocked in this mode.

BigPEmu - Atari Jaguar Emulator vr 1.093

  • Added a Checkered Flag script, which features native resolution rendering, analog controller support, framerate unlocking, and lots of tweaks/options.
  • Added a new Tempest 2000 script to patch some of the rotary controller bugs that existed on hardware.
  • Added support for "AUDIOWITHSUB" track types in the CUE loader.
  • Added an "optree" debug command. (only relevant for developer builds)
  • Added a "gfxflags" debug command. (only relevant for developer builds)
  • Added bigpemu_jag_op_render_bitmap_object_to_buffer to the scripting API.
  • Native CRY rendering and ADDDSEL blending is now supported through the native polygon script interface.
  • New scripting functionality to hook into save/load state events, allowing scripts to pack custom data into saved states.
  • Fixed a potential resource leak when associating textured native polygons with a buffer.
  • Fixed changes to the MSAA setting sometimes not being reflected until restarting the application.
  • Fixed potential flickering and other visual problems after re-allocating native polygon hardware buffers.
  • Fixed the script function bigpemu_drawui_get_virtual_to_native_scales returning incorrect values.
  • Fixed an issue with one of the terrible secrets which was making the secret slightly less terrible than designed.
→ [Atari] BigPEmu 1.092 6/10/2023
Wolfstein 3D (1994, Atari, ID Software)

BigPEmu - Atari Jaguar Emulator vr 1.092 6/10/2023

  • Added an optional rewind feature, see the new "Rewind Count" setting as well as the new "Rewind" key bind.
  • Added an optional network rewind feature, see the "Network Rewind" setting under the Network menu. Rewinds the state and immediately runs the emulator back to the current frame when an input discrepancy occurs. Requires a powerful machine to avoid hitches. (emulating Jaguar frames isn't cheap)
  • Added analog/mouselook support to the AvP script.
  • Added a new Wolfenstein 3D script with analog/mouselook support. (includes always-strafe and always-run options)
  • Added a new Iron Soldier script with analog/mouselook support.
  • Minor performance improvements.
→ [Atari] BigPEmu 1.091 22/09/2023
International Sensible Soccer (1995, Sensible Software). I dużo deformacji ekranu.

BigPEmu - Atari Jaguar Emulator vr 1.091 22/09/2023

  • AvP multiplayer fixes.
    • Fixed some player projectile weapons not colliding with other players.
    • Fixed a bunch of AI projectiles not being correctly synchronized.
    • Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause AI to stop attacking.
    • If a human player teleports into a new level without a weapon, the shotgun is now automatically granted.
    • Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause bigpemu_net_behind to misreport.
      • New script functions: bigpemu_net_hostmsg, bigpemu_net_disconnect, and bigpemu_net_lastclient.

BigPEmu - Atari Jaguar Emulator vr 1.09 17/09/2023

  • New "State Sync" network device type, synchronizes system state across the network. This allows local 2-player games to be played over Internet/LAN connections.
    • Very simple implementation that just stalls out if input doesn't arrive in time. State Sync Delay option adjusts the anticipated latency window. If you run into timing issues, the host can manually kick everyone back together by loading a state.
    • State Sync Remap can be used to remap the first local input device to any other input device. Also allows overlapping controls. (e.g. two peers both affecting the first input device)
    • Works with any number of clients, with clients above the supported input device count being treated as spectators.
  • New "Script" network device type, allows scripts to implement custom network/socket handlers. Includes automatic delta compression and some other niceties.
  • A new script adds multiplayer to AvP!
    • Implements networking from scratch using the aforementioned socket interface, and works with the unmodified retail ROM image.
    • Proper client-server architecture, up to 32 players can drop in at any time during gameplay. (in theory)
    • Generally handles the fundamentals, but expect plenty of limitations, bugs, and odd behavior. This game wasn't designed to support multiplayer, and I've left a few threads hanging under the guise of "shippable."
    • Enemies can correctly change off between player targets.
    • I hope this serves as another demonstration of the sort of madness which can be accomplished with the scripting system, and I'd love to see others give this sort of treatment to more titles.
  • Lots of new scripting/VM functionality.
    • UI event callbacks for custom rendering over/under the rest of the UI.
    • New UI rendering functions for various primitives and text.
    • Input functions to allow querying input states across all native devices.
    • Scripts can now load and render/play texture and sound resources.
    • New native-backed 4x4 matrix/transform operations.
    • Script can now get a list of ROM from from the current ROM directory, and load images in that directory.
    • Scripted polygon texture references now have the option of pointing to native texture resources. Could be useful for something like a high-res texture replacement script.
  • Fixed a floating point comparison bug in the VM interpreter.
  • VM modules are now loaded automatically if a .bigpcvm file is present with the same name as the ROM image being loaded, similar to other image-specific resources. This allows Jaguar software to be distributed alongside emulator-specific script enhancements.
→ [Atari.Area] Nowości BigPEmu
→ [Atari] BigPEmu 1.08 26/08/2023

BigPEmu - Atari Jaguar Emulator vr 1.08 26/08/2023

  • JagLink support is here!
    • Max player count is supported in AirCars and BattleSphere, with the potential for any number of emulated Jaguars to be networked together.
    • Special splitscreen functionality has been added.
    • Works over Internet/LAN or locally via loopback.
      • Don't expect anything to be playable or stable over the Internet unless you've got LAN-like latency and no packet loss.
    • When the central host loads a saved state, it's automatically propagated to all clients.
    • Here's a video which goes over all of the network features and demonstrates a splitscreen setup: https://youtu.be/b2e7Vl4aLps
  • Added -cfgpath and -cfgpathabs command line options. This overrides the default config path, useful for splitscreen instances.
  • Added -windowx and -windowy command line options. Useful for tiling out instances for splitscreen play.
  • Added a -noborder command line option. Removes the border from the window in windowed mode, best used with -windowx, -windowy, -forcewidth, and -forceheight.
  •  Added an -alwaystop command line option. Keeps the window always-on-top, also useful for splitscreen mode.
  • Added -netlisten, -netconnect, -netport, -netmax, -netloaddelay, -netpcldelay, and -nettcp command line options.
  • Bumped the debugger protocol version, make sure you update to the latest Noesis if you're using the developer build.
→ [Atari] BigPEmu 1.071 8/08/2023

BigPEmu - Atari Jaguar Emulator vr 1.071 08/08/2023

  • Fixed a bug which was causing the VR Swap Eyes setting to be incorrectly tied to other settings. This probably explains reports from some users of being "cross-eyed" by default.
  • Added stereoscopic rendering support for the GPU list variant used by the MC3D stage 1-3 boss.

BigPEmu - Atari Jaguar Emulator vr 1.07 05/08/2023

  •  Jaguar VR support is here, with head tracking and stereoscopic rendering.
    • A new Head Tracker input device type has been added, along with some options for converting analog inputs to tracker angles.
    • Stereoscopic rendering is fully implemented, and integrated into the scripting system.
    • Check out all the new settings in the Video/VR menu.
    • The scripting system has the potential to add Head Tracker support and stereoscopic rendering to any Jaguar title, so more Jaguar VR games may be coming!
    • This video demonstrates and explains some of the new VR functionality: https://youtu.be/BAJjzlrsbis
  • Added an OpenVR plugin to support the new Jaguar VR implementation.
  • A new script is included to implement stereoscopic rendering and enable Head Tracker support in the final/retail version of Missile Command 3D.
    • To map the head tracking through any analog input with the script enabled: set the second input device type to "Head Tracker", and bind the second device's analog inputs to whatever pleases you.
    • To enable stereoscopic rendering with the script enabled: go to Script Settings in the menu and enable the stereoscopic rendering option. Stereo-capable scenes will be rendered using the emulator's selected VR/anaglyph 3D settings.
    • When VR is enabled (via the Video/VR settings) and successfully initialized, if a compatible headset is present, its orientation will automatically feed the Head Tracker input.
    • Stereoscopic rendering was never actually implemented in MC3D, this is a brand new software feature designed to fully realize the potential of Jaguar VR.
  • Fixed a Blitter issue with DCOMPEN in phrase mode. (introduced in the Patreon-exclusive 1.061 build)
  • Lots of changes/additions for developer mode, and separate debugger-enabled builds are now available from the official web site. Check the ReadMeDev.txt file in the debugger-enabled build distribution for more information. (introduced in the Patreon-exclusive 1.061 build)
→ [Atari] BigPEmu 1.06 25/05/2023
Aliens vs Predator (1994, Atari)

BigPEmu - Atari Jaguar Emulator vr 1.06 25/05/2023

  • New scripting system. In developer mode, scripts are auto-recompiled on startup. Developer options are also available to automatically detect script changes while the application is running. Compiled scripts must be enabled through a new Script Modules feature.
  • A new script is included which allows Cybermorph to render polygons/textures at the native resolution.
  • An option for adjusting MSAA has been added to the video settings. This is only relevant to things which use the native depth buffer, like the new Cybermorph script.
  •  A new script is included which allows uncapping the framerate in Alien vs. Predator.
  •  A new script is included which fixes flickering in the Brett Hull Hockey prototype.
  • A simplified CRT library along with a whole bunch of BigPEmu-specific API functionality is included in the scripting system via the Scripts/bigpcrt library.
  • Basic native DLL (CDECL) call functionality has been implemented in the scripting API, so that others can take the initiative to start implementing things like RetroAchievements as desired.
  • Added native mouse input support. (must be enabled in the input settings) Mouse movement and buttons can be bound to analog, rotary, and digital inputs interchangeably.
  • Some more work on debugger-enabled builds has been done behind the scenes, but this shouldn't affect anything user-facing just yet.
  •  Even more terrible secrets have been added.
  • Made sure native rendering works even with a Screen Effect active. However, this isn't generally a recommended combination, as the effect will be sourcing from a native-resolution buffer instead of a Jaguar-resolution buffer. (post-Patreon build addition)
  •  Added a -conout command line option. Under Windows, this spawns a console and directs log output here instead of to a file. (post-Patreon build addition)
  •  The breadth of functionality encompassed by the scripting system is too vast to cover here, so I've made a video to highlight some of the features and explain how the existing scripts work: https://youtu.be/y4gXxSmLOg4
  • Please help me out with support on social media and Patreon! Things have continued to be rough on the health front lately, and I've found it's getting harder to use Twitter to reach my actual target audience, so I'm depending more on organic word of mouth to spread project news and hopefully bring in support.
→ [Atari.Area] BigPemu 1.06
wstecz11/05/2024 10:17
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