[Arcade] Raine v0.63.9

[1] @ !!! Niedziela, 13 Lipca 2014 02:13 CET [13-07-2014 01:59 CET]

[Arcade] Raine v0.63.9

Emulatora maszynek arcade Raine został zaktualizowany. Zmiany nie są olbrzymie.

Raine 0.63.9 Jul 12 2014, 10:29 pm

Yet another small update, entierly for neocd this time :

  • the main change is that it now supports the front loading and the top loading bioses, which are older bioses than the usual neocdz bios. Not strictly necessary, I added this out of curiosity after a request on the forum...
  • Also finally fixed a bug which lasted very long, 1 year ago was the 1st attempt at fixing it with strange grey squares in last blade 2. Finally all this was caused by the data from logo.prg which was not correctly cleared. It fixes the same kind of glitch this time for real bout fatal fury, but this should be the last time now that the real cause has finally been found.
  • also it fixes some possible crash when using custom controls with autofire for a game.

Emmanuel Anne [Sat, 12 Jul 2014 11:56:06 +0200 (11:56 +0200)]

  • neocd: 128 bytes / sprite when clearing video_spr_usage !

Emmanuel Anne [Sat, 12 Jul 2014 00:39:33 +0200 (00:39 +0200)]

  • neocd: filtering on sprite 0 is finally fixed !!!
  • It had nothing to do with sprite 0 of course, it was just the logo.prg which was wreking havoc ! This fixes the glitch in rbffury,
  • Also pre-allocate 512k for the neocd bios and fix debug message when finding addresses...

Emmanuel Anne [Fri, 11 Jul 2014 20:29:30 +0200 (20:29 +0200)]

  • neocd: support loading animations on top and front bioses

Emmanuel Anne [Fri, 11 Jul 2014 19:31:45 +0200 (19:31 +0200)]

  • neocd: support for front and top bioses loading animations broken for these 2 because the sprites are missing, but except that everything is ok now.

Emmanuel Anne [Fri, 11 Jul 2014 19:31:27 +0200 (19:31 +0200)]

  • controls: custom inputs + autofire -> crash

Emmanuel Anne [Fri, 11 Jul 2014 17:45:03 +0200 (17:45 +0200)]

  • console: searchl on words, not longs

Emmanuel Anne [Tue, 1 Jul 2014 18:10:21 +0200 (18:10 +0200)]

  • game selection: be sure the selection is visible !
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine v0.64.15

Raine 0.64.15

Just because someone noticed the fps setting from the game options dialog was not saved per game and he needed it !
So you need to enable 1st "save per game screen settings" in video options, and then the fps setting will be saved with this new 0.64.15, that's all there is about it !


Revision 1324

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 25 marca 2018 19:27:27

  • 0.64.15

Revision 1323

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 25 marca 2018 19:27:27

  • 0.64.15

Revision 1322

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 25 marca 2018 10:35:40

  • save also fps in game screen settings, when they are saved

Revision 1321

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 25 marca 2018 10:35:14

  • a bigger field for fps in dialog

Revision 1320

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: czwartek, 24 września 2015 08:36:25

  • gui: adjust width for utf fields
  • it fixes another cliping issue when using an utf font in a translation

Revision 1319

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: wtorek, 18 sierpnia 2015 22:12:49

  • 0.64.8

Revision 1318

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 16 sierpnia 2015 00:31:06

  • raine 0.64.7

Revision 1317

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: czwartek, 19 maja 2016 13:03:43

  • 0.64.13

Revision 1316

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: poniedziałek, 16 maja 2016 22:24:05

  • 0.64.12

Revision 1315

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 12 marca 2016 14:25:57

  • 0.64.11

Revision 1314

Author: zelurker | Date: niedziela, 25 października 2015 19:41:01

  • Merge pull request #3 from RomainQuidet/osx
  • 0.64.10 for OSX
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine v0.64.14

Raine 0.64.14

Revision 1313

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 27 października 2017 08:34:19

  • 0.64.14

Revision 1312

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 27 października 2017 08:32:58

  • add some cheats from wrestlefest... !

Revision 1311

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 27 października 2017 08:32:11

  • debug_mode = 1 by default for debug builds

Revision 1310

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 27 października 2017 08:31:11

  • display: windows didn't keep its opengl setting because of the change for osx to allow a non accelerated display !
  • and I didn't notice it in linux because windows uses gui_level, not linux apparently !
  • Also add some more debug messages with the new_set_gfx_mode prefix

Revision 1309

Author: zelurker | Date: 6 października 2017 12:35:41

  • Merge pull request #13 from fxcoudert/master
  • fix ambiguous abs() calls

Revision 1308

Author: fx.coudert | Date: 5 października 2017 22:19:38

  • fix ambiguous abs() calls

Revision 1307

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 5 lutego 2017 16:01:16

  • fix sf2 inputs !
  • punch inputs were eaten because of combinations 2 characters fix !

Revision 1306

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 19 grudnia 2016 22:29:52

  • osx: sorry frameworks can't be used for compilation !

Revision 1305

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 19 grudnia 2016 12:54:18

  • update build instructions for osx to explain the frameworks solution

Revision 1304

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 19 grudnia 2016 12:40:29

  • osx: building with frameworks is not the default option to allow to build raine from brew using standard shared libs

Revision 1303

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 19 grudnia 2016 12:17:59

  • allow to choose location of m68kdis & dz80 it's mainly for osx where it becomes difficult to place a binary in the default path, this os becomes insane ! So for osx these 2 commands can be placed in the bundle to avoid problems, and you can choose their location from the options / directories configuration.
  • Also the console now has a clear message when the disassembler is not found.

Revision 1302

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 19 grudnia 2016 12:17:09

  • don't save controls which don't have any label

Revision 1301

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 19 grudnia 2016 12:16:07

  • avoid warning when loading megasys1 roms (harmless)

Revision 1300

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 19 grudnia 2016 03:06:02

  • allow to build the osx executable using frameworks !
  • FRAMEWORK=1 in the makefile or on the command line.
  • Use the TOOLS/make_frameworks.pl script to convert the shared libs to frameworks !

Revision 1299

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 18 grudnia 2016 22:03:55

  • osx: default fps key: F12, f11 is reserved for the finder

Revision 1298

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 18 grudnia 2016 21:54:46

  • display: don't force an accelerated opengl display this allows to test opengl software rendering when running inside a non accelerated virtual machine.
  • Also now update display_cfg.video_mode when seting up opengl failed (fall back to software blits).

Revision 1297

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 18 grudnia 2016 16:59:08

  • osx: fix asm string output in 32 bits !
  • osx has a very weird pixel format, the 1st byte is not alpha !

Revision 1296

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 18 grudnia 2016 16:24:36

  • osx: workaround for broken mounts info for paths

Revision 1295

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 18 grudnia 2016 16:23:39

  • osx: workaround for ld warnings about unwind
  • see
  • https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-math-kernel-library/topic/279914

Revision 1294

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 18 grudnia 2016 01:59:55

  • an updated readme for osx

Revision 1293

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 18 grudnia 2016 01:56:54

  • osx: put back the asm code !
  • there is a linker flag to allow heap execution, that's all there was to find...

Revision 1292

Author: admin | Date: 18 grudnia 2016 01:05:39

  • a makefile for osx using brew
  • no more frameworks then...

Revision 1291

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 29 listopada 2016 22:12:54

  • console: update console key each time it appears

Revision 1290

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 29 listopada 2016 20:03:54

  • default cpuinfo, edit to have something else

Revision 1289

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 14 sierpnia 2016 21:15:25

  • add some message for those trying to choose a neogeo bios...
  • ... without any neogeo.zip file

Revision 1288

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 14 sierpnia 2016 20:59:18

  • fix a very special crash from mer-curious in kof96

Revision 1287

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 20 maja 2016 17:52:33

  • prevent SDL_DOUBLEBUF in opengl

Revision 1286

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: 19 maja 2016 13:17:56

  • new readme in debian


→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine v0.64.13
Raine Mars Matrix Shump Arcade
Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooter - oopss... nawet zrobić porządnego screena nie ma czasu

Raine 0.64.13


  •  all the neocd games which loaded some data during the game were broken because of a fix for garou (neogeo). Yeah it's quite big, I didn't play any neocd game in 2 months, I really needed a break there !
  • Gui: windows doesn't need a colour depth change anymore, and the mode changes should be invisible
  • while cleaning up the taito f2 driver (yeah very old stuff, never completely finished), I noticed you couldn't access the pulirula dipswitches, so it's fixed too.


→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine v0.64.12

Raine 0.64.12

  • I finally got curious about this bug and actually took the time to read the output of raine when the shaders didn't work with the new nvidia drivers, and there was actually something weird to read ! It was all because there was a bug in nvidia drivers <= version 355.11 which made them to return a buffer of 1 byte for the info log of the shader program when there was nothing to report ! I made a workaround for this and totally forgot about it, but it failed when nvidia fixed this and now the buffer has correctly 0 bytes when nothing to report... !!!
    Anyway it means shaders now work correctly for any nvidia drivers, and it could probably affect some other video cards as well.
    Those not using shaders don't need to update, this 0.64.12 only fixes shaders, and the fix is very short !


→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine v0.64.10
Arcade Raine:Mobile Suit Gundam:Banpresto:1993
Mobile Suit Gundam (Banpresto, 1993)

Raine 0.64.10

  • a surprising bug in the clipping of text in the gui which should not have been there
  • the fix of mer-curious fireball, hopefully ! 
  • a fix for a crash during nam1975 demo because of a stupid fadeout effect !
  • But also finally the video priorities for the gunbird driver have been added, plus a few sounds which couldn't be heard before are now played correctly (for almost all the games in this driver).
  •  neocd music now adapts to the sample rate chosen in sound options
  •  the fix for the bug about cawing reported just after releasing 0.64.9 !
  •   plus a few small fixes here and there not worth mentioning..
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine v0.64.6

Raine 0.64.6

  • That's all for this time, this version is mainly to allow people to test the translation stuff...
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine v0.64.5

Raine 0.64.5

Currently waiting to be included into a new binary :
- aes bios support: at least it works, I can't say I tested it a lot, it seems to completely ignore the dipswitches, but it's probably normal (probably no dipswitches in these aes cabinets I guess).
- fixed the day of week for the neogeo calendar displayed when you choose "book keeping" (b+c+d at boot with unibios, and something equivalent with most other bioses I guess...). This clock is completely different from modern clocks in pcs. Nowdays clocks are synchronized using ntp over the network at a scale of 0.001s or sometimes even much less. This one is very unprecise, it increases its seconds everytime the display is updated, except the neogeo display is not exactly 60fps, it's 59.2 fps approx, so it quickly gets out of sync ! Actually the role of this clock was only to keep track of how many times a given game was played and if continue was used on it, how much time and at which date. No need for a lot of precision for that, but it's still quite surprising. Not talking about this year on 2 digits only in 199x, but I guess they didn't actually care about the year at all in this case...
Anyway in raine this clock is initialized from the pc clock when you launch a game so you get the correct date in "book keeping", but I had forgotten the day of week, I thought it was computed, but no, it's just read as well from the calendar chip. So this one comes also from the pc clock now, so you'll get a precise calendar now ! :) (totally useless, yes, I know !)
- Hum, except that I played at reproducing the level skipper in bublredux using a raine script for the other bublbobl clones. Oh well, the only thing I didn't emulate is the sound effect produced when you change the level. It was just to check it can be done very quickly, and indeed, it's very short to do ! For normal player it means there is a new cheat for all bublbobl clones, "skip this level", completely at the end of the list normally.

Raine 0.64.4

Tsss, I release 0.64.3 without finding how the "level skipper" of bublredux works, but I guess it's ok, how such a thing could break ?
Then Stephh explains it works by using p1+p2 together and of course it breaks !
Well the most reasonable solution would have been to just ignore it, the same thing can be done with a cheat in raine...
But I hate these small things when they don't want to work !
So I spent a lot of time on it, it was yet another instruction missing from our beloved mz80 (prefix ed opcode 6b for the technical users). I don't kinow why the guys of bublredux programmed it this way, it could have been done with the standard instructions and it wouldn't have crashed in this case.
Anyway I added the missing instruction and so here is an update with just this thing working.
While I was at it, I updated the bublredux romset from the latest version in the forum thread (january 2015). It doesn't change anything related to this problem. That's all !

→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine v0.64.3

Raine 0.64.3: special bubble bobble ! Posted by Tux on Mar 26 2015, 03:51 pm

  • I didn't know about the 2 new clones of bubble bobble released in 2013, so I just added them, cleaned up a lot of things in the bubble bobble driver (automatic rom loading, no more bad sounds), added the hiscores for bubble cave and buubble redux to the hiscore.dat (find it in the extras part of the download section). I also added dream land, another clone from 1987, much easier to add now that the driver supports automatic rom loading.
  • Except that quite a few small fixes as usual, the biggest one was probably that the cold boot function (f1 key) was broken in quite a few drivers, it should be fixed now, except that some region selection didn't work anymore, renamed a few games to keep hiscore.dat compatibility (the good thing with raine is that the old name is still supported on the command line), hiscores were broken for games using a z80 as their main cpu and which were using automatic rom bankswitch (bubble bobble for example !), there is another zoom fix for neocd/neogeo, a stupid bug was fixed in neocd when reloading the same game, the audio banks are now correctly restored when loading a neogeo/neocd savegame, and wakuwaku7 sound associations are adapted to support the audio tracks from the saturn version.
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine v0.64.2
Arcade Raine:NeoGeo:Ninja Command:SNK of America:Alpha Denshi Co., Ltd.:May 29, 1992:
Ninja Command (SNK of America, May 29, 1992)

Raine 0.64.2 Posted by Tux on Jan 07 2015, 10:11 am

  • the return key didn't work anymore in the game selection dialog, fixed and commented, it won't happen again.
  • the blend options dialog is better and has an immediate effect, no need to reset/reload the game anymore.
  • prevent the console from growing all the time once it has its scrollbar !



→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine v0.64.1

Raine 0.64.1 04.01.15

  • raine was exiting if changing the region or reseting a game which was using bld files
  • since bld files are incompatible with neocd, bld files for neocd are now read from blend/neocd and there is no file there for now.
  • There was a problem with the fadeout effect in the associations of wakuwaku7
  •  I broke some timers while adding cz80 in 0.64.0, which created some hard to find bug in lots of games, including some neogeo games...
  • There is now a "bld files options" dialog which allows to change the transparency values you want, it's in video options and the values are saved.
  • I changed the way the audio banking is saved for neogeo, so if you have some neogeo savegames they might not appreciate, sorry for that but it's better now (it won't crash, but maybe the sound will be distorted when reloading the savegame).
  • there is some experimental code to draw an opaque hud in opengl, well you'd better not use it, it's slow, but I keep it anyway for now (transparent hud is much faster).
  • also when using sound associations, they were not correctly stopped when loading another game, thanks to another fix for mixed mode games recently.
wstecz13/07/2014 02:13
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