[Amiga] WinFellow x86 i x64 v0.5.11 21/03/24

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[Amiga] WinFellow x86 i x64 v0.5.11 21/03/24

Zwyczajowo już team pracujący nad rozwojem emulatora Amigi 500 - WinFellow ogłosił, że RC1 staje się finalną wersją 5.11. Jeśli ktoś zaopatrzył się w RC, nie musi sięgać po te binarki.
WinFellow zawsze był całkiem przyzwoitą alternatywą dla WinUAE, jeżeli nie potrzeba nam emulacji całej rodziny Amisi, to WinFellow może się przydać. Kiedyś, WinFellow pozwalał na płynną emulację nawet na słabszym sprzęcie (oj... WinUAE w latach 90 potrafił wyciągać ostatnie takty z Celerona, pokazując najczęściej szatkowanym dźwiękiem, jak nisko ocenia jego wydajność). Dzisiaj tej różnicy już tak nie odczujemy.

WinFellow v0.5.11 Release 21/03/2024

New features

  • the default display driver was changed from DirectDraw to Direct3D 11, where supported
  • implemented support for keyboard-initiated reset in Amiga Forever

Bug Fixes

  • improved logging in case of failure to initialize Direct3d graphics driver
    • fix several issues related to creating, loading, applying and saving configuration files
  • fix potential memory leaks
  • implement more failure checks for Direct3D initialization
  • fix crash to desktop when using an emulated joystick in Amiga Forever

Maintenance updates

  • code refactoring
    • added sound driver interface and classes
    • redesign filesystem wrapper and logging
    • upgrade to cpp20
  • removed a Windows XP specific workaround from the filesystem module
  • reformatted the project using a uniform clang-format configuration
→ [Amiga] WinFellow x86 i x64 v0.5.10 4/10/23
Federation Quest 1: BSS Jane Seymour (1990, Gremlin). Beta

WinFellow v0.5.10 04/10/23

There is a new public release of WinFellow v0.5.10 in the GitHub releases section; it had been published earlier as release candidate 1.

Compared to the earlier version 0.5.9, the following changes are included in this build:

New features

  •  a native ARM64 build of WinFellow is now provided as part of the release zip archive

Bug Fixes

  •  Thanks to the availability of Toni Wilen's cputester, the following mostly CPU related issues from the basic tests could be addressed:
    •  Removed address register as byte source operand in move.
    •  Various bit-field instruction fixes.
    •  Incorrect pack/unpk behaviour.
    •  Trapcc increase pc after condition check to get correct exception stack frame.
    •  Cas2 select the first compare result value when both compare registers are the same register. Set v flag.
    •  Link/Unlk incorrect result on stack when link register was a7.
    •  Split long reads in two word reads for correct values across banks that are not stored consecutively.
    •  VPOS wraparound fix.
    •  Exception cycle time changes.
    •  Fixed various instructions that overwrote exception cycle times with regular instruction time. (when triggering privilege violations etc.)
    •  Set div cycle times to values closer to the listed cycle times. Still not dynamically calculated, but should be closer.
    •  Don't trace when instruction was aborted by illegal, privilege or address error.
    •  CHK.w N flag fix.
    •  EOR ea vs. data register check for cycle calculation was inverted.
    •  Changes to cycle calculation for BSET/BCGH.
    •  Set undefined div flags according to behaviour on 68000.
    •  Move to SR, check supervisor level before evaluating ea.
    •  Include exception time in cycle time for chk.
    •  Handle bkpt differenly from illegal.
    •  Broken overflow and other special cases for mull.
    •  Handle supervisor check differently for move from sr to avoid returning result when throwing exception.
    •  Missing address mask in rtarea memory handling (for when upper address byte contains data).
    •  Trapcc had wrong pc in the stack frame.
  •  fixed mouse capture for older RetroPlatform hosts

Maintenance updates

  •  code refactoring:
    •  solution file reorganisation
    •  static analysis/replace custom datatypes with standard sized C++ types
→ [Amiga] WinFellow x86 i x64 v0.5.8

WinFellow v0.5.8 12/07/19

This is a public release of WinFellow v0.5.8; it had been published earlier as release candidate 1.

Compared to the earlier version 0.5.7, the following changes are included in this build:

New features

  • support for RDB hardfiles was implemented; while creating a new hardfile from the WinFellow GUI still creates "plain" hardfiles, a Rigid Disk Block can be created using tools like HD Toolbox
    – the default naming scheme for filesystem devices has been changed from DHx: to FSx: to avoid naming conflicts with existing RDB hardfiles
  • a 64 bit build is now provided; the NSIS installer will install either the 32 or 64 bit version depending on the operating system that is used

Bug fixes

  • improved handling of hardware interrupts and blitter delays; fixes freezes that could occur during installation of Workbench in earlier 0.5.x versions
  • fix wrong selection of render function after return from menu when application did not write to bplcon0 every frame; fixes garbled graphics in a Legend cracktro when returning from menu
  • replaced alternating patterns for unmapped memory with proper random numbers
  • CLR reads before write; fixes loading of Outrun and a fast-mem test in Last Ninja 2
  • improve delay caused by logging in screen-mode enumeration (could amount to many seconds with multiple screens)
  • running in an environment with very slow graphics framerate, like a VM, could cause a deadlock; set wait time after event reset to avoid race condition
  • fix an issue where screenshots would occasionally not be taken in Direct3D graphics mode; this may also have impacted the ability to use Amiga Forever's clipping editor
  • fix an issue where applying a new model preset would leave multiple blitter radio buttons selected

Maintenance updates

  • project files were updated to Visual Studio 2019 using the toolset v141_xp
  • the February 2010 DirectX SDK dependency was eliminated
  • IPF Access API files were updated to the latest version, and support for it was enabled in 64 bit builds
→ [Amiga] WinFellow v0.5.7 1067

WinFellow v0.5.7 released 

Bug fixes:

  • floppy code was updated to use a track limit > 80; it will output random data beyond track 80 - fixes Outrun/The Games: Summer Edition; also added missing checks for disabled drives, fixing Winter Olympics 94
  • fixed a bug where unexpected pixel format flags besides RGB stopped DirectDraw initialization
  • several bugs in the screenshot code were fixed; standalone screenshots were not saved correctly in D3D mode, and used with Amiga Forever raw screenshots were missing screen areas due to faulty initialization of the internal clipping areas
  • fixed screen area mismatch when Amiga Forever region/size settings are both set to auto; auto clipping is still not supported
  • CPU instruction fixes:
    • fixed a signed bug in 64-bit division
    • minor timing adjustment for btst
  • CIA event counter changes according to documentation
  • the project files were updated to Visual Studio 2017
→ [Amiga] WinFellow v0.5.6 1041

WinFellow v0.5.6 12/11/2017

New features:

  • Amiga Forever 2017 support modules were updated to the latest version, improving Amiga Forever input device handling by reducing lag

Bug fixes:

  • improve support for IPF images (align disk words to sync if sync is found on an odd boundary)

Changelog GIT

  • 5ca391d - Torsten Enderling, 2017-11-10: bump version number in manual
  • a9faa85 - Torsten Enderling, 2017-11-10: update documentation and bump version number to 0.5.6 6a0dada - Torsten Enderling, 2017-11-09: update RetroPlatform modules to latest version provided by Cloanto
  • 8c240b5 - Petter Schau , 2017-10-07: Align disk words to sync if sync is found on an odd boundary. (ipf related)
  • 52bbdbe - Torsten Enderling, 2017-05-17: implement support for RetroPlatform 7.1 input device handling (#16)
    • * begin work on support for RetroPlatform API 7.1 input device handling will be handled by the host instead of the emulator, initial checkin of supporting files
    • * add conditional define FELLOW_SUPPORT_RP_API_VERSION_71
    • * add logging for incoming events in debug mode
    • * implement breakdown of event message into single events
    • * code cleanup
    • * implement extraction of raw keycode from event string
    • * implement forwarding of raw key events to keyboard module
    • * implement first steps to leave joystick control up to RetroPlatform host
    • * implement logging of joydevice activity received from host
    • * implement support to receive joystick input from RetroPlatform host
    • * adjust formatting
    • * update documentation for version 0.5.5
    • * fix reception of guest event messages in release builds
    • * implement correct message text for key up events
    • * implement dynamic calculation of mcs string buffer size for incoming guest event handler
    • * implement fix for logging of full incoming message text
    • * improve logging when ignoring NULL event strings
    • * implement asynchronous handling of incoming event message queue
    • * disable delay, always abort input queue when a thread is active
    • * adjust delay while pasting clipboard text from RetroPlatform host
    • * update RetroPlatform library components
    • * support typematic rate delay
    • * fix activation messages causing unwanted flashes of the WinFellow window when clicking the mouse outside of the window
    • * perform minor code cleanup
    • * improve (debug) logging fix missing logging of date when fellowAddLog2 was being used
    • * implement further improvements to RAW keyboard input debug logging
    • * implement further keyboard debug logging
    • * implement key pressure state tracking for RAW key events
    • * update documentation
    • * implement minor delay after RAW key release to improve copy/paste stability at high typematic rates * disable keyboard input delay via RP
  • 664987f - Torsten Enderling, 2017-05-06: Merge pull request #15 from ksherlock/patch-1 struct cpuBfData * vs cpuBfData *
  • 0ecf6fb - ksherlock , 2017-05-05: struct cpuBfData * vs cpuBfData * cpuBfData * is a c++ idiom
  • 4f92e58 - Torsten Enderling, 2017-03-10: implement better error handling for build script
  • 474377d - Torsten Enderling, 2016-05-19: updated documentation regarding display setting changes
  • 5e6f55b - Petter Schau , 2016-04-24: Use desktop work area as basis for calculating the maximum size for a window.
  • 938860a - Petter Schau , 2016-04-24: Perform a very simple upgrade when loading an old config file. And "LED" position fix when internal clip is larger than output clip.
  • 7beb525 - Torsten Enderling, 2016-04-23: eliminate special handling of FPS counter positioning in Amiga Forever mode
  • d70c1a4 - petschau , 2016-04-11: 24-bit sprite-merge on HAM. Add log entry about the buffer draw.c is starting up with.
  • 777ef61 - petschau , 2016-04-11: Added proper sprites on ham merge in 16-bit color and set "bits" in dxgi buffer info.
  • 64f2fe9 - petschau , 2016-04-11: Fix 16-bit color bug. Turn off floppy-log.
  • bda40db - Petter Schau , 2016-04-11: Merge pull request #14 from petschau/WindowFullscreenConfigSplitAndBorderSetting Windowfullscreenconfigsplitandbordersetting
  • 657508c - Petter Schau , 2016-04-11: Removed ancient "clip scroll" in-emulation shortcuts. It didn't work, and hardly useful anymore either with screens that has space for everything.
  • 8a6497f - Petter Schau , 2016-04-11: Keep full-screen mode config setting in the GUI while flipping "use fullscreen" on and off.
  • 2a0c5be - Petter Schau , 2016-04-09: Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into WindowFullscreenConfigSplitAndBorderSetting
  • 47abb12 - Petter Schau , 2016-04-04: Regression test doc update
  • 14a720b - Petter Schau , 2016-04-04: Regression test for "sprites on HAM"
  • 168c130 - Petter Schau , 2016-04-04: Updated regression test doc.
  • ed28efc - Petter Schau , 2016-04-04: Disable RDB detection for now for 0.5.4 Feature not complete.
  • f99a94e - Petter Schau , 2016-04-04: To be safe, increase sprite max list items to 100. This is nearly double the maximum that has been recorded during test. Closes #11
  • 1a004c7 - Petter Schau , 2016-04-03: Exctract floppy disk names also from main page and include this in the check on config changed. Fixes #13
  • 12c43b6 - Petter Schau , 2016-04-03: Decide scale from desktop-size when display scale is automatic and not full-sceen mode. Select the largest scale that fits on the desktop.
  • 5eca18f - Petter Schau , 2016-04-03: Separate expressions for all blit minterms. All expressions have been automatically verified against general algorithm.
  • 9850b4d - Petter Schau , 2016-04-03: Use timer to delay flip. Got rid of the delay loop, using timer to wait. Some cleanup in timer class: Got rid of obsolete 50hz option without sound, there is no support for this elsewhere. Generalized interface, modules can register callbacks in the timer.
  • 04eafc2 - Petter Schau , 2016-04-02: Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into WindowFullscreenConfigSplitAndBorderSetting
  • 914e728 - Petter Schau , 2016-04-02: Documented Amegas and Games, summer edition in regression testing document.
  • 86bd011 - Petter Schau , 2016-04-02: Two disk related fixes. Amegas one-file packed game, failed to set disk motor and hung. According to HRM motor bit must be set up in advance by software. This is now checked. The games, summer edition, added step limit to avoid going beyond end of disk image.
  • 7803062 - Petter Schau , 2016-04-01: Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into WindowFullscreenConfigSplitAndBorderSetting
  • 753f330 - Petter Schau , 2016-04-01: Evolved UI some more. Removed window width/height edit-boxes. Using only overscan+ scale.
  • e0a9a45 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-28: Sprites, move DMA action list flush to end of frame. Sprite logic needs these actions to build up until DMA is turned on.
  • 8eeb6cb - Petter Schau , 2016-03-28: Fix af startup problem. Set current clip also in config.
  • a6b3ac4 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-28: Removed +1 offset introduced earlier. Removed some code not needed anymore. +1 offset came from rounding of shres coordinate to lores coordinate. Need to find another solution.
  • fa24285 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-28: Simplified rectangle calculations.
  • a3ab8d8 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-28: Mostly refactoring and initial UI.
  • c76b950 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-21: Flush sprite action and dma lists every EndOfLine. Avoids accumulation when sprite display is off and lists are not processed. (Like when State of the art crashes on ocs-config.)
  • bbbb78c - Petter Schau , 2016-03-17: Reduced SPRITE_MAX_LIST_ITEMS to 50. Added debug code to warn. Should be enough, previous value was 5000 and after my previous fix, the emulator needed 320MB extra memory.
  • 8e06a64 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-17: Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/petschau/WinFellow
  • 3fe8f6c - Petter Schau , 2016-03-17: Fix for sprites on HAM mode.
  • cc727b7 - Torsten Enderling, 2016-03-17: update README
  • f9798da - Petter Schau , 2016-03-15: Added debug logging of the entire RDB block.
  • 137cec3 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-15: Add rdb flag.
  • 4c514ae - Petter Schau , 2016-03-15: Read hd-config from RDB.
  • 70aa376 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-13: Additional dxgi to directdraw fallback added. Found Vista VM that had d3d11.dll but reported no adapters on actual startup.
  • 85d5ca3 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-13: Removed code that sets fixed clip from the ui for now.
  • 4a1ad4d - Petter Schau , 2016-03-13: Cleanup of ham sprite drawing in 32-bit color. Fix wrong offsets.
  • 3426641 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-13: Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/petschau/WinFellow
  • c44dcd5 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-13: Switched to using a point sampler for magnification.
  • 51b9536 - Torsten Enderling, 2016-03-13: only acquire/unacquire analog joysticks when an analog joystick is actually attached to a gameport
  • 0aa9f6a - Petter Schau , 2016-03-13: Declare timer variable as volatile to prevent optimisation.
  • 904068e - Petter Schau , 2016-03-13: Restrict serial file output to debug mode.
  • cae590c - Petter Schau , 2016-03-13: First try at improving or evening out the pace of frame present.
  • 7106f6b - Petter Schau , 2016-03-12: Calculate sound buffer length in float to avoid excessive rounding errors. Also fix (rare) lost samples bug.
  • 01f3f8d - Petter Schau , 2016-03-12: Set volume also in sound.c when RP changes it. Volume was lost if RP reinitialised the emulator, like when changing display scale. Fixes #12
  • 6a3d652 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-12: Source and destination window fixes for RP and D3D11.
  • fbaf127 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-12: Minor change to calculating source buffer view in ddraw for RP. Downscale width and height to 1x for the source buffer.
  • 453638e - Petter Schau , 2016-03-05: Merge pull request #10 from petschau/RetroPlatformC++ port RetroPlatform module to C++
  • f9ee996 - Torsten Enderling, 2016-03-05: merge close window button fix from master
  • 7ee17a0 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-03: Some minor clip changes to get output in 1x AF.
  • ca001d9 - Petter Schau , 2016-03-03: Close window button did not work. Allow SC_CLOSE to be handled by DefWindowProc() in stand-alone mode. Fixes #9
  • 4415a2e - Petter Schau , 2016-03-03: Fix d3d11 crash when width or height becomes 0. For practical reasons, just setting the width or height to 1 in this situation.
  • fe58f87 - Torsten Enderling, 2016-03-02: replace generated shader header files with the ones generated by VS2013
  • 753c79c - Torsten Enderling, 2016-03-02: fix post-merge compilation error
  • 0100110 - Torsten Enderling, 2016-03-02: merge D3D11 fullscreen changes from master branch
  • 3c22114 - Petter Schau , 2016-02-29: Merge pull request #8 from petschau/Fullscreen-With-D3D Fullscreen with d3d
  • 4560ac0 - Petter Schau , 2016-02-28: Added all clip config settings. +ini file, change window pos to signed. Clip mode "fixed" keeps the current values set in code. For now the GUI will use fixed clip and set the clip to max PAL values in automatic scale mode. Must find out how to present this in a UI. Also a problem with the window starting outside the desktop might be fixed by using signed coordinates in the ini-file.
→ [Amiga] WinFellow v0.5.4 1034
Denaris (Rainbow Arts Software GmbH, 1988)

WinFellow v0.5.4 10/03/2017

New features:

  • re-designed display settings to make use of modern higher resolution displays more intuitive; instead of configuring a window resolution, scaling and overscan area can be configured automatically to create a window of the optimal size and scaling factor; both can also be configured manually to arrive at frequently window sizes
  • support for the Direct3D 11 graphics API; this requires DirectX 11 to be installed
    • on Windows Vista, the platform update KB971644 should be installed, as it contains required updates to DirectX
    • the graphics card has to provide hardware acceleration for Direct3D
  • ability to save screenshots to the pictures folder (hit < Print Screen > to trigger)
  • support for automatic, as well as 3x and 4x scaling, which is useful for 4K/high DPI displays; for the best results, try leaving the scaling at automatic
  • very basic serial port/UART emulation; nothing can be connected to the serial port; this is mostly used for serial debug logging (which is active only in debug builds of WinFellow), but the port is always being emulated

Bug Fixes:

  •     improved frame timing to present frames in a more evenly paced manner
  •     improvements to CIA timer handling
  •     improvements to CPU instruction timing (TAS and PEA instructions)
  •     fixed sound volume restoration during reset of Amiga session in Amiga Forever
  •     improved error handling for DMS floppy image extraction
  •     fixed minor memory leaks
→ [Amiga] WinFellow alpha v0.5.3 1004
Amiga winFellow:Ivanhoe


WinFellow[SVN 1004]

Author: carfesh | Date: 22 listopada 2015 17:42:57

  • re-enable pre-build steps in release build

WinFellow[SVN 1003]

Author: carfesh | Date: 22 listopada 2015 17:37:41

  • revert project back to Visual Studio 2013 to work around compiler bug in Visual Studio 2015 XP platform toolset
  • see https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/1600505/stat-not-working-on-windows-xp-using-v14-xp-platform-toolset-vs2015
→ [Amiga] WinFellow alpha v0.5.3 1002
Amiga winFellow:Ivanhoe

What’s New in WinFellow 0.5.3 11/21/15

  • Thanks for your interest in WinFellow. Compared to version 0.5.2 there are a number of changes in this build, with the most significant ones being:

New features:

  • support for high DPI configurations, also when used together with Amiga Forever 2016
  • support for the original Amiga 1000 boot process from Kickstart disk boot; configure the A1000 bootstrap ROM like any other ROM image for the feature to be automatically enabled
  • support for keyboard-initiated reset - press Ctrl+Left Windows+Right Windows or Ctrl+Left Windows+Context Menu (as not all keyboards have a right Windows key) to initiate a reboot within an emulated session
  • support for extended ROM images; this gives the ability to use the AROS boot ROM
  • support for screenshots, clipping editor/live preview and scanlines in Amiga Forever

Changed functionality:

  • WinFellow is now compiled using Visual Studio 2015
  • the default configuration contains 512kB chip/bogo memory now and has the real-time clock active (Amiga 500 with A-501 expansion)
  • the default configuration is now windowed and has LEDs active
  • chip memory mirroring has been implemented for OCS chipsets; the change was required for compatibility reasons, as some titles rely on it
  • * because of this change, chip memory is now limited to 512kB whenan OCS blitter has been configured; if you need to use more, please use the ECS Agnus blitter in your display configuration (it is an actual limitation of the OCS chipset)
  • 2x mode in Amiga Forever now scales via DirectX instead of the internal draw modules (design change was necessary to enable live preview in 2x mode)

Bug fixes:

  • implemented bogo memory mirroring for ECS chipset with 512kB chip/bogo memory (required by the demo Move any Mountain)
  • fix for CIA timer logic (fixes the game Atomix)
  • fixes for several CPU instructions:
    • ’020 bit-field instructions were re-implemented (fix for Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 96k)
    • ASL instruction’s overflow detection was improved
    • MULU flag check improved
  • escape key special handling in Amiga Forever improved (some titles would not detect an escape key press before)

Please see the included file ChangeLog.txt for a full list of changes, including minor bug fixes which are not listed above.



WinFellow [SVN 992]

Author: carfesh | Date: 8 grudnia 2013 08:42:15

  • removed special handling for RetroPlatform width in hires/super-hires - it is now always super-hires
  • from this version onwards, Amiga Forever WinFellow plug-in shared.ini needs to have a width value of 1504

WinFellow [SVN 991]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 grudnia 2013 14:02:33

  • support for scanlines in Amiga Forever
  • fix for toggling from 2x to 1x in automatic clipping mode

WinFellow [SVN 990]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 grudnia 2013 09:34:34

  • removed workaround that adapts super-hires values upon initializing RetroPlatform graphics, as it is unneeded/causes issues today

WinFellow [SVN 989]

Author: carfesh | Date: 4 grudnia 2013 10:32:09

  • fixed an intermittent failure to obtain a screenshot depending on the return value of GDI function GetDC

WinFellow [SVN 988]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 grudnia 2013 17:21:57

  • Cloanto header update
  • documentation update

WinFellow [SVN 987]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 grudnia 2013 16:54:25

  • rewrote 2x scaling in Amiga Forever mode to scale via DirectX instead of draw module
  • implemented screenshot/live preview function for Amiga Forever
  • code cleanup/refactoring after 2x mode change

WinFellow [SVN 986]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 11:08:08

  • support for encrypted extended ROM images

WinFellow [SVN 985]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 09:20:37

  • extended ROM basebank is now being calculated
  • fixed crash when loading 256kB extended ROM

WinFellow [SVN 984]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 08:47:03

  • corrected a typo in the manual

WinFellow [SVN 983]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 08:45:05

  • implemented extended ROM support

WinFellow [SVN 982]

Author: carfesh | Date: 3 listopada 2013 12:49:07

  • implemented keyboard-initiated reset
  • fix for RetroPlatform escape key notification issue on first start
  • fill byte for ROM area with bootstrap ROM changed to 0xff

WinFellow [SVN 981]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 listopada 2013 10:40:18

  • bugfix: after starting from the A1000 bootstrap ROM, changing to another ROM was not possible
  • a soft reset will now re-map the bootstrap and make the WCS writable

WinFellow [SVN 980]

Author: carfesh | Date: 27 października 2013 13:50:17

  • bugfix for writable control store - write functions now properly used and write protection enabled when done

WinFellow [SVN 979]

Author: carfesh | Date: 27 października 2013 12:58:43

  • fix for CRC detection without AF encryption
  • restored Kickstart write functions for WCS

WinFellow [SVN 978]

Author: carfesh | Date: 27 października 2013 12:03:44

  • support for Amiga 1000 bootstrap ROM and writable control store implemented

WinFellow [SVN 977]

Author: peschau | Date: 26 października 2013 15:46:39

WinFellow [SVN 976]

Author: carfesh | Date: 25 października 2013 16:07:25

  • fix for FPS counter to be properly placed within a clipped RetroPlatform session (32 bit only for now)
  • fix for compiler warning in RetroPlatform code
  • documentation update regarding recent CPU code fixes

WinFellow [SVN 975]

Author: carfesh | Date: 24 października 2013 14:45:56

  • made RetroPlatformGetMode inline, hopefully speeding up the frequent queries to it (end of frame handler)
  • fixed compiler warnings in floppy formatting code
  • fixed a crash to the desktop when creating a floppy image without specifying a full path

WinFellow [SVN 974]

Author: peschau | Date: 20 października 2013 23:20:33

  • CPU emulation fixes:
  • * Reimplemented bit field instruction code to address several problems with it. (Fix Lotus 96k)
  • * More elaborate overflow detection for asl intstruction.
  • * Minor, changed strange flag check in mulu.

WinFellow [SVN 973]

Author: carfesh | Date: 20 października 2013 11:38:34

  • fix for RetroPlatform escape key repetition (Workbench)

WinFellow [SVN 972]

Author: carfesh | Date: 19 października 2013 23:00:31

  • fix for RetroPlatform escape key handling
  • documentation update (user guide & regression test cases)

WinFellow [SVN 971]

Author: peschau | Date: 19 października 2013 18:34:25

  • Modify commit 969, ks 3.1 broke.

WinFellow [SVN 970]

Author: peschau | Date: 19 października 2013 16:53:33

  • Some sanity checks on copper event values to avoid endless loop. (Fixes game 3D Pool, actual crash was overflow in sprite list generation.)

WinFellow [SVN 969]

Author: peschau | Date: 19 października 2013 16:51:50

  • Removed strange special case for timer values. (Fixes the game Atomic)

WinFellow [SVN 968]

Author: carfesh | Date: 18 października 2013 13:11:41

  • default config changed to A500+A-501
  • default config changed to windowed, with LEDs active
  • documentation update regarding chipmem/slowmem mirroring (user guide & regression testing)

WinFellow [SVN 967]

Author: peschau | Date: 13 października 2013 19:28:21

  • Added chipmem aliasing on OCS/A500.
  • Added slow-mem aliasing on ECS for the 512k+512k config.
  • Internally no more than 512k chipmem will be used on OCS.
  • Moved blitter_ECS setting to new file chipset.cpp and renamed option. It is only in the code, the config format is not changed.
  • Made common functions to mask chipset pointers and chipmem access. Old constants removed and made configurable.
  • UI: Require reset for OCS/ECS change.
  • UI: For now, validating the chip memory setting on load config and start.
→ [Amiga] WinFellow alpha v0.5.2 build 966
Amiga WinFellow:Wild Streets:Titus Software Corporation:Titus France SA:1990:
Wild Streets (Titus Software Corporation, 1990)

New features:

  • new display configuration options for setting scale factor (1x and 2x,
  • retaining a proper aspect ratio), and scaling strategy (solid/scanline);
  • inclusion of higher screen resolutions to allow use of 2x windowed modes
  • support for 2x mode in Amiga Forever
  • support for model presets to quickly get started setting up model specific
  • configurations (a number of presets already included)
  • support for creation of empty and formatted ADF images
  • automatic interlace compensation (WinFellow will automatically detect interlaced graphics and perform interlace compensation; this can be disabled in various options, but is on by default for new configurations)
  • lower system requirements (an SSE capable processor is no longer required)
  • Windows 8.1 added to the supported operating systems

Bug fixes:

  • re-initialize the emulation session when a change of display adapter properties (color depth, different graphics adapter) is detected
  • cancelling the configuration dialog no longer performs changes to the configuration support for sprites in hires dual playfield mode was fixed, making previously invisible objects visible on the screen sprite DMA was being disabled instead of waiting, causing invisible sprites
  • PC -2 saved on the stack for address exception proper "short frame" when display is interlaced and frame is short
  • fix copper list load 
  • failure to find valid screen mode for screens with unusual refresh rates (Microsoft VirtualPC, ...)
  • fixes for several crashes to desktop caused by NULL pointer exceptions
  • cancelling an undo dialog in Amiga Forever will no longer close the emulation session 6
  • reset of Amiga Forever emulation session no longer causes input devices to no longer function
  • fixed problem with Amiga Forever clipping calculations for left offsets < 16 (would lead to only half the screen being visible) or one of the offset values = 0 (would ignore the offsets completely)
→ [Amiga] WinFellow alpha v0.5.1 build 880
Space Station Oblivion (a.k.a. Driller)(Incentive Software Ltd., 1988)

WinFellow alpha v0.5.1 build 880

After several years of development, we are proud to announce the availability of a new, major update of WinFellow. There are a lot of changes and enhancements in version 0.5.1; Below is a summary of the changes:

  • conversion of most of the former assembler code to C
  • enhanced compatibility with many titles; the chipset interrupt handler was completely re-designed, and sound interrupt handling was changed as well, allowing execution of many titles that previously failed
  • emulation of a battery backed real-time clock (Oki MSM 6242)
  • support for 2 joysticks, usable simultaneously
  • audio volume made controllable
  • the LED overlays were changed to no longer be scaled or stretched, making them nicer to look at
  • basic Cloanto Amiga Forever/RetroPlatform Player integration
  • revamped debugger using a more modern GUI design
  • ability to generate minidumps, which allows us to debug crashes that are reported to us
  • updated PDF user guide
  • update of project files to current Visual Studio (2012 Update 2 is used to compile the builds) and DirectX; the code can now be compiled using Visual Studio Express editions
  • new versioning scheme, based on SVN revisions
  • several minor bug and stability fixes

WinFellow[SVN 880]

Author: carfesh | Date: 14 kwietnia 2013 22:09:02

  • toolset targeting also changed for release builds

WinFellow[SVN 879]

Author: carfesh | Date: 14 kwietnia 2013 21:58:22

  • toolset changed to target WinXP

WinFellow[SVN 878]

Author: carfesh | Date: 14 kwietnia 2013 20:08:05

  • minor documentation update before release

WinFellow[SVN 877]

Author: carfesh | Date: 14 kwietnia 2013 10:57:16

  • updated version information to release 0.5.1

WinFellow[SVN 876]

Author: peschau | Date: 14 kwietnia 2013 10:43:05

  • mktime fails for years < (19)70, assume < 70 is next century.

WinFellow[SVN 875]

Author: carfesh | Date: 12 kwietnia 2013 08:59:18

  • cfgSetDefaults NULL pointer check implemented
  • this fixes the generation of minidumps while closing WinFellow from RetroPlatform

WinFellow[SVN 874]

Author: carfesh | Date: 11 kwietnia 2013 11:02:09

  • fixed garbled string in copyright properties
  • added regression test case for recent floppy change

WinFellow[SVN 873]

Author: carfesh | Date: 10 kwietnia 2013 20:11:38

  • floppy change regarding number of words per line reverted back

WinFellow[SVN 872]

Author: carfesh | Date: 9 kwietnia 2013 05:49:08

  • documentation updates

WinFellow[SVN 871]

Author: carfesh | Date: 8 kwietnia 2013 19:23:49

  • changes to configuration file handling processing
  • for standalone WinFellow, the last used config is only applied on start if no config file is provided via command-line
  • in RetroPlatform mode, the last used config is never applied

WinFellow[SVN 870]

Author: carfesh | Date: 8 kwietnia 2013 17:16:36

  • implemented GUI elements to configure real-time clock and silent sound emulation (framelimit removal) within various options

WinFellow[SVN 869]

Author: peschau | Date: 7 kwietnia 2013 20:22:55

  • Added rtc config option.

WinFellow[SVN 868]

Author: carfesh | Date: 7 kwietnia 2013 16:00:15

  • updated user guide and doxygen documentation

WinFellow[SVN 867]

Author: peschau | Date: 7 kwietnia 2013 14:10:12

  • Initial rtc.

WinFellow[SVN 866]

Author: carfesh | Date: 7 kwietnia 2013 12:44:27

  • implemented filtered screenshot function
  • while "screenshot to pictures folder" already works, screenshot code only available in debug modes, as the clipping editor will also require the capability to resize the window, which is not implemented yet

WinFellow[SVN 865]

Author: carfesh | Date: 6 kwietnia 2013 08:35:35

  • fixed floppy regression while loading Lemmings 2
  • added additional logging in case of "unusual" dsksync values
  • updated regression test documentation

WinFellow[SVN 864]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 kwietnia 2013 11:37:16

  • fix for compilation on Express editions of Visual Studio

WinFellow[SVN 863]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 kwietnia 2013 11:24:32

  • audio volume slider implemented for WinFellow GUI

WinFellow[SVN 862]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 kwietnia 2013 10:56:03

  • changes to ignore list

WinFellow[SVN 861]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 kwietnia 2013 10:55:16

  • separation of versioninfo from GUI resources

WinFellow[SVN 860]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 kwietnia 2013 06:53:17

  • disable screenshot function in release builds
  • RetroPlatform code and comment/documentation cleanup

WinFellow[SVN 859]

Author: carfesh | Date: 4 kwietnia 2013 17:35:32

  • clear floppy debug log upon start of the emulator
  • it grows to be quite big over time

WinFellow[SVN 858]

Author: carfesh | Date: 4 kwietnia 2013 15:39:52

  • source rectangle now also being applied when surface is lost (RP mode)
  • removed unused code, documentation updates

WinFellow[SVN 857]

Author: carfesh | Date: 4 kwietnia 2013 14:06:59

  • implemented return codes within screenshot handling, so RP player accepts images

WinFellow[SVN 856]

Author: carfesh | Date: 4 kwietnia 2013 13:25:57

  • first attempt at RetroPlatform screenshot function implemented

WinFellow[SVN 855]

Author: carfesh | Date: 4 kwietnia 2013 11:53:13

  • hard drive content reporting using proper index, (write) LED display timing fix

WinFellow[SVN 854]

Author: carfesh | Date: 3 kwietnia 2013 21:01:22

  • notification of device content and activity for hardfiles implemented

WinFellow[SVN 853]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 kwietnia 2013 18:57:57

  • notification of activated hardfiles implemented

WinFellow[SVN 852]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 kwietnia 2013 17:58:46

  • icon updated for new Vista/Windows 7/8 resolutions

WinFellow[SVN 851]

Author: peschau | Date: 31 marca 2013 16:24:06

  • Don't use fullscreen modes with a refresh rate less than 50.

WinFellow[SVN 850]

Author: peschau | Date: 31 marca 2013 15:37:20

  • Removed support for 8-bit color modes.

WinFellow[SVN 849]

Author: peschau | Date: 31 marca 2013 13:41:45

  • Added test case for r843.

WinFellow[SVN 848]

Author: peschau | Date: 31 marca 2013 12:35:45

  • Made HUD LEDs the same height regardless of scaling option. Also changed some BOOLE types to bool.

WinFellow[SVN 847]

Author: peschau | Date: 30 marca 2013 12:05:30


WinFellow[SVN 846]

Author: carfesh | Date: 30 marca 2013 08:55:55

  • sound volume made configurable via configuration file
  • new parameter sound_volume=<0-100> is being read and applied on start

WinFellow[SVN 845]

Author: carfesh | Date: 30 marca 2013 07:52:17

  • fix for compilation of release build
  • the recent logging changes had one leftover call for debug logging in release mode

WinFellow[SVN 844]

Author: carfesh | Date: 30 marca 2013 07:32:01

  • implemented RetroPlatform volume control
  • first stubs for screenshot functionality

WinFellow[SVN 843]

Author: peschau | Date: 30 marca 2013 02:01:19

  • Re-add disksync workaround for ADF that existed in 0.4.4. (Prince of Persia, North and South)

WinFellow[SVN 842]

Author: peschau | Date: 29 marca 2013 22:26:33

  • Improved logging a bit + reformatting to make code more readable.

WinFellow[SVN 841]

Author: carfesh | Date: 29 marca 2013 16:47:12

  • reporting of screen mode to host implemented (1x clipped mode)
  • code restructured for conversion to different screen modes/scaling factors, abstraction of numbers

WinFellow[SVN 840]

Author: carfesh | Date: 29 marca 2013 14:10:31

  • number of default reserved blocks for hardfiles changed to 2
  • it now matches the numbers used by WinUAE and Amiga Forever, increasing interoperability

WinFellow[SVN 839]

Author: carfesh | Date: 29 marca 2013 13:10:45

  • send mouse capture notification when activating via title bar

WinFellow[SVN 838]

Author: carfesh | Date: 29 marca 2013 11:41:29

  • rewrote CPU turbo mode control
  • RP session is now stopped and the bus cpu event handler re-calculated, allowing use of the fast routines in normal mode; the black flash is a minor cosmetic issue - turbo mode is rarely used and using the fast routines is preferable for normal operation

WinFellow[SVN 837]

Author: carfesh | Date: 29 marca 2013 10:35:13

  • code cleanup
  • unused keyboard code
  • removed some unused variables that were being initialized

WinFellow[SVN 836]

Author: carfesh | Date: 28 marca 2013 19:05:51

  • RetroPlatform CPU turbo mode fixed
  • in RP mode, generic CPU instruction handler will now always be used, so that the speed can be varied

WinFellow[SVN 835]

Author: carfesh | Date: 28 marca 2013 18:45:56

  • timed escape key rewritten
  • still not compatible with all titles, but seems to finally work for the most frequent use cases

WinFellow[SVN 834]

Author: carfesh | Date: 28 marca 2013 16:29:52

  • turbo CPU code update
  • documentation updates

WinFellow[SVN 833]

Author: peschau | Date: 28 marca 2013 14:23:53

  • More checks for emulation stop (ie F11) to avoid deadlock in rare cases.

WinFellow[SVN 832]

Author: peschau | Date: 28 marca 2013 07:50:40

  • Fix movep instruction bug and made cpu exception handling check better for bad addressess to avoid deadlock.

WinFellow[SVN 831]

Author: peschau | Date: 26 marca 2013 13:52:26

  • Moved chipset interrupt handling to a separate file. Added interrupt event to account for latency.

WinFellow[SVN 830]

Author: carfesh | Date: 24 marca 2013 04:05:18

  • error handling for extended2 ADF format images
  • an error message is logged and insertion of disk aborted when these images are detected

WinFellow[SVN 829]

Author: carfesh | Date: 23 marca 2013 18:50:58

  • GNU General Public License v2 (TeX) checked into documentation

WinFellow[SVN 828]

Author: carfesh | Date: 23 marca 2013 18:09:19

  • fixed various RetroPlatform related floppy issues:
  • 1. first enable floppy drives, then send content (so content is sent on initialization as well)
  • 2. implemented floppy write LED status (should fix undo issue)
  • 3. implemented reporting of floppy turbo flag, so it is visible in the GUI

WinFellow[SVN 827]

Author: carfesh | Date: 23 marca 2013 15:16:22

  • updated documentation of RetroPlatform.c, now includes rough description of how RP plug-in works
  • updated RetroPlatform support library to 3.4 (changes to screenshot interfaces)
  • clean rewrite of the safety checks for the adjustments of the clipping offsets

WinFellow[SVN 826]

Author: carfesh | Date: 22 marca 2013 13:05:18

  • documentation update for new build scripts

WinFellow[SVN 825]

Author: carfesh | Date: 22 marca 2013 10:56:17

  • initial checkin of WinFellow User Guide

WinFellow[SVN 824]

Author: peschau | Date: 21 marca 2013 21:17:59

  • Changed how the CPU driven sound stub issues irq's. (Ballistix regression)

WinFellow[SVN 823]

Author: carfesh | Date: 21 marca 2013 20:07:48

  • fix for clipping when interlace compensation is active (source rectangle was being ignored)

WinFellow[SVN 822]

Author: carfesh | Date: 17 marca 2013 18:13:24

  • clipping override using value of 0 now possible again

WinFellow[SVN 821]

Author: carfesh | Date: 15 marca 2013 15:49:33

  • fix for proper scaling of automatic/PAL maximum mode

WinFellow[SVN 820]

Author: carfesh | Date: 15 marca 2013 15:27:10

  • clipping is now performed by aligning the source rectangle properly and applying it during blit, to reduce the performance hit caused by clipping
  • this no longer relies on the DirectX failsafe to prevent copying of data outside the window borders

WinFellow[SVN 819]

Author: carfesh | Date: 14 marca 2013 18:41:01

  • clipping offsets are now only applied onscreen if both are configured; this fixes a displacement issue in automatic clipping mode (max resolution) without offsets

WinFellow[SVN 818]

Author: carfesh | Date: 14 marca 2013 17:18:05

  • implementation of clipping by offsets in RetroPlatform client mode

WinFellow[SVN 817]

Author: carfesh | Date: 12 marca 2013 18:31:22

  • restored original escape key behaviour, as the new one proved really flakey; this requires design changes to the keyboard driver before deploying a final fix

WinFellow[SVN 816]

Author: carfesh | Date: 11 marca 2013 18:49:17

  • last commit broke keyboard replacements, as it would skip further checks

WinFellow[SVN 815]

Author: carfesh | Date: 11 marca 2013 18:42:56

  • RetroPlatform escape key is now always sent to emulator session, so key can be used inside emulation

WinFellow[SVN 814]

Author: peschau | Date: 10 marca 2013 20:24:57

  • Changed to load Ballistix.

WinFellow[SVN 813]

Author: carfesh | Date: 10 marca 2013 13:01:14

  • fixed escaping the mouse cursor in RetroPlatform pause mode by escaping immediately after key press when paused

WinFellow[SVN 812]

Author: peschau | Date: 9 marca 2013 19:03:13

  • Last batch of vs code analysis changes. Mostly sprintf and printing unsigned int as %d, should be %u. These show up as warnings on gcc.

WinFellow[SVN 811]

Author: carfesh | Date: 9 marca 2013 17:19:02

  • use native line endings instead of unix line endings

WinFellow[SVN 810]

Author: peschau | Date: 9 marca 2013 14:28:50

  • Create the sound buffer with DSBCAPS_GLOBALFOCUS.

WinFellow[SVN 809]

Author: peschau | Date: 9 marca 2013 14:20:48

  • Added logging of all return values from DirectSound. Some minor refactoring.

WinFellow[SVN 808]

Author: carfesh | Date: 9 marca 2013 13:31:17

  • preparations for clipping offsets
  • RP clipping values are read from the config file and an interface provided to retrieve them

WinFellow[SVN 807]

Author: peschau | Date: 9 marca 2013 11:10:35

  • No functional changes. Fixed warnings gotten in the vs code analysis tool, and reformatted sounddrv.c

WinFellow[SVN 806]

Author: carfesh | Date: 8 marca 2013 15:40:12

  • minidumps are now only generated for release builds, as debug builds are usually debugged using Visual Studio
  • exception handling routines changed to native C

WinFellow[SVN 805]

Author: carfesh | Date: 8 marca 2013 12:38:53

  • corrected some line endings

WinFellow[SVN 804]

Author: carfesh | Date: 8 marca 2013 12:36:56

  • generation of debugging program databases for release build added, so that release build crash dumps can be debugged

WinFellow[SVN 803]

Author: carfesh | Date: 8 marca 2013 12:04:18

  • Generation of minidumps implemented
  • Minidumps are output to the directory where the logfile is written, should an unhandled exception occur; this allows us to debug errors in release builds/generated outside Visual Studio.

WinFellow[SVN 802]

Author: carfesh | Date: 8 marca 2013 11:02:08

  • minor fix for clipped display in automatic mode
  • updated documentation to reflect migration to SVN and new build process

WinFellow[SVN 801]

Author: carfesh | Date: 7 marca 2013 09:55:22

  • initial clipping support for RetroPlatform; the resolution is read from the config, and the display centered within that area while still ignoring the clipping offsets
  • changed the order in which modules are initialized, as config parsing was moved more to the beginning, and the keyboard modules need to be initialized before that.

WinFellow[SVN 800]

Author: peschau | Date: 6 marca 2013 22:33:41

  • Kelvin Sherlock's rtd fix.

WinFellow[SVN 799]

Author: carfesh | Date: 6 marca 2013 08:41:19

  • generating the resource file GUI_general.rc is now a pre-build step, so that the file properties contain the SVN revision as build number

WinFellow[SVN 798]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 marca 2013 13:24:59

  • setup AnkhSVN integration

WinFellow[SVN 797]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 marca 2013 10:53:21

  • include SVN version information in WinFellow version info

WinFellow[SVN 796]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 marca 2013 09:10:17

  • remove leftovers from the CVS2SVN migration

WinFellow[SVN 795]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 lutego 2013 12:52:20

  • fixed support for one joystick, rearranged joystick order

WinFellow[SVN 794]

Author: carfesh | Date: 12 lutego 2013 18:36:54

  • ability to remove assigned input device via Retroplatform, fix for unused keys

WinFellow[SVN 793]

Author: carfesh | Date: 9 lutego 2013 11:30:40

  • cleanup of unnecessary code segment

WinFellow[SVN 792]

Author: carfesh | Date: 9 lutego 2013 10:59:37

  • reporting of gameport device activity to RetroPlatform host

WinFellow[SVN 791]

Author: carfesh | Date: 8 lutego 2013 13:20:27

  • support for write protection of floppy disks via RetroPlatform

WinFellow[SVN 790]

Author: carfesh | Date: 8 lutego 2013 11:48:09

  • fixed support for two joysticks (joyDrvMovementHandler), RetroPlatform enumerates joysticks with names

WinFellow[SVN 789]

Author: carfesh | Date: 4 lutego 2013 19:04:15

  • fix for custom keyboard layouts while joystick is attached, autofire support for custom keyboard layouts

WinFellow[SVN 788]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 lutego 2013 13:35:29

  • implemented custom keyboard layouts via RetroPlatform

WinFellow[SVN 787]

Author: carfesh | Date: 21 stycznia 2013 19:26:14

  • translation of symbolic escape key code when escape key is configured

WinFellow[SVN 786]

Author: carfesh | Date: 21 stycznia 2013 18:48:25

  • fixed translation of escape key code so that it can be changed in RetroPlatform player

WinFellow[SVN 785]

Author: carfesh | Date: 21 stycznia 2013 18:18:43

  • fixed message on mouse capture

WinFellow[SVN 784]

Author: carfesh | Date: 21 stycznia 2013 18:10:24

  • initial capture also performed when clicking into the window

WinFellow[SVN 783]

Author: carfesh | Date: 21 stycznia 2013 17:48:46

  • fixed capture and release of mouse cursor

WinFellow[SVN 782]

Author: carfesh | Date: 18 stycznia 2013 16:14:39

  • fix for crash after RP joystick detection - send joystick info after enumeration

WinFellow[SVN 781]

Author: carfesh | Date: 15 stycznia 2013 19:50:12

  • mouse driver now allows to set focus to a determined state for use in RetroPlatform



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