[Amiga] WinFellow x86 i x64 Alpha v0.5.8 RC1

[1] @ Niedziela, 30 Czerwca 2019 00:52CET

[Amiga] WinFellow x86 i x64 Alpha v0.5.8 RC1

Wersja testowa emulatora WinFellow,zdecydowanie przydatnego do emulacji Amigi 500/600. Zmian, które zostały naniesione w ciągu ostatnich dwóch miesięcy wystarczy na załatanie dziury pomiędzy pojawianiem się pełnych wersji;)


WinFellow v0.5.8 release candidate 1

This is a public release candidate build of WinFellow v0.5.8. Compared to the earlier version 0.5.7, the following changes are included in this build:

New features

  • support for RDB hardfiles was implemented; while creating a new hardfile from the WinFellow GUI still creates "plain" hardfiles, a Rigid Disk Block can be created using tools like HD Toolbox
    – the default naming scheme for filesystem devices has been changed from DHx: to FSx: to avoid naming conflicts with existing RDB hardfiles
  • a 64 bit build is now provided; the NSIS installer will install either the 32 or 64 bit version depending on the operating system that is used

Bug fixes

  • improved handling of hardware interrupts and blitter delays; fixes freezes that could occur during installation of Workbench in earlier 0.5.x versions
  • fix wrong selection of render function after return from menu when application did not write to bplcon0 every frame; fixes garbled graphics in a Legend cracktro when returning from menu
  • replaced alternating patterns for unmapped memory with proper random numbers
  • CLR reads before write; fixes loading of Outrun and a fast-mem test in Last Ninja 2
  • improve delay caused by logging in screen-mode enumeration (could amount to many seconds with multiple screens)
  • running in an environment with very slow graphics framerate, like a VM, could cause a deadlock; set wait time after event reset to avoid race condition
  • fix an issue where screenshots would occasionally not be taken in Direct3D graphics mode; this may also have impacted the ability to use Amiga Forever's clipping editor
  • fix an issue where applying a new model preset would leave multiple blitter radio buttons selected

Maintenance updates

  • project files were updated to Visual Studio 2019 using the toolset v141_xp
  • the February 2010 DirectX SDK dependency was eliminated
  • IPF Access API files were updated to the latest version, and support for it was enabled in 64 bit builds
→ [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 991
Amiga WinFellow:Jumpin' Jackson (a.k.a. Jumping Jackson):Infogrames Europe SA:1990:
Jumpin' Jackson (a.k.a. Jumping Jackson) (Infogrames Europe SA, 1990)

WinFellow Dev[SVN 991]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 grudnia 2013 14:02:33

  • support for scanlines in Amiga Forever
  • fix for toggling from 2x to 1x in automatic clipping mode

WinFellow Dev[SVN 990]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 grudnia 2013 09:34:34

  • removed workaround that adapts super-hires values upon initializing RetroPlatform graphics, as it is unneeded/causes issues today
→ [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 989

WinFellow Dev[SVN 989]

Author: carfesh | Date: 4 grudnia 2013 10:32:09

  • fixed an intermittent failure to obtain a screenshot depending on the return value of GDI function GetDC
→ [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 988

WinFellow Dev[SVN 988]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 grudnia 2013 17:21:57

  • Cloanto header update
  • documentation update

WinFellow Dev[SVN 987]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 grudnia 2013 16:54:25

  • rewrote 2x scaling in Amiga Forever mode to scale via DirectX instead of draw module
  • implemented screenshot/live preview function for Amiga Forever
  • code cleanup/refactoring after 2x mode change
→ [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 986

WinFellow Dev[SVN 986]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 11:08:08

  • support for encrypted extended ROM images

WinFellow Dev[SVN 985]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 09:20:37

  • extended ROM basebank is now being calculated
  • fixed crash when loading 256kB extended ROM

WinFellow Dev[SVN 984]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 08:47:03

  • corrected a typo in the manual

WinFellow Dev[SVN 983]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 08:45:05

  • implemented extended ROM support
→ [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 982

WinFellow Dev[SVN 982]

Author: carfesh | Date: 3 listopada 2013 12:49:07

  • implemented keyboard-initiated reset
  • fix for RetroPlatform escape key notification issue on first start
  • fill byte for ROM area with bootstrap ROM changed to 0xff

WinFellow Dev[SVN 981]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 listopada 2013 10:40:18

  • bugfix: after starting from the A1000 bootstrap ROM, changing to another ROM was not possible a soft reset will now re-map the bootstrap and make the WCS writable
→ [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 980
Amiga WinFellow:Chaos in Andromeda - Eyes of the Eagle:On-line:1991:
Chaos in Andromeda - Eyes of the Eagle (On-line, 1991)

WinFellow Dev[SVN 980]

Author: carfesh | Date: 27 października 2013 13:50:17

  • bugfix for writable control store - write functions now properly used and write protection enabled when done

WinFellow Dev[SVN 979]

Author: carfesh | Date: 27 października 2013 12:58:43

  • fix for CRC detection without AF encryption
  • restored Kickstart write functions for WCS

WinFellow Dev[SVN 978]

Author: carfesh | Date: 27 października 2013 12:03:44

  • support for Amiga 1000 bootstrap ROM and writable control store implemented

WinFellow Dev[SVN 976]

Author: carfesh | Date: 25 października 2013 16:07:25

  • fix for FPS counter to be properly placed within a clipped RetroPlatform session (32 bit only for now)
  • fix for compiler warning in RetroPlatform code
  • documentation update regarding recent CPU code fixes
→ [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 975

WinFellow Dev[SVN 975]

Author: carfesh Date: 24 października 2013 14:45:56

  • made RetroPlatformGetMode inline, hopefully speeding up the frequent queries to it (end of frame handler)
  • fixed compiler warnings in floppy formatting code
  • fixed a crash to the desktop when creating a floppy image without specifying a full path
→ [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 974

WinFellow Dev[SVN 974]

Author: peschau | Date: 20 października 2013 23:20:33

  • CPU emulation fixes:
  • Reimplemented bit field instruction code to address several problems with it. (Fix Lotus 96k)
  • More elaborate overflow detection for asl intstruction.
  • Minor, changed strange flag check in mulu.

WinFellow Dev[SVN 973]

Author: carfesh | Date: 20 października 2013 11:38:34

  • fix for RetroPlatform escape key repetition (Workbench)
→ [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 972
Amiga WinFellow:Windwalker:ORIGIN Systems, Inc.:ORIGIN Systems, Inc.:1989:
Windwalker (ORIGIN Systems, Inc., 1989)

WinFellow Dev[SVN 972]

Author: carfesh | Date: 19 października 2013 23:00:31

  • fix for RetroPlatform escape key handling
  • documentation update (user guide & regression test cases)

WinFellow Dev[SVN 971]

Author: peschau | Date: 19 października 2013 18:34:25

  • Modify commit 969, ks 3.1 broke.

WinFellow Dev[SVN 970]

Author: peschau | Date: 19 października 2013 16:53:33

  • Some sanity checks on copper event values to avoid endless loop. (Fixes game 3D Pool, actual crash was overflow in sprite list generation.)

WinFellow Dev[SVN 969]

Author: peschau | Date: 19 października 2013 16:51:50

  • Removed strange special case for timer values. (Fixes the game Atomic)

WinFellow Dev[SVN 968]

Author: carfesh | Date: 18 października 2013 13:11:41

  • default config changed to A500+A-501
  • default config changed to windowed, with LEDs active
  • documentation update regarding chipmem/slowmem mirroring (user guide & regression testing)

WinFellow Dev[SVN 967]

Author: peschau | Date: 13 października 2013 19:28:21

  • Added chipmem aliasing on OCS/A500.
  • Added slow-mem aliasing on ECS for the 512k+512k config.
  • Internally no more than 512k chipmem will be used on OCS.
  • Moved blitter_ECS setting to new file chipset.cpp and renamed option. It is only in the code, the config format is not changed.
  • Made common functions to mask chipset pointers and chipmem access. Old constants removed and made configurable.
  • UI: Require reset for OCS/ECS change.
  • UI: For now, validating the chip memory setting on load config and start.

Tagi: Commodore, Alpha, Amiga, Winfellow, Fellow

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