Z88 Emulator running OZ V4.3 operating system on external memory card in slot 1

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This video show an example of how to install one of the latest stable builds of the OZ ROM for the Cambridge Z88, emulating a Rakewell Hybrid RAM/FLASH card (512K RAM / 512K AMD Flash). It also demonstrates how to use the built-in Z80 CPU debugger using breakpoints in running code, single step Z80 instructions and returning the Z80 processor back to the OZvm emulator. Read more about OZvm here: https://cambridgez88.jira.com/wiki/x/KwAE (project wiki), https://cambridgez88.jira.com/wiki/x/zIB5 (User Guide) and https://cambridgez88.jira.com/browse/OZVM (Project issues).