Watara Supervision Assembloids (PriorArt 2019)

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Assembloids is a fast-paced action puzzler in arcade style.
Available soon! Winter 2019.
We find that one of the strengths of the Supervision are quick, mobile games without much overhead and something that you could pass around to friends&family to compete.
This is also why we added a range of difficulty modes from a rather relaxed mode that is also ideal for kids (1) up to a much faster mode (4) for shorter games and total mayhem.
The basic concept of such an puzzler was originally developed by Photonstorm in the flash game 'Quartet'.
Graphics and dimensions are polished to play the game on real hardware, including original LCDs.
Programming: Martin 'enthusi' Wendt
Graphics: Oliver 'v3to' Lindau
Musik & Sound: Kamil 'Jammer' Wolnikowski
Publishing: polyplay.xyz
Hardware: madtronix.com