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bsnes 107.1 | Pilotwings - HD Mode 7 Beta 1 Comparison
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 17-04-2019 00:00

Intel Core i5-7600k EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200
Cemu 1.15.4 Released | A Step Towards Self Reliance - Update Report
Autor BSoD Gaming

Opublikowane 07-04-2019 00:00

Cemu 1.15.4 is Now Released, Lets take a look at what is new in this Updated Wii U Emulator Version Full Text Changelog: Free Public Release will take place on April 6th ► Become a BSoD Gaming Patron Supporter ► ...
melonDS Indirect Mode Test (Wiimmfi)
Autor PeeJay Bonobo

Opublikowane 29-03-2019 00:00

AltWFC and WFZwei don't see to work without Direct Mode, but apparently, Wiimmfi does.
Stunt Car Racer - BBC Master - The Little Ramp
Autor Kieran Connell

Opublikowane 09-03-2019 00:00

Stunt Car Racer by Geoff Crammond Ported from C64 to BBC Master by the Bitshifters Collective BBC Master port by Kieran Connell Additional programming by Tom Seddon Additional programming by HEx Music conversion & code by Simon Morris BBC graphics by John 'Dethmunk' Blythe 'Out Run Europa' music ...
Cemu 1.15.3 Released | New Optimizations, Graphics API Teaser & Performance Tested
Autor BSoD Gaming

Opublikowane 08-03-2019 00:00

Cemu 1.15.3 is now released for all Cemu Patrons. Lets take a look at what has changed in relaion to features and performance Performance Testing Timestamp: 7:10 ________________________________________ ► Become a BSoD Gaming Patron Supporter ► BSoD Gaming ...
Fractalus 0.9.0 Alpha
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 02-03-2019 00:00

Download at Fractalus 0.9.0 alpha build of my remake of Rescue on Fractalus, a game originally by Lucasfilm Games and released in 1984.
Bruce Lee: Return of Fury (C64) - Game Preview
Autor RetroGamerNation

Opublikowane 01-03-2019 00:00

Bruce Lee: Return of Fury for the Commodore 64 (C64) developed by Vidar Bang (aka dmx). This is an extension to the original Bruce Lee game featuring a new game world and some minor code improvements. The game will be released for free on 1 March 2019 and will be available at ...
Atari 8-bit GUI: Low-level GFX Rewrite
Autor flashjazzcat

Opublikowane 24-02-2019 00:00

Quick test of completely rewritten low-level graphics rendering code in the 8-bit GUI. With this finally as good as it needs to be, we can finally move onto finishing the shell and working on file system drivers, console, etc.
[zBoy r181] Finalized sound support (Adventure Island II)
Autor Mateusz Viste

Opublikowane 24-01-2019 00:00

zBoy is an open-source, multi-platform emulator of the GameBoy Classic handheld console (also known as the "DMG"). Today I finished the sound support implementation. Here we can see the DOS version running the Adventure Island II ROM on a Pentium II 300 MHz PC. I am happy with how it works now. A ...
X-bEnCh 1.1 X-Mas 2017 preview
Autor Jim Neray

Opublikowane 30-12-2018 00:00

A small preview of the nearly finished X-bEnCh XMas 2017 release. Just some hours to wait ... =)

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