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15 Different Colours in ZX Spectrum (ZX Spin Emulator)

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This is not possible on the real machine (yet :D :P) If you use ZX Spin emulator, you may increase the colours to 15 instead of black + 7 colours in 2 brightness levels Black must remain black both in BRIGHT 0 and 1 mode. Currently the version 0.2 is the most adequate, it was tested with many games - old games when no one thought about emulators and changing colours. However when a program uses different border colours than black (or border effects) it is recommended to use the 0.1 palette (BRIGHT 1 is not available on the border). In the version 0.1 the BRIGHT 1 colours were modified the BRIGHT 0 remained unchanged, in the version 0.2 the modified red (colour #2) was replaced I think there's also a little to do with the shades of blue/cyan There are restrictions not to avoid due to the architecture of ZX graphic chip (ULA): It is impossible to use BRIGHT 1 INK on BRIGHT 0 PAPER and vice versa. In ZX Spectrum (not counting software tricks like multicolour) You can use only two colours in 8x8 px square, with or without BRIGHT. ZX Spin doesn't support 1x1 pixel colour matrix available in Pentagon SL yet. The palettes and demonstration files (in ZX Basic) you can download from: I encourage to test games and publish videos. Have fun with your new Speccy!