Commodore 64: 8 Bit Legend

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Download links for better quality video included below. UPDATE 17/09/12: Just to let you know that I'm aware there is an audio issue on this YouTube video (not my fault, it's YouTube's screw-up!). This will be fixed in the download versions below. Video info: I've been a big fan of the Commodore 64 since its release way back in 1982. As 2012 is the '64's 30th anniversary, I wanted to produce something in honour of this great little machine that has given me countless hours of pleasure, frustration, and head-banging! Here it is. For reasons of time and space, I had to cut a few scenes that were originally planned (and have been created) but I will probably use them in another C64 video in the near future. If you're able to recognise all the games/references in this video then you truly are an Old School Commodore geek. I'm proud of you! Please check this description out again shortly, as I'll be uploading some HD Windows desktop wallpapers featuring many of the 3D models used in this video, plus some more that didn't make it into the final edit. Credits: Video by Mike Berry, AKA The Kernal. Music from Terra Cresta, arranged and remixed by Jess D. Skov-Nielsen. Originally composed by Martin Galway. Thanks to Jess D. Skov-Nielsen for giving his kind permission to use his music. Thanks also to David "Jazzcat" Simmons for helping to supply most of the group/scener logos. Feel free to share/mirror this video. I would appreciate it if you keep the above text and credits as-is though. Finally, if you enjoyed watching this, please take a few moments out of your time to rate, and comment here. It only takes a few seconds, and if I get a good response then I will most probably produce more retro videos! DOWNLOAD LINKS: If there has been heavy downloading, some links may be unavailable for short periods. Please try the alternative links if that's the case. 8-Bit Legend (High quality 8Mbps - 714mb): 8-Bit Legend (Good quality 5Mbps - 440mb): Alternative download links: 8-Bit Legend (High quality 8Mbps - 714mb): bit legend 720p (8Mbps).mp4 8-Bit Legend - 5mbps (Option to save file at link) 8-Bit Legend - 8mbps (Option to save file at link) WALLPAPER DOWNLOAD LINK: keywords: commodore 64 cbm c64 jim butterfield jack tramiel expert cartridge datel action replay trilogic games 30th anniversary sceners 8 bit 8-bit kernal sid chip 1541 1084 1702 sprites prg d64 t64 basic cracking crackers hacking hackers sidplay retro games demos zzap! machine code assembler assembly language 6502 6510 6581 pet sx64 c128 amiga winvice ccs64 emulator emulation remixes c64dtv 1982 compunet craftgold cnet andrew braybrook tony crowther jeff minter intros cracktros ocean imagine domark us gold software projects ultimate ssl firebird gremlin graphics alternative alternative mastertronic codemasters