Game Boy Enhanced - Custom Sprites (Colorized Tetris)

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This is a WIP build of my Game Boy emulator (simply called Game Boy Enhanced). Recently I implemented the ability to replace a game's sprites and background tiles with your own pixel data. It's possible to completely colorize games like Tetris and Super Mario Land to an even greater extent than the Super Game Boy or Game Boy Color allowed. There are no limits to the amount of colors sprites or backgrounds can have. It's also possible to completely alter or mod a game without affecting the ROM in any way. To my knowledge, this is a first in Game Boy emulation. Game Boy Enhanced generates a hash for each sprite and background tile and can dump them to files for editing. Once those have been edited, Game Boy Enhanced can load them and use them. This video demonstrates Tetris in colorized action. Note, this wasn't exactly my best game of Tetris and not everything is colorized (there are a lot of tiles and sprites to edit, mind you). Game Boy Enhanced is still in development, but eventually I'll release it as OSS on Google Code later this year.


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