Star Raiders II (ZX Spectrum) Walkthrough

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A longplay/walkthrough/speedrun of another childhood favourite, Star Raiders II. This is another game I still play on an emulator every now and then, bringing a nice variation of gameplay, vast space and spaceship battles across 2 solar systems. Some info about this walkthrough: I did maybe 5-6 "rewinds" using ZXSpecWin so the video is edited to appear as one take. A few sections are done with time in mind while others take way too long (like one space battle towards the end). From a speedrun point of view, this game can be done in around 10 minutes I believe but that would require lots of takes and time. This video is a bit rushed, I will add captions later describing what is going on. The soundtrack deserves a note as well: it's 7 years newer than the game, from the Amiga "Desert Dream" demo by Kefrens. Initially I wanted to have a tune for each section but it became too gamey and the cuts were jarring. There are some nice sections when the soundtrack change as you exit warp but it's a quick and dirty job overall. Still, it brings another dimension to this beautiful game I believe.