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The Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive was the console which Sega first made waves (and green hills) with. Building on their Sega Master System, the Mega Drive heralded the dawn of Sega in the 16 bit home video game market. Going up against the NES, PC Engine (Turbografx 16 in the West) and of course, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, this is a story marked with highs and lows, with aggressive advertising (Genesis Does What Nintendon't) and with lots and lots of amazing games. This video charts the beginnings of the Mega Drive back in the early 80s, out of arcade hardware, to it's arrival in North America as the Sega Genesis, to it's dominance over Nintendo, Europe and even it's recent resurgence by TecToy in Brazil with their limited edition Mega Drive model. We also cover the Sega CD, the 32X and touch on a load of other accessories, rivals (Turografx 16, Super Nintendo) and rip offs, including the Scorpion; a Mega Drive clone released in the UK in 1993. There's also a load of Genesis games and Mega Drive games throughout, including the launch of Sonic the Hedgehog, all designed to hit you right in the nostalgia gland. This is a long'un, so hold on tight, and enjoy!

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