Let's Compare ( Yie Ar Kung-Fu )

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1. Arcade 0:45
2. Acorn Electron 2:29
3. ZX Spectrum 4:13
4. Commodore 64 5:58
5. MSX 7:41
6. Saturn ( Konami Antiques Collection ) 9:25
7. Amstrad 11:10
8. Colecovision ( Opcode Games ) 12:54
9. Famicom 14:54
10. Genesis ( Home Brew ) 16:28
11. Gameboy Color ( Konami GB Collection Vol. 4 ) 18:12
12. Gameboy Advance
( Konami Collectors Series -- Arcade Advance ) 19:57
13. Playstation Konami Classics collection ) 21:41
14. Nintendo DS
( Konami Classics Series -- Arcade hits ) 24:05

Commodore 16


Atari 8 bit


Music by:


Another version that is still in the works for the Atari 8 bit can be found here.


I didn't include it because it wouldn't load & when I did get it to load it was buggy.

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Yie Ar Kung-Fu (イー・アル・カンフー Ī Aru Kanfū) is a 1985 fighting game developed and published by Konami, considered by some in Japan to be the basis for modern fighting games.

Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Chinese: 一二功夫; pinyin: yī èr gōngfū; literally: "One Two Kung Fu") features the protagonist Oolong (Chinese: 烏龍; pinyin: Wūlóng, Japanese: ウーロン Ūron; see oolong), controlled by the player. Oolong must fight all the martial arts masters given by the game (11 in the arcade version; five to 13 in the home ports) unarmed to win the title of "Grand Master" and honor the memory of his father. On his side is a variety of punch and kick blows reachable by combining the joystick with one of the buttons (punch or kick). He also has the greatest jumping ability of all the game's fighters, with the exception of "Blues".

The player faces a variety of opponents, each with a unique appearance and fighting style. The player can perform up to 16 different moves, using a combination of buttons and joystick movements while standing, crouching or jumping. Moves are thrown at high, middle, and low levels. Regardless of the move that defeated them, male characters (save Feedle) always fall unconscious lying on their backs with their legs apart (players flail their feet), and female characters always fall demurely lying on their sides. Feedle disappears. There are only two female fighters, and the rest are male. When a player gains an extra life, the word "xiè xiè" (Mandarin for "thank you") is heard.

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