SuperCPU vs Chameleon 64 Speed test on Commodore 64 using BoulderMark

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Were using Bouldermark coded by LogicDeluxe its a Boulder Dash Game engine turned into a speed benchmark program for the Commodore 64. First off the starting block a Unmodified Commodore 64 with a score of 313. Next the same C64 with a SuperCPU attached it scored 16023. And finally the Chameleon 64 in unlimited turbo mode with a score of 12628. Final Results C64 = 313 Chameleon 64 = 12628 SuperCPU = 16023 too download BoulderMark and for more information please test on other devices and post results. Unlike the SuperCPU the Chameleon 64 is still available and will not disappoint. Check it out here