59 Sinclair Spectrum game loading screen reveals in 15 minutes

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Some Sinclair ZX Spectrum games revealed their loading screens in various interesting ways using the Alkatraz loader. Here are a few of the more interesting reveals, sped up at double-speed in order to get through more before it gets *too* boring. The games in question: 10th Frame 720 Degrees Ace Of Aces Bionic Commando Bobby Bearing BraveStarr BreakThru California Games Captain America Charlie Chaplin Cobra Donkey Kong Dream Warrior Fairlight II Garfield Big Fat Hairy Deal H A T E Human Killing Machine Impossible Mission II Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Infiltrator Inside Outing Jackal Kayleth Killed Until Dead Last Mission Lazer Tag Leaderboard Tournament Mailstrom Metrocross Motor Massacre Psi5 Trading Company Psi Chess Psycho Pig U X B Return To Oz Rolling Thunder Rygar Salamander Shackled Shao-Lins Road Side Arms Silent Service Soldier Of Light Solomons Key Street Fighter Street Sports Basketball Super Cycle Super Scramble Simulator Survivor Temple Of Terror The Fast And The Furious The Games Winter Edition The Goonies Trantor Wizard Warz Xevious