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Northstar released by Gremlin Graphics 1988 and programmed by Jon O'Brien.

I bought this on a compilation directly from Gremlin Graphics after reading an advertisement about it. I think it was called 10 Mega Games Volume 1. It was instantly one of my favourites on the package along with Deflektor, Cybernoid and Tour De Force.

This game has very good colourful graphics and each sprite is well animated. It also boasts a nice little intro with a catchy 48K tune by Ben Dalglish. Playability wise, it's quite hard and will muster a few goes before getting the hang of the main character's movements. You must build enough momentum by running before taking a long jump, otherwise you can fall short of a platform. Enemies also move unpredictably. You definitely need good reflexes to perform well in this game.

There's also a bug in this game on Level 8. Where jumping up to one platform will get you completely stuck in some red boxes. A little bit unfair if you arrived that far and only had 1 life. Bugs aside, level 10 is probably the hardest. Especially the smaller platforms towards the end that have the walking enemies surrounding them.

All in all a good game, despite some minor flaws. 3.5/5 stars.