Yanga+ Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum

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A walkthrough of the 2021 ZX Spectrum game, Yanga+. An updated version of the 2019 game Yanga (https://youtu.be/u61UZjXnAkI), now with sound, an extra 28 levels and English text amongst other changes... Siggy, the true love of Yanga the Viking, has been kidnapped by Darlock the dark Wizard, in the hope he could become a god by sacrificing her. Yanga sets out to save his beloved...

Connect three runes of the same symbol together to destroy the obstacles, so you can get to the exit on each of the 60 levels. More info. and download here: https://serdjuk.itch.io/yanga

From the recording originally sent by Pavel Plíva to http://www.rzxarchive.co.uk/. Recorded using "rollback", a feature of the emulator which allows you to mark a point, which you can then roll back to later if you get into difficulty, and try again. More info. on the channel "About" page: https://www.youtube.com/user/rzxarchive/about

This video was published with the approval of the author.

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